Korean Dog Names: A Name From the Land of the Morning Calm

Korean Dog Names

Bringing home a new pow-wow is one of the most exciting, joyous, and stressful moments. We used the word ‘stressful’ because trying to find your pup a name isn’t easy—it’s a huge responsibility.

Your canine companion is going to be shouldering the name for a long time to come, so you should pick a name that stands out from the crowd. You must look for a term both unique and concise. Korean dog names fulfill both requirements.

Korean names commonly come with no more than two syllables. So, you are going to find a plethora of names that are catchy and fairly short.

Secondly, the language is highly influenced by Taoism and Buddhism, and that is why most of the terms reflect positive characteristics and traits. This makes it easy for you to find a moniker that will complement your dog’s cheery and friendly vibe.

We understand that the language is unfamiliar to many, which is why we’re here to lend a helping hand. This article comprises of a host of Korean name options for your canine companion.

We’ve made sure to include each name’s meaning or other related info to make it easy for you to choose the one that fits your dog perfectly. We have also divided the list categorically by gender.


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The diversity in meanings and the kind of characteristics that Korean female dog names come with would make it a fun-filled experience to set up a name for your girl dog.

You can use a single-worded name or combine two words to create a unique meaning—one that matches your pup’s personality. Let’s get started.

  • Ae-Cha: It means ‘a loving daughter.’
  • Areum: It means ‘beauty’ in Korean. Those who own a puppy with a beautiful personality must give this name a try.
  • Bada: It means ‘sea’ or ‘ocean’ in Korean. It’s a simple yet meaningful name.
  • Bae: A fairly short name that means ‘inspiration.’ If your dog inspires you in any way, opt for this name.
  • Baram: This term is the Korean word for ‘wind.’ Pick out this name for dogs that can run like the wind.
  • Bitna: It means ‘shining’ in Korean. It would surely make a cool name for your queen.
  • Bomi: It means ‘springtime.’ It is a name derived from the term ‘bom,’ so you can call your dog that too for short. Just make sure you don’t accidentally make people think there’s a bomb around when you’re calling out to your dog.
  • Bo-mi: This one is different from Bomi because you’ll have to stretch out the vowel ‘o.’ It means ‘pretty.’ It can make a cute name for an outstanding show dog.
  • Bong-Cha: A cool name that stands for ‘the ultimate girl.’ What name could be more perfect for your little four-legged babe?
  • Boram: This term defines someone as ‘worthy or valuable.’
  • Byeol: A snappy Korean name that means ‘star.’
  • Chin: It means ‘precious,’ just like your huggable friend.
  • Chin-Sun: It defines ‘someone who appreciates goodness and truthfulness.’
  • Choon-Hee: It means someone who is ‘born in spring.’ Is your little snuggle bug one of them?
  • Chun-Hei: It stands for noble characteristics like ‘grace and justice.’
  • Chung Cha: It means ‘noble.’ This name can be picked for a pup that belongs to a pure breed.
  • Danbi: It means ‘to welcome rain.’ Does your dog love going out for a walk when it’s raining?
