English vs American Bulldog


There are many types of Bulldog whereas the English bulldog and the American Bulldog are the most popular and loving breeds. Bulldog can be anyone’s best choice but it can be a very confusing question to a Bulldog lover either he wants English bulldog or American Bulldog as his favourite pet.

Thus, in order to decide consciously for choosing your pet, you have to know some certain visual and natural dissimilarity along with similarity between English bulldog and American Bulldog.

English VS American Bulldog; History of Origin


The English or British Bulldog is one of the most common and classic types of bulldog. The origin of this breed comes from the United Kingdom around in the 18th century and once were a popular choice of “Bull Baiting”, a dangerous sport that was outlawed in the 19th century.

The English Bulldogs have been recognised by the America Kennel Club for a long time simply as the Bulldog.

On the contrary, the ancestor of American Bulldog is the Olde English Bulldog which was brought to North America by working-class immigrants. Alike English Bulldog, they were also used for bull-baiting.

American Bulldog is not recognised as a breed by the Kennel Club. There are two types of bulldog including the Bully or classic breed named “Johnson Type” and the standard or performance breed named “Scott Type”.

English VS American Bulldog; Physical Appearance

English Bulldogs are a medium-sized dog, have large stocky body with big head, wrinkled and droopy face, short legs and wide stance. They have very shortened skull and recognised as “Brachycephalic” dog because of their strong facial bone which has been radically shortened to the proportion of the dog.

A comical aggressive grin is always shown in English Bulldogs’ face because of their unique types of jaws. They have also a short, sleek coat with various colours including White, Fawn, Piebald, Tan, and Brindle etc.

In comparison with their English counterpart, American Bulldogs are a large-sized breed with stocky and muscular body, box-shaped heavy head, skin tightened and less wrinkled face and long limbs.

They are not so “Brachycephalic” like English Bulldog. Their coats are short and sleek like English Bulldog with predominant white colour including other colours like Black, Red, Brindle, Fawn etc.

English VS American Bulldog; Temperament


In the term of temperament, both English and American Bulldog are a loyal, friendly, loving, affectionate, intelligent and excellent family dog with a little bit stubbornness. In this case, American Bulldog is more active than the English Bulldog.

Actually, being a little bit lazy and indoor type of dog, also considered as lap dog; English Bulldog is well-suited for apartment life. On the other hand, if you need a hyperactive companion, then surely you will choose American Bulldogs as they are too much active than their English counterpart and they thrive outdoors.

English VS American Bulldog; Grooming and Care

Regular grooming and general care are needed for both of the breeds. In this case, English Bulldogs need more attention and special care than their American counterpart.

As both of the breeds have a short length of hair and have moderate shade, then it would be easier for their owners to brush and clean their coat with a compact soft brush, the regular bath is also needed for both of the breeds.

Proper diet and nutritious food supply are must for both of the pets. Never allow your dog to stay a long time in the hot weather as both of the breeds prone to suffer heat problem.

English VS American Bulldog; Training and Exercise

Proper training and regular exercise are very much urgent for both of the breeds keeping their body fit and healthy sound. In the case of training, being a little bit lazy and stubborn, English Bulldog is not the easiest dog to train in first hand.

In comparison with their English cousins, American Bulldog is less difficult to train as they are highly interested to learn new things actively. In this case, positive reinforcement, mental stimulation, reward-based short session are needed for both of the breeds to have well-socialized pet through proper and early training.

Regular but moderate training is needed for both of the breeds as per their need. Being less active and energetic, English Bulldog needs less exercise than their American cousins but the exercise should be the right amount in daily based.

Being more active, energetic and agile than their English cousins, American Bulldogs need to be given the right amount of exercise daily to burn their extra energy.

English VS American Bulldog; Health Concern and Lifespan


English Bulldog is more prone to suffer from diseases like breathing problem; elbow dysplasia; bone-cancer; eye, ear and skin infection etc. than his American counterpart.

American Bulldog may also suffer from those same diseases but a little bit less than their English cousins because of their activeness and less wrinkled skin. Special care and treatment should be provided to both of the breeds for much healthiness. Regular counselling with Experienced Vet. Is also most important for both of the breeds.

The life expectancy of the English Bulldog is about 8 to 10 years which too much short for to enjoy with such cute breed whereas the life expectancy of American Bulldog is about 10 to 16 years and relatively longer time than his English Cousins to enjoy with such loving companion.

According to your own interest and ability now can choose your right match between English Bulldog and American Bulldog on the basis of the information of the above article “English VS American Bulldog”.