Do English Bulldogs Shed


Shedding is always an unpleasant part of a dog breeder, though it is a natural part of any kind of dog breed. Concerning this shedding issue, a question may repeatedly echo in the mind to an English Bulldog lover that- “Do English Bulldog Shed”. Thus, before taking your English Bulldog’s ownership, it would be better for you to know the fact whether your loving English Bulldog is prone to over shed, and if you do so then you have to know the cause and solution.

All dog breeds shed and it is a natural process. English Bulldogs do shed also but not much as other breeds as they have a short, fine, smooth coat. Normal shedding is natural but too much shedding may harmful to your pet. Thus, you have to have proper knowledge about the potential causes and solutions of shedding in order to understand either the shedding of your Bulldog is normal or disastrous.

Potential Causes

There may have many causes of shedding along with natural causes. Some vital causes are focused below to know the proper answer to “Do English Bulldog Shed”-

Seasonal Changing Matter

The season change is a great natural cause for English Bulldogs to shed. Alike other breeds of dog, English Bulldogs might have a change in their coat during seasonal changes. English Bulldogs have two types of coats including “Winter coat” and “Summer coat”. Thus, it is natural that your English Bully would shed his Winter coat and Summer coat in “Spring” and in “Autumn” respectively.

Shedding may heavier in the later Winter months and early Spring. This natural process may exist for a couple of months and there is nothing to be worried about it. But if the process remains more than this time, then it should be a matter of concern.

Unbalanced Diet and Nutrition

Lack of proper diet food and nutrition might cause hair sheds to your English Bulldog. If you give your pet poor food continuously which may not contain enough nutrition, then it would be a reasonable cause for hair shedding.

Being carnivores, some types of food like fillers derived from grain, soy, corn, wheat, etc. are improper food for your pet. Nutritious food does not mean rich and expensive food, rather it refers to balanced food with a good proportion of nutrition.

Presence of Irritating Substances


Parasites like Lice, Fleas, etc. are some irritating substances whose presence may cause serious hair shed of your English Bulldog. These types of parasites cause itching to your pet’s body and may suck a huge amount of blood gradually. As a result, your pet may become unhealthy. These itching and unhealthiness may cause serious hair shed to your Bulldog.

Some other causes

  • Food-related allergy
  • Pregnancy or lactation
  • Self introduced trauma due to licking
  • Cancer and other immune diseases
  • Sunburn etc.

Precautions should be taken to solve the abnormal shed problem of your English Bulldog. Some effective steps to solve hair shed of your English Bulldog are given below:


English Bulldogs like being groomed with a brush, specially when it ends with a reward. Brushing your pet daily is one of the most important tips for removing hair shed. Firstly, you have to select a brush with soft and compact bristles to remove the loose hair on your English Bulldog. You have to brush more actively and carefully specially in the last months of Winter and the first months of Spring.

Regular Bathing

Regular bathing is helpful for your Bulldog to shed unusual hair but too much regular may be harmful to your pet’s health. You can bath your pet one day per week with shampoo or oatmeal. Never use your own shampoo, rather you should collect tearless shampoo specially made for Bulldog. If your pet is too much naughty and has the habit of rolling in the field, you should have to be more active for his proper bath as per his need.

Feeding Nutrition and Diet Food

Give your English Bulldog proper nutritious and diet food. If your Bully has food allergy, then change the diet and give him food according to his need. Your dog should be given such food containing at least 25% protein, without grain, artificial color, and sweeteners.In this case, a special dog food like “Evo” with high protein, low carbohydrate, and grain-free can be a proper supplement of nutritious food.

Salmon fish oil is another source of diet food which contains essential vitamins for your English Bulldog to keep their coat clean, healthy, and silky by reducing shedding. Moreover, Omega-3, Omega-6 fatty acid supplements can also be helpful to reduce potential skin and coat problems.

Some More Tips

  • Using FURminator is an effective way to reduce shedding of your English Bulldog.
  • Be careful of choosing a perfect collar as a poor collar can cause an allergic reaction.
  • A good vacuum cleaner is needed to keep your house and your Bulldog’s crate neat and clean. This will help to reduce dust allergy.
  • If your Bully suffers from itching, then you can use coconut oil. This will help to remove itching Andover shedding.
  • In case of too much and abnormal shedding, you should council with an experienced Vet to determine whether the shedding is natural or part of an underlying disorder.

As the hair shed of a dog is a natural process and there is a little bit chance of accidental hair shed, then an English Bulldog breeder should not be worried about the fact “Do English Bulldog Shed”. If you breed your Bulldog with proper care and treatment, you would surely be gifted by a healthy pet with only natural hair shed.