When Do German Shepherd Stop Growing


When Do German Shepherd Stop Growing:- A German Shepherd Puppy is a breed of medium-to-large-sized dog and its actual origination is in Germany as its name suggests. It is also known as a working dog due to its inherent qualities such as intelligence, potency, strength, trainability, etc.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), GSP is respectively the second and the fourth most popular dog breed respectively in the USA and the UK. It is unsurprisingly an important matter for the owner of GSP to know the time when the GSP stops growing. It is a common curiosity of the owner of the GSP that whether the GSP is finished growing or when it will finish growing. Actually, it is too difficult to find out an explicit answer, since the growth rate can be varied from dog to dog.


Most of the German Shepherd Puppies come to their physical maturity between 18 up to 24 months or 1.5 to 2 years. Again, some types of GSP continue to grow until 3 years old.

At the age of 6 months the growth rate of GSP becomes more visible. Usually this growth rate shrinks spectacularly at the age of 12 months. Actually any sort of growth that occurs after that age will be very little and slow. The GSP gradually gets its full height at 18th months, but it may need more time to attain its ultimate weight. Naturally, there is a difference between the growth rate of the male and the female GSP.

The male GSP grows to a size of 60-65 cm in height its weight can be between 70 to 90 pounds. Normally the female GSP are a bit smaller than their fellows. They grow to a height of around 55-60 cm and weigh between 55 to 70 pounds.

Actually their weight can be different depending on each GSP and the state of their body. According to AKC a GSP should be longer rather than taller. The ideal length: weight ratio of a GSP should be 10:8.5.

There are different stages of GSP’s development. The stages are given below with a short Description

Neonatal Period (birth to 3 weeks)

Normally this period continues from the time of birth to 3 weeks. It is a very vulnerable period for a GSP. during this period a GSP usually open its eyes, arises its learning capability, learns to creep and to walk etc. This time the GSP should be kept in the custody of their mother.

Socialization Period (3 weeks to 12 weeks)


The phase between 3 weeks of age and 12 weeks of age is familiar as the socialization period of a GSP. During this session this breed begins to interact with humans and other dogs, so, it is important to get the GSP used to human and other animals interaction in this period.

Juvenile Period (3 months to 6 months)

In this phase the baby period comes to an end. They become able to eat easily ans interact with others freely.

Sexual Maturity Period (6 months to 16 months)

The GSP attains its sexual maturity between the age of 6 months to 16 months.

Transition To Adult Period (16 months – 36 months)

The GSP generally converts from childhood to adulthood during this session.

However, actually it cannot be said certainly when a German Shepherd Puppy will stop growing. In spite of that, in this article a small effort has been given to satisfy the concerned persons through giving some significant information about the growth duration of a GSP.