What Happens If a Dog Gets Vaccinated Twice


If you’re a dog owner, then you know how important vaccination is for your pet. Devastating animal diseases breakout uncalled for, and vaccination is well-regarded as a means of keeping animals from being infected by such diseases. But what happens if a dog gets vaccinated twice?

In case of getting affected by diseases, dogs are more sensible than humans. Because of their difference types of lifestyle, eating habits and hygienic choices incapability, dogs are prone to get affected by frequent diseases and infections. So, as a dog owner, it is very much concerned issue to take necessary preventive measures.

To keep your dog safe, fit, healthy and free from fatal diseases, you need to provide him necessary vaccinations besides others medicines. There is time and doses of vaccination. You have to maintain the absolute duration of vaccination.

Vaccine is helpful to keep your dog free from any fatal diseases and infections. It develops the antibodies that will remains in the body of your dog. This vaccine helps the immune system of your dog to fight against any serious diseases and infections which may invade the body in future. Remember that, over doses of vaccine can be injurious to your dog’s health.


But if you haven’t vaccinated your dog yet? ‘Is it too late to vaccinate my dog? How soon can you vaccinate puppies?’ While the exact age can vary from one species to another, most vets recommend beginning vaccination when your puppy reaches the age of six weeks.

Puppies usually receive maternal immunity if their mothers were vaccinated as well. But this immunity does not last more than four or five months. It is better to get your dog vaccinated before this. Otherwise, it would expose to deadly diseases without any immunity.

So, what are the first shots for puppies? Vets recommend distemper and parainfluenza vaccines for puppies aged between 6 to 8 weeks. The 2nd shot for puppies is given for DHPP when aged between 10 to 12 weeks. So, those are the 1st and 2nd round of shots for puppies.

Though it might be the only disease you’ve heard of, be careful not to get the rabies shot too early. The shot for rabies is the 3rd shot for puppies, and it’s given between the age of 12 weeks to 24 weeks. So, make sure to get the right vaccine at the right time.

But you should know more about core vaccines and different shots like ‘5-way canine vaccine’, ‘7-in-1 shots for puppies’, etc. Again, keep a puppy vaccination record book so that you don’t end up vaccinating too early, too often, or too much.

The ‘5-way vaccine’ is the most common as it includes all the core vaccines in a single shot. The core vaccines consist of the shots for the five most deadly canine diseases. It saves your dog the trouble of having to get multiple shots. It is also much less discomforting.

Be responsible and keep track of when your dog is vaccinated and how often. Getting the wrong vaccination, too often, or too many times can be quite dangerous

Sometimes, it happens that due to your unconsciousness, your dog gets vaccinated twice. So, “what happens if a dog vaccinates twice”- this is a frequent asking from dog owners. You may find your answer along with some effective tips from this article. So, get ready and keep an eye on this article.

What Happens If a Dog Gets Vaccinated Twice?


This is really an emergency asking from every concerned dog owner. In 2003, American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) provides a dog vaccination guidelines. According to their recommend, veterinarians can vaccinate canines not more than once every three years. So, dog owners should avoid frequent vaccination of dogs annually convinced by vaccine providers.

Vaccinated twice is not good for your dog rather it may causes many health problems to your pet. Excessive and inappropriate immunizations may hazardous to your dog’s health. But, you need not to be worried if you can take some proper steps in this case.

This effect of twice vaccination is different in case of age and breed of dogs. Frequent vaccination can be tolerable to the large breed and most adult dogs. But, having overloaded immune system, some smaller breed like Chihuahua and Yorkies may have adverse side effects.

What Adverse Effect May Happen After Twice Vaccination?

In order to take emergency steps, every concerned dog owner have to know the adverse effects caused by twice vaccination. Low to mild side effects can be happened after vaccinated twice of your dog. Some common side effects that your dogs may experience after twice vaccination are-

  • Pain at the point of injection
  • Drowsiness
  • Vomiting
  • Little bit fever
  • Breathing problems
  • Swelling
  • Mild Seizures etc.

What Will You Do After Twice Vaccination of Your Dog?

If your puppy got the same vaccine twice by mistake, the first thing you want to do is notify your vet of the error. It is best to monitor your dog carefully for the first 24 hours. Most symptoms, if any, will show during this period. If you find your dog is showing any side effects, don’t be worried. Rather, give him primary treatment and consult with your vet as soon as possible.

You need not to be worried, if you find any of these side effects in your dog after vaccination. Most of these side effects are not so serious. Being mild, they will subside with time. But, if you find long lasted symptoms than expected, you should consult your vet immediately.  Actually, you can stop any hazardous situation happening from twice vaccination of your dog with your cautions and taking immediate steps.

There can be severe consequences later down the road, but you cannot predict such a thing. It’s better to find a vet who’ll provide genuine care for your pets instead of feeding their hunger for the customer’s money.

Some Tips to Avoid Twice or Over- Vaccination of Your Dog:


Despite what the vet might tell you, over-vaccination does not make your dog any safer than the initial shot. Some vets recommend revaccinating annually, but there is no scientific evidence of why this should be necessary. It’s just a cash grab scheme, and now you know.

You should keep a dog vaccination record book and mark how often you’re getting your dog vaccinated. While you don’t need to keep getting the same shot for your dog, a pet vaccination record book can greatly easy your worries and not let the vaccination be too often.

As a dog owner you need to know some more tips which are given below to avoid twice vaccination:

  • Know the purpose and schedule of each vaccine.
  • Keep a vaccination history to know the intervals between two vaccinations.
  • Seek more information about vaccines to avoid accepting vaccine recommendations blindly.
  • Rejects the vet’s advice for annual vaccination.
  • Make the right vaccination decision very quietly and carefully.

What happens if a dog gets vaccinated twice? Now you know the answer. To keep the immune system of your dog in perfect shape, ensure that your pet gets the right vaccine at the right time. Your consciousness can protect your dog from any serious diseases and infections and both you and your pet will be cheerful for years.

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