How to Stop German Shepherd Puppy from Biting


Most of the puppies love chewing hands and toys and German Shepherd Puppy is not exceptional. Ignoring the biting behavior of GSP can lead to it spinning out of control as GSP is very shrewd and smart as well as hunting lover by birth. That’s why GSP should be given proper training to control its biting nature. Besides this, the parents of GSP should be very forbearing to grow up a GSP, without the behavior of biting. Some helpful information for the owner of GSP has been given here about How to Stop German Shepherd Puppy from Biting.

How to Stop German Shepherd Puppy from Biting

The GSP, a large to medium size puppy is usually originated in Germany. Because of the quality of potency, finesse, dexterity, dodge, and adhesion German Shepherds are very preferred breeds around the world. Like other puppies, they also like biting.

So it is not a matter of wonder that the GSP may bite anyone or anything. It is familiar to most of the parents of the GSP that a GSP has excessively hunting energy. Therefore anything that moves fast like balls, garden critters, hands, feet, or even our clothes can be the target of this immensely powerful hunter.

In a word, chasing and gathering moving objects is preprogrammed into their genes. Therefore, the measures should be taken to stop the German Shepherd Puppies from dogging their inherent nature like biting.

There are a lot of ways to stop GSP from biting or nipping. Some tips have been given below:

Developing a negative notion among them of biting

It is necessary to make a GSP understand through body language or through voice command that biting or is an impermissible act. For example, one can say “ouch” when one’s GSP bites one, and one can also take away one’s hand from GSP and tell him “No”.

Putting a finger under GSP’s tongue

At the time of playing with the puppies a person, the parent of the GSP should say “No”, in an authoritative voice if the puppy bites him/her. Then he/she can carefully but steadily put his/her forefinger under his/her puppy’s chin.

This will be an uneasy status for GSP as it will be unable to bite and it will try to get his/her fingers out of its mouth.

Giving Award

German Shepherds are very intelligent and swanky and they will apparently grasp what one wants or not. Therefore, when it comes from biting its parent hearing no from him/her, then its parent should give its award. Through this activity, it will not associate itself with biting.

However, the unwanted characteristics like biting of German Shepherd Puppies should be controlled before they turn to concrete. Hence, taking steps before it becomes late is a must to stop the biting nature of a German Shepherd Puppy.