English Bulldog Husky Mix

mix English Bulldog Husky

English bulldog husky mix, an adorable mix breed resulting from English bulldog and Siberian husky is now getting too much popularity worldwide because of its unique appearance and characteristics. This mixed breed can be the best choice for any hybrid dog lover.

But before choosing your puppy, you have to know and concern about a few things and then you can go to your final decision whether you want an English bulldog husky mix as your pet.

In order to know the characteristics of an English bulldog husky mix, you have to be well known about the hereditary characteristics of the purebred parents-English bulldog and Siberian husky. In this case, short information is given below about the ancestral history of English bulldog husky mix

The brief ancestral history of English bulldog husky mix

puppy english Bulldog and husky mix

The English or British bulldog is one of the most common and “classic” types of the bulldog and is a member of the American kennel club non-sporting breed group. The origin of this breed comes from the united kingdom around in the 18th century and once was a popular choice of “bull baiting”, a dangerous sport that was outlawed in the 19th century.

The English bulldog is a medium-sized dog, has a large stocky body with a big head, wrinkled and droopy face, big round eyes, jowls, short ears and curled small tail, squat legs, and wide stance. They have a very shortened skull and recognized as “brachycephalic” dogs.

They have also a short, sleek coat with various colors including white, fawn, piebald, tan, and brindle, etc. English bulldog weighs in 40-50 pounds and stands 14-15 inches tall. They are a very sweet-natured, friendly, playful family dog but a little bit stubborn.

It is very sad that this adorable pet is inherently unhealthy, they may suffer from various diseases especially from breathing problems in their 8 to 10 years life span.

On the other side, the Siberian husky is recognized as a “working dog” and originated in Siberia, Russia. Original breeding of huskies by the Chukchi people of north-east Asia was first imported to Alaska in 1909 as a sled dog. Husky was recognized by the American kennel club and Canadian kennel club in 1930 and 1939 respectively.

They are recognizable by their strong medium bodies with wolf-like appearances, thickly furred double coats, erect triangular ears, and distinctive markings. Their unique coats may possess all colors from black to white along with a brown or red color. Their height and weight range can be about 20 to 23 inches and 35 to 60 pounds respectively.

They are a very active and outgoing companion but have the tendency of escaping. They have a healthy life with some minor diseases like hip dysplasia, eye infection, cataracts, etc. In their 12 to 14 years of life span.

An English bulldog husky mix might inherit any number of the above mentioned physical traits. He may not get 50% purebred to 50% purebred. All the characteristics, physical appearance, and health conditions would depend on what he inherits from his purebred parents.

After taking the final decision of getting a lovely English bulldog husky mix as your favorite pet, you have to know the maintenance system of this mixed breed. Some tips are given below for the English bulldog husky mix breeders as per the characteristics of this adorable pet.

Find out the right source

Getting your English bulldog husky mix from a right and reliable source is very important. You should choose a healthy, standard colored, and cute puppy as your pet. Puppyhood is the best time to make a perfect match as per your choice though it is totally unknown the matured type and personality of your English bulldog husky mix.

Husky & English Bulldog Puppy

Keep a perfect environment

After reaching your home, your cute English bulldog husky mix puppy will surely need a perfectly comfortable environment. That, you have to create at first a nice comfortable “crate” for your puppy. Moreover, you have to also think about whether your home and lifestyle are right and preferable to your pet.

Keep your pets living place neat and clean. A wide playground is needed for the play and regular exercise of your pet. Then, you need to help him to get accustomed to the new environment.

Give special attention to the overall care

As a mixed breed, your English bulldog husky mix needs special attention and care. Keep him always neat and clean, brush his coat about 2-3 times per week, give him a fresh bath according to his need, ears, and eyes need to be cleaned regularly to avoid infection. Have careful look at your pet so that he may not be injured or get paint. Protect him from extreme cold and heat.

Training process

Since your pet is a mixed breed of intelligent breeds, you may face a little bit of challenge to train him. As he may have some behavioral problems including- chewing, barking or howling, stubbornness, etc., a firm masterhood is needed for providing your pet proper training.

If he resembles more like his husky ancestry, he may prone to escape, then you must have to use a collar and sickle to have proper control over him especially at the time of outgoing with him. Early socialization, obedience training, plenty of chew toys, exercise and mental stimulation will help to alleviate his undesirable behaviors.

You can also train him to skateboard, various games, swimming, running, cycling, etc. As per his ability and interest to keep his energy level down.in this case, positive reinforcement, mental stimulation, reward-based short session are needed for this hybrid breed to have a well-socialized pet through proper and early training.

Regular exercise

Regular exercise is needed for your puppy including short walk, regular game, skating, etc. As a mixed breed, the English bulldog husky mix may be a little bit lazy which is from his English bulldog inheritance, and at the same time, he may also get athletic energy from his husky inheritance.

So, no exercise or too much exercise may be harmful to your pet. This, moderate and regular exercise is helpful and enough to keep your English bulldog husky mix in the right shape, fit, and healthy.

Inheritable health concern and lifespan

As a mixed breed, your pet may prone to genetic health problems. Thus, you have to be always concerned about your pet’s health condition. Some experts insist that crossbreds are healthier than purebreds but the reality is that there is no guarantee of what you are going to get from the mixed breed.

In spite of your proper care and treatment, your dear pet may suffer from a serious respiratory problem, which is gotten from his English bulldog ancestry. On the other hand, he may also suffer from elbow and hip dysplasia, cataracts, eye defects, etc. Which may be gotten from his husky ancestry.

Thus, precautions and regular counseling with an experienced veterinarian are most important to minimize the worst condition of the health of your English bulldog husky mix.

As the lifespan of an English bulldog and a Siberian husky are respectively 8-10 years and 10-14 years, it may be expected to have 8-12 years lifespan for the English bulldog husky mix, if everything remains alright. But it might not be possible for you to enjoy your pet’s whole lifespan because of his hereditary health condition.

As a cute lovely pet, the English bulldog husky mix can be your best choice if you can render proper care and time actively for your beautiful pet.

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