  • Dasom: The name of a Korean actress and singer ‘Kim Dasom.’ It means ‘love.’
  • Eui: A sweet name that stands for ‘righteousness.’
  • Eun: As it means ‘silver,’ we recommend this name for a pure white pup.
  • Gaeul: It stands for ‘autumn.’ Pick this name if your pup was born in fall or if it’s your favorite season.
  • Gi: It defines someone as ‘brave.’ As all dogs are brave, you can pick this term without giving it a second thought.
  • Goo: A snappy term that means ‘to complete someone.’ Is your dog your other half?
  • Gureum: This Korean term stands for ‘cloud.’ How about using it for a white fluff ball?
  • Hae: It means ‘the ocean.’ Handpick this name if your dog loves splashing in the seawater.
  • Hae-Won: It means ‘a beautiful garden.’
  • Haru: It stands for ‘day’ in Korean.
  • Hayan: It means ‘pale’ or ‘white.’ Set up this name for your white-haired sweetheart.
  • Hea: It means ‘grace.’ It sounds very elegant too.
  • Hei-Ran: A concise name that means ‘a graceful orchid.’
  • Hoe: A name inspired by a Korean dish.
  • Ho-Sook: Combined, these words mean ‘clear lake.’
  • Hye: It means ‘wisdom and intelligence.’
  • In-Na: This name is derived from a famous Korean actress named ‘Yoo-In-Na’. As it means ‘delicate,’ you can pick this name for a small-sized doggy.
  • Ji-a: A short and girly name, it means ‘wisdom and knowledge.’
  • Joo: This short word stands for ‘jewel’ in Korean.
  • Kuri: It stands for ‘copper’ in Korean. Anyone who has a red-haired dog should consider this name. You pronounce it ‘cur-ree.’ It sounds snappy and unique.
  • Kwan: Is your girl dog ‘strong’ enough to protect you?
  • Mee: A short and sweet name for an exceptional-looking pup; it means ‘beautiful.’
  • Mi Kyong: It stands for ‘beauty and brightness.’ It would make a great name for a pretty and bright-eyed pooch.
  • Mi Sun: It would make a perfect name for someone who is ‘a combination of beauty and goodness.’
  • Mi-Cha: A word that easily rolls off the tongue. It stands for ‘a beautiful girl.’
  • Mi-Hi: As this term stands for ‘beautiful and joyful,’ it would definitely suit your doggie, because she represents both.
  • Min: A name that defines someone as ‘clever, quick-minded, and responding’—just like your girl dog.
  • Min-Jee: It stands for ‘brightness and wisdom.’ This name would suit a playful and sharp pup.
  • Mishil: A name with a flair of femininity, it stands for ‘a beautiful kingdom.’
  • MiYoung: An adorable name that describes someone who has ‘everlasting beauty.’
  • Mongsil-i: This Korean word literally defines someone as ‘fluffy like a cloud.’
  • Nam-Sun: A sweet name, it means ‘honest and pure.’
  • Nun-i: A name derived from the word ‘nun’ which means ‘snow.’ How about using it for a white-coated snuggler? The ‘i’ ending makes it easy to call out.
  • So-Hui: This name stands for ‘splendid.’
  • Soo: This Korean name is used to describe a female who is ‘noble, kind, and charitable.’ It can be used for any well-bred girl dog.
  • Ye-Jin: A name that sounds great and means great. It means ‘valuable and precious,’ just like your furry sidekick.
  • Yun: A short and sweet Korean name that means ‘lotus flower.’
  • Yu-Na: It means ‘to endure’; a nice naming option for someone as enduring and courageous as a dog. You pronounce it ‘yoo-na.’ A beautiful name, isn’t it?


