How to Choose the Right Toys for Your Dog


Right Toys for Your Dog

Toys are essential items for all dogs. The right toys can keep your dog on his best behavior and give him much pleasure and satisfaction. Moreover, toys ensure both the physical and the mental activeness of your pet. Most dogs will get excited by a new toy but very few toys can be their favorite playmate.

So, choosing the right and perfect toys for your dog is incredibly important. It is also a very confusing and challenging task as there are a lot of toys available with hundreds of options. “How to choose the right toys for your dog” is a common asking of dog owners. Keep an eye on this writing and get some effective clues on it.

What Should You Consider When Choosing the Right Toys for Your Dog?

To select the right toys for your dog, you have to consider some issues both about your dog and toys. Choosing the right toys mostly depend upon size, age, activity level and personal preference of your dog. Moreover the size, durability and material of the toys are also important for choosing the right toys. They are as follows:

  • Age and size

Dog toys should be appropriate for the current size and age of your dog. All toys are not preferable to the all ages and sizes. From loads of toys, you have to pick up items according to the age and size of your pet. You will get most of the toys having age and weight recommendation on the package.

Young pups need softer toys to protect baby teeth and gums. Being a chewer in the teething period, your puppy may need lots of appropriate rubber chew toys to avoid destructive behavior. Having a strong enough jaw and endless energy after the teething stage, your dog may need a little bit harder toys. When your dog reaches 7 years of age, you can give him some softer toys.

  • Dog’s Jaw size

It is best to consider the jaw size of your dog when selecting toys. Dog who is small like Yorkshire terrier will not be able to chew like a large breed German shepherd. So, you have to choose the toys considering your dog’s jaw size, so that your pet can chew the toys with comfortability and pleasure.

  • Style of playing and chewing

Both playing and chewing are natural canine behaviors. Each dog has his/her own personal playing and chewing style. The preference of dog toys mostly depend on these styles. Choose the toys that matches the personality and chewing habit of your pooch.

For example, if you find that your dog as an aggressive chewer, then you can choose hard rubber toys for him/her. On the contrary, vinyl toys are suitable for the less aggressive chewer dogs.

  • Size and Durability of Toys

The size and durability of a toy are the two most important facts in choosing the right toys for your dog. Too small toys can be swallowed and too soft toys can be destroyed easily. On the other hand, too big or too hard toys can be also the cause of any accidental issue.

So, confirm the toy is designed for your dog’s present size. Buy the toys checking the recommended size range of the label. Too big toy for a small dog and too small toy for a large dog can discourage him from playing with it.

  • Material of the Toys

Check that the toys are made of non-toxic and rawhide materials as they are harmful to the health of your dog. Try to choose the toys with best quality materials.

  • Others

Before taking the final decision of choosing and buying the toys, read the reviews of the toy on the online. You should choose only the high rated toys. Moreover, you can also discuss with your friends with dogs, other known dog owner or dog trainer and vet for their point of view on dog toys.

How to Select the Right Toys According to the Preference and Personality of Your Dog?

Each dog has its individual preference for toys and as an owner you are the only person who can find out that perfectly. You can provide your dog the right toys according to his/her individual playing personality and activity. Some general types of toys which may fit for most of the dog breed are given here:

  • Ball Toys

If your dog loves to fetch, then a ball toy is must for your pet. There are many varieties of ball based on game purposes, sizes, materials etc. So, you have to choose it carefully according to the need and choice of your dog. Large sized ball is safe for your dog.

  • Soft Plush Toys

Soft plush toys are mostly preferable at the young stage for all breed dog especially for the hunting breed. These toys are helpful to stimulate the hunting instinct of your dog. Though plush toys are not long lasted items, these can give your pet plenty of fun.

  • Squeaky Toys

Non-plush squeaky toys are good for the dogs with chewing habit. They are made out of vinyl, rubber or plastic. The durability of these toys varies. While thick rubber is best for the strong chewers, thinner vinyl or plastic toys are better for mild chewers. So, choose wisely and select the toy which best matches with your dog’s chewing habits.

  • Rope Toys

You can choose rope toys not only for the fun but also for the promotion of dental health of your dog. Being long lasting and fairly durable, these toys are suitable for the both dog with aggressive and soft chewer. Your dog may play tug-of-war, fetch or simply chewing with these simple but useful toys.

  • Tug toys

Tog toys are wonderful choice of the active dog owner for their furry partner. Super active dogs like to enjoy playing tug with their owners and other dogs. Through these toys, both you and your pet can have a good mental and physical exercise. Before choosing these toys, you should provide your pet much training to avoid aggression in your dog.

  • Floating toys

If your dog is fond of swimming, you can choose for him floating toys like floating balls, rings and so on. This is a brilliant choice for your dog as these items encourage the swimming exercise and mental stimulation of your dog. Thus, your pet can have an enjoyable moment even in the water with these toys.

  • Treat Toys

Treat toys is the best choice both for offering mental stimulation and great fun to the pet. Every dog’s household should have food and treat dispensing toys and puzzle games. These items act as both toys and pet weight lose tool because these toys make your dog work for their food. Kong Wobblers, Foobler, Busy Box are some toys that bringing both learning and food together.


  • Whatever toys you choose for your pet, supervise him at the time of his playing with that toys.
  • Never allow your pet to play with broken or damaged toys. Replace the damaged toy as soon as possible with a new one.

Now, you can choose the right toys for your dog very easily considering the above issues and information of this writing. Your dog is your best companion. So, keeping him satisfied with the best and perfect toys is your utmost duty.

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