Do Labs Shed a Lot


Do labs shed a lot: Labrador Retriever, recognized as the outgoing and working family dog is one of the popular dog breeds all over the world. This lovely and energetic breed may very much desirable to any pet lover as a loyal companion. Before adding such a new friend to your family, a question may appear in your mind along with other issues that- “Do Labs Shed a Lot” and your thirsty mind may echo such a question until you get a proper answer. In order to know the answer, firstly you have to have proper knowledge about the shedding time, causes, and solutions of Labradors.

How Much Do Labs Shed / Do labs shed a lot

The fur or hair of a dog is designed to help to regulate their body temperature and protect them from all types of harsh weather. When this hair stops growing and starts dying, it is shed by the dog so that new hair can be emerged. All types of dog breeds shed a certain degree. In this case, having a double coat, Labradors are considered as prolific shredder and shed much more than single coat breeds.

Why Do Labs Shed a Lot

Shedding a lot does not refer to harmful issues every time if the process remains natural. It may unfortunate to a Lab lover that his favorite pet sheds a lot. But this worriedness will soon disappear when you will know the proper causes of so much shed of a lab breed.

The main cause of shedding a lot is the coat type of Labs. The coat of Labradors is made up of two layers-Outer coat and an inner coat. This type of coat is called a double coat which is amazing protection for an adventurous and working dog breeds like Labs. The outer coat of Labs is covered with tough, long, and waterproof fur or hair, and the Inner coat is covered with a short, dense, and soft layer of insulating fur or hair. Labs’ double coat is actually perfectly designed to help them cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Labradors need to shed their both coat at least twice in a year especially in Spring and in Fall to get accustomed with the new season and this process is called “Moulting”. During moulting, your dog is basically preparing for the upcoming season. Now, it is clear that as a double-coated breed, Labs obviously shed more than a single coated breed as a part of the natural process.

There may also other accidental causes like various diseases, restlessness, depression, skin infection, parasite attack etc. For which your favorite pet may shed a lot throughout the whole year.

How often do labs shed

While Labradors regularly shed some amount throughout the year, the hair loss is mostly happened in two short periods during the years as the season change. As Labs lose their heavy Winter Coat and Summer Coat in the spring and at the turn of autumn respectively, you will find a heavy shed in these two periods.

Some Lab breeds may shed thrice times in a year, some may have moderate shed throughout the year. Actually, this shedding process mostly depends on the work types of a Lab. A hardworking and outdoor type Labs which lives mostly outside tend to shed more than those Labs who live in centrally heated houses. Moreover, adulthood is the time when Labs have more protective adult coat and shed more than their puppyhood.

What is the Best Way to Manage Labs’ Shedding?

As the shedding process of Labs is a natural part, this cannot be stopped but can be manageable. With regular care and proper management, you can mitigate a large proportion of the shedding and can have a happy pet. Some tips are given below:

  • Regular brushing is an effective management way of your pet shedding. Brush your Labrador’s coat with soft brush 2 to 3 times per week but you have to brush daily during moulting season.
  • Regular bathing is helpful for you Lab to shed unusual hair but too much regular may be harmful. You can bath your pet one day per week with shampoo or oatmeal.
  • Give your pet proper nutritious and diet food according to his age and health status. Your dog should be given such food containing with at least 25% protein, without grain, artificial color and sweeteners.
  • Using furminator is an effective way to reduce shedding of your Lab. Moreover, you can go to Dog Salon for perfect shed.
  • Be careful of choosing a perfect collar as a poor collar can cause allergic reaction.
  • A good vacuum cleaner is needed to keep your house and your dog’s crate neat and clean. This will help to reduce dust allergy.
  • If your Lab suffers from itching, then you can use coconut oil. This will help to remove itching and over shedding.
  • In case of too much and abnormal shedding, you should council with an experienced Vet to determine whether the shedding is natural or part of an underlying disorder.

Now, you can easily fulfill your thirsty mind with the answer “do labs shed a lot” from the above information. Asa natural and easily manageable process, shedding cannot be a barrier for getting such an adorable pet like Labrador. Thus, you can certainly have a nice companion if you want to get a Labrador as your loving pet with proper management of his shedding.