Pug wearing emperor costume

As we have promised to canvas the best Korean dog names, we will try to add introduce terms that not just sound masculine, but also ones that would complement your pup’s personality. So, do not just browse through. Read between the lines and find one name that’s perfect for your pup in this list of Korean male dog names.

  • Baek: It means ‘brother’ in Korean.
  • Beom: It means ‘a model’ or ‘a pattern’ that anyone can follow.
  • Bong: A term derived from the name of a mythical bird.
  • Bon-Hwa: It defines someone as ‘glorious.’
  • Busan: A big South Korean city.
  • Cho: It means ‘handsome.’
  • Chul: This word stands for something that is ‘neither hard nor soft.’ It suits watchful breeds like the bulldog—fierce enough to be a guard dog, yet when it comes to you, they turn into a harmless snuggle bug.
  • Chung-Ae: It means ‘noble and love.’
  • Dae: It means ‘greatness.’ Why not use this name for a large dog?
  • Daeshim: It means ‘the greatest mind.’
  • Dak-Ho: A catchy term that` means ‘a deep lake.’ You can pick it if you live by a lake. Even if you don’t, you can go with this name because it symbolizes a profound personality.
  • Darangee: A rural area known for its eye-catching rice terraces. It can make a unique dog name.
  • Dong: It stands for ‘east’ in Korean.
  • Du-Hu: This Korean name stands for ‘goodness.’
  • Geon: This one is a great way to describe your furry friend. It means ‘strength.’
  • Gi: This short name means ‘brave.’ It is a name that would suit every type of dog, particularly a hunting dog.
  • Gojo: This name is inspired by the first ever kingdom of Korea, i.e. Gojoseon.
  • Gook: This a great-sounding word that means ‘nation.’
  • Hak-Kun: The word is used for ‘a person with literary roots,’ like a scholar.
  • Haneul: A term that easily rolls off the tongue. It means ‘heavenly.’
  • Hoon: This is Korean for ‘teaching.’
  • Horang-i: It means ‘tiger.’ It’s a great name for a fierce guard dog.
  • Ho-Seok: This term has double meanings—‘strong and heaven.’
  • Hudu: This one is Korean for ‘walnut.’ Cute, isn’t it?
  • Hwan: It means ‘bright and shining.’ We recommend this name for someone who has brightened your life—your good boy.
  • Hwan: It stands for ‘bright.’ This name would suit a playful and smart dog.
  • Hyeon: This term stands for ‘virtuous.’
  • Hyuk: It defines something as ‘radiant.’
  • Hyun Ki: This name seems tailor-made to define canines. It means ‘clever, wise, expert, and intelligent.’
  • Hyun Shik: This Korean name describes someone as ‘smart, brilliant, and clever,’ just like your furry snuggle bug.
  • Hyun: It defines someone as ‘intelligent and bright.’ Both adjectives are suitable for your four-legged friend.
  • Incheon: It means ‘kind river.’ It’s also the name of a major South Korean international airport.
  • In-Su: It stands for ‘preserving wisdom.’
  • Iseul: This one is Korean for ‘dew.’
  • Jae-Hee: Yet another snappy name from the land of the morning calm. It stands for ‘shining.’
  • Jashik: It stands for ‘child’ in Korean. Cool name suggestion for your furry baby.
  • Jeju: This short name is inspired by an exotic island in Korea.
  • Jong-Seok: It defines someone as ‘great and eminent.’
  • Joon: This word is used to define a man who has got ‘immense talent.’ Single out this name if your dog is a show dog.
  • Jum: It stands for ‘king’ or ‘ruler’ in Korean. If your pooch loves the kingly treatment, this name is for you.
  • Jung: It defines someone as ‘righteous.’
  • Kyu: This Korean term means ‘standard.’ Because sometimes, simple is the best.
  • Min-Ho: A brief name that is not just easy to pronounce, but is meaningful as well. It stands for ‘heroic and brave.’ This name would suit a K9 dog. It’s also a name popularized by a famous Korean actor.
  • Sagwa: It means ‘apple.’
  • Seo-Jin: It means ‘omen.’
  • Seok: This Korean word means ‘rock.’ Pick it out for a tough and rock-solid canine.
  • Seoul: This name is inspired by the capital of South Korea.
  • Seulgi: It means ‘wisdom.’
  • Seung: It stands for ‘winning.’ Keeping in view the meaning, you should pick this name for a show dog.
  • Suk: A sweet-sounding name that stands for ‘rock.’
  • Sung: This Korean term means ‘successor.’
  • Su-Won: A succinct term that means ‘to defend or protect.’ It would make a great name for any dog breed. We all know how dogs have been protecting humans for ages.
  • Suwon: The name of a Korean metropolis.
  • Tae-Hui: This word means ‘big or great.’
  • Ulsan: Derived from the name of one of the largest Korean cities.
  • Upo: The name of an exotic destination located near Nakdong River.
  • U-Yeong: This name represents positive traits like ‘glory and honor.’
  • Woong: This Korean word means ‘magnificence.’
  • Yeo: A crisp name, it stands for ‘mildness.’
  • Yong: It would suit your pup because it means ‘brave.’
  • Yu-Jin: It means ‘precious,’ just like your poochie.


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When you are about to choose a pet name, keep in mind that your pet’s name is the key to proper communication between you two.

It is imperative to find a moniker that is easily accepted by the canine, so each time you call him, he will be able to respond quickly.

Also, make sure to choose a name that you can live with for many years to come—one that rolls of the tongue easily and sounds good to you.

In the end, we hope that this article has helped make the name game fun for you. On top of single-worded names that are so common in Korea, we have also enlisted combinations to come up with some unique and meaningