Chihuahua Great Dane Mix


The Chihuahua Great Dane Mix is a designer dog breed resulting from cross-breeding between the Chihuahua and Great Dane. It is one of the most awkward and unusual mixed breeds. If you are a fantasy lover and searching for a unique designer dog, this breed is for you.

There are many curious asking related to this mixed breed. The answer of some common but interesting asking about Chihuahua Great Dane Mix is here

Can Chihuahua Great Dane Mix breed actually exist?

The obvious question comes from most of the dog lovers is-“can this breed actually exist”. The answer to this question is positive. Though Chihuahua Great Dane Mix is a rare breed, it exists but not so many.

Why is Chihuahua Great Dane Mix an awkward and unusual breed?

Why this is an awkward and unusual breed, this may a common asking from you. Look at the size and weight difference between the two parent breeds and you will find the answer easily.

The Chihuahua is a tiny breed with 6-9 inches height and 3.5-7.5 pounds weight. On the contrary, the Great Dane is a gigantic breed with 28-34 inches height and 100-200 pounds weight. Just think, how unusual sight it is to see such a tiny breed being cross-bred with such a gigantic breed.

Is there any difficulty with producing Chihuahua Great Dane Mix?

Yes, the breeding process of this mixed breed is too much complicated. It is impossible to have natural breeding between Chihuahua and Great Dane. When it comes to the possibility of carrying the pregnancy to full term, it depends on the host body. It is impossible for a Female Chihuahua to be pregnant by a male Great Dane because of the size difference. But a Male Chihuahua can impregnate a female Great Dane. In this case, artificial insemination is a must.

For getting more information about Chihuahua Great Dane Mix, you can take a closer look at the history of both parent breeds below.

Brief Ancestral History of Chihuahua Great Dane Mix



The origin place of Chihuahua is the state of “Chihuahua” of Mexico. This state borders Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico in the USA. Due to the sale of Chihuahua puppies to tourists close to the border, this breed became popular in the States.

These breeds are also known to come from the Techichi who were favored by the Toltec civilization in Mexico. Chihuahua is the world’s smallest and most genetically intriguing toy dog breed. It shares some zoological and historical characteristics with the Fennec Fox.

They were used in religious ceremonial rituals by the Aztecs. Their coats have both long and short hair. The height and weight of Chihuahua are 6-9 inches and 3.5-7.5 pounds respectively. The life span is 12-20 years.

Great Dane

The Great Dane breed does not come from Denmark as its name conveys but from Germany. It is a large-sized dog with a strong long leg. In the mid of 1500’s, central European nobility imported this breed from England.

The Great Dane had descended from crossbreeds between Irish Wolfhounds and English Mastiffs. The purposes of these dogs were to hunt deer, boar, and bear. Being a favorite dog, they could stay at the bedchambers of their lords at night. For this, they were known as “chamber dog”. They were also known as a royal watch dog.

The height and weight of Great Dane are 28-34 inches and 100-200 pounds respectively. The life span is 7-10 years.

How would be your Chihuahua Great Dane Mix?

The appearance, temperament, personality, and coat type everything for a mixed breed are uncertain. All these depend upon both of the parent breeds. The most noticeable appearance of the Chihuahua Great Dane mix is its large head with a small body.

This mixed breed has the large head of Great Dane. Since the parent breeds’ size matter is totally opposite, the body size of this breed is not so tiny or large. It is at least twice the size of the Chihuahua. So, the body is able to support the large head.

Chihuahua Great Dane mix is a soft-hearted dog who is very loving, loyal, and friendly. If it gets the personality from its Great Dane parent side, your pet will be a sweet-tempered and calm dog. But, if it gets the personality from its Chihuahua parent, sometimes it can be terrible. Whenever your pet will be upset, it can become aggressive and show a bad temper.

This mixed breed is very protective of its owner. It has enough vitality like Chihuahua and strength and loyalty like Great Dane.

Is there any training difficulty of Chihuahua Great Dane Mix?

You may have some training difficulty if your pet has the stubbornness and over confidentiality from the Chihuahua parent. In this case, you have to understand the actual type of your pet. You need to have more patience, time along skillful hands to train up and socialized your pet properly.

How Much Care does need your Chihuahua Great Dane Mix?

Special care and attention are very much important for a designer breed. Keep your Chihuahua Great Dane mix always clean. Being a mild shedder, your pet needs minimal brushing and bathing. Give it nutritious and diet food for a healthy life.

TheChihuahua Great Dane mix breed needs a minimal amount of physical activity. You do not need to hard work and more time for the activity of your pet. Perhaps a simple walk around the block or quick jog will be enough for your designer breed.

How is the health condition of Chihuahua Great Dane Mix?

Chihuahua Great Dane mix prone to elbow and hip dysplasia which are common problems of all dog breeds. To minimize this condition, give your pet fish oil, glucosamine, and chondroitin supplements as soon as possible. A raw food diet will be helpful in this case. Keep regular consult with the vet for better health of your pet.

The life span of Chihuahua Great Dane mix is 7-20 years depending upon parent breeds.

The Chihuahua Great Dane mix is actually an amazing dog breed. Now, you can decide whether you want such a unique but awkward mix breed as your pet or not.