English Bulldog Poodle Mix


The English Bulldog Poodle Mix (also known as the Boodle, Boddle, Bulldogdoodle, Bullydogpoo, Bullypoo, etc.) is a winsome designer mix breed crossing between the purebred “English Bulldog” who were originated from the British Isles and descendant of the Asiatic mastiff and the purebred “Poodle” whose past is debated but agreed upon that they were originated in Germany but developed in France.

This designer mixed breed might be a desirable pet to any dog lover. In the case of a beginner dog owner, it might be difficult to decide whether this lovely mixed breed would be his right choice. In order to make the right decision, be prepared to expand your knowledge with some relevant information about this designer breed provided here.

Some important factors to be known before buying an English Boodle

  • At first, you have to be determined the age, color, and gender of English Boodle as per your choice and budget. You should choose a healthy, standard colored, and cute puppy as your pet.
  • Getting your English Bulldog Poodle Mix from a right and reliable source is very important
  • You must be aware of the puppy’s DNA testing and physical veterinary exams before purchasing.
  • You have to also think about whether your home and lifestyle are right and preferable to your pet.

Before purchasing and welcoming your English Boodle into your household, you have to be well determined about the above facts in order to ensure you and your pet’s happy co-existence.

How Much Resemble the Physical Appearance and Temperamentof English Boodle with Parent Breeds?


It is totally unknown the actual physical appearance and temperament of English Boddle until their grown-up. These mixed breeds can vary in appearance and temperament depending on the genetics they inherit from their purebred parent dogs. They can mostly be like either their Poodle ancestry or their English Bulldog ancestry.

Or they can be anything in-between between their parent breeds. The English Bulldog Poodle Mix is generally a medium-sized breed engaging with a strong body covered by soft curly medium-sized coat which varies in black, white and red colors; floppy ears; rounded or box-shaped head; often has longer muzzle; dark color eyes with a mischievous expression; black nose with widest nostrils.

Their leg can be either long and slender with fluffy hair like Poodle or short and stocky like English Bulldog. The cutest part of their body is their tail which can be both long and pointed curling up over the back, or long and slightly fluffy. The height and weight range of Bulldoodle are about 12-15 inches and 40-50 pounds respectively which are around the same size as his parent breeds.

In case of temperament, English Boddle is very much gentle, loving, affectionate, alert, friendly and social breed who likes to enjoy the company of his owner, other family members, kids as well as other household pets.

In spite of being calm and quiet breed, their prolonged boredom and loneliness may create behavioral problems e.g. excitement, anxiety, incessant barking, etc. The Boodle is protective of your home and family and he will sound a warning bark to let you know if any intruder or stranger approaches your house.

How Much Training and Exercise Needed for the Bullypoo


Proper training and regular exercise are must for the Bulldoodle to make a perfect breed. It might not be so easy for the first-time owner to train up this mixed breed because of your pet’s little bit stubbornness. You need to have a lot of patients, perseverance, and a positive mentality for being a perfect and firm master of your pet.

Early socialization, obedience training, and mental stimulation are needed for your designer dog to be a well-socialized pet. In this case, your training process should be short length, interesting, and reward-based which will reinforce the positivity of your Bullpoo.

Regular exercise is needed for your puppy including short walk, regular game, skating, etc. As a mixed breed, English Bulldog Poodle Mix may be a little bit lazy which is from his English Bulldog inheritance, and at the same time, he may also get athletic energy from his Poodle inheritance.

So, no exercise or too much exercise may be harmful to your pet. Thus, moderate and regular exercise is helpful and enough to keep your English Bullypoo in the right shape, fit, and healthy. As a curious being, your Bulldoodle loves to walk and this walking can be an effective exercise for him.

How Can You Maintain Your English Boddle


The way you treat your puppy would play a vital role in your pet’s physical, mental, and behavioral traits and even can alter their life expectancy. Thus, special care is needed for your designer dog. Keep him always neat and clean, brush his coat about 2-3 times per week, give him a fresh bath according to his need, ears, and eyes need to be cleaned regularly to avoid infection.

Nutritious and diet food is very much essential for his healthy growth. Regular counseling with an Experienced Veterinarian is also important for your pet to avoid unexpected physical conditions.

Whatis the Health Concern and Life Expectancy of the Bullypoo

While it is assumed that English Boodle as a mixed breed is healthier than his parent breeds, there are some inheriting health concerns with the English Bulldog Poodle Mix that potential owners should know about. Your pet may suffer from elbow and hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, skin problem, respiratory problem, patellar luxation, etc.

Thus, precautions and regular counseling with Experienced veterinarians are most important to minimize the worst condition of the health of your English Bulldoodle.

English Bulldog Poodle Mix has quite a short life expectancy ranging between 10 to 12 years. This lifespan is longer than the 8-10 years lifespan of an English Bulldog and shorter than the 10-15 years lifespan of a Poodle.

 Interesting Facts about English Bulldog Poodle Mix

  • This is such an enchanting designer breed who has a lot of cute nickname along with their given name by owners e.g. Boodle, Boddle, Bulldogdoodle, Bullydogpoo, Bullypoo, etc.
  • English Bullypoo can survive in every climate as this mix breed never bothers by hot or cold temperatures.
  • It is assumed that this designer breed is hypoallergenic.
  • English Boodle has a great sense of smell.
  • This mixed breed loves to walks at a moderate pace and is very much curious about his surroundings.
  • Your Bulldoodle likes to eat a lot.
  • English Boodle is a budget-friendly dog than his parent breeds or any other pure breeds.

In conclusion, English Bulldog Poodle Mix is an elegant breed with his enchanting characteristics who might be a perfect choice for any dog lover. With proper socialization and care, this adorable mixed breed can be your best companion.