When do Labs Calm Down


When do labs calm down: As an energetic and cheerful service dog, the labrador is now top choice all over the world. This breed is so much enthusiastic and boisterous that breeders might eager to know “when do labs calm down”. Thus, if you are a new dog breeder and interested to have a lab puppy as your pet, surely you have to know the answer.

When do labs calm down


Labs are known for having a long and delayed puppyhood and adolescence. The lifetime of labradors can be divided into five stages including newborn, toddler, adolescent, maturing, and senior. Calm down is basically related to the maturing stage and before that time you may find your lab full of boisterousness and puppy maniac like attitudes in earlier stages.

Maturity comes to different breeds at different times. The growth period for the lab is around 18-20 months, with some large breeds taking up to two years but you can never predict at what age calmness can take over your lab puppy. Labs do not show signs of maturity until they are about 3 years old.

Sometimes, this duration may extend about 4-5 years old. Moreover, lacking proper training, some labs may never calm down till their old age. As there is no obvious age of calm down for your lab, you may wonder when your restless pet will finally calm down and this anxiety may continue till the calm downtime.

Is a lab the right dog for you


Now, another asking may appeared in your mind-“is a lab the right dog for you” and you might be perplexed either you want to get a lab as your pet or not. Ok, the answer is very easy and it is important to think carefully before picking a lab. If you do not have enough time to devote to an active or working breed like a lab, such a breed might not be the best choice for you as your pet needs a good amount of exercise per day or even workout to burn his extra strength.

How do you calm a labrador


If you already have a labrador without knowing his delayed puppyhood type, you should not be worried about the fact wondering “when do labs calm down”. As there is a solution for every problem, there are ways to calm a labrador also so that your dog may remain in your control even before his actual calm down. Some tips of calming your lab are given below:

  • Labs are hyperactive type breed and seem to get a bit stubborn with age who might seem happy as they leaps about- air nipping, barking, jumping, and so on but does not know where to put themselves and are often feel upset. To calm down such hyperactive boisterousness, proper training and firm handling are very much needed.
  • Keeping them busy with various activity including regular exercise, short or long walk, play in a pile of autumn leaves, paddle at the beach or swim in the river, etc. It is said that a tired lab is a good lab, keep the activity continuing till his tiredness.
  • Beware of rough play or physical play like wrestling with him which may overstimulate your lab restoring of biting, chewing, or growling.
  • Rewarding is a good way of calming your dog to escalate his excitement. As labs are food lovers, keep some food always with you for treating your dog’s positive calm down.
  • Your excitement may affect your lab. So, be calm and patience at the time of training or calming him.
  • Teach your pet to relax with some firm vocal commands like “calm”, “relax”, “sit”, etc. And with comfortable touching in his coat, head and brushing his hair softly.
  • Puzzle toys and indoor games can be provided to entertain your dog in a calm and controlled way.

You already have gotten the answer from the above information “when do labs calm down” with some tips to calm down your hyperactive dog, now it would be easy for you to take the final decision whether the labrador is suitable for you. If once you have the ownership of such an active dog and can calm down him early with proper care and training, you will enjoy the companionship very much.