How I Found a Way to Stop My Puppy From Biting – Stop Your Puppy From Biting Now

Stop Your Puppy From Biting

This is a must-read article if your puppy is biting continually, chewing your furniture, or being aggressive at an early few weeks of age.

Me and my wife always wanted to adopt a puppy but never knew the amount of work that was involved. The main problem that we faced was how to stop our puppy from biting.

My grandma whom I love to bits visits all the time. She is 81 years old and very frail however she’s a healthy woman for her age let me tell you that.

The only problem is my pup continuously bites her and because she’s frail and has thin blood, she breaks her skin and she starts to bleed.

I could put my puppy on a leash when she visits but even knowing how much she bites her my grandmother loves him and she makes her happy.

How I Found a Way to Stop My Puppy From Biting

But… about 3 weeks ago something terrifying happened.

My grandma was over for a visit to our house and she picked up Rozi my pup. Everything was ok but suddenly she bit her and wouldn’t stop.

There was blood everywhere, kind of like a murder scene and we had to take my grandmother off to the doctors. Sadly things got worse because the bite caused an infection and made her very ill.

Thankfully she is fine now but we feel so bad we almost had to get rid of Rozi but my grandmother wouldn’t let us, she’s a huge dog lover.

We just had to find a way in order to stop her from biting!

Stop Your Puppy From Biting Now

So I searched google for keywords like ‘stop dog from biting’, ‘how to stop your puppy from biting, and ‘why do puppies bite’.

After searching for days and reading I found a really good eBook called brain training 4 dogs  She teaches everything and so far in just two weeks my pup is potty trained, rarely bites and I’ve taught him a few tricks as well.

In the brain training 4 dogs online training program she recommends some chew toys for puppies. So I jumped on Amazon and found the squeaky bone chew toy which is now Rozi’s favorite toy. He loves it!

Now when my grandma visits us, Rozi is an extremely well-behaved puppy and she can pat her without biting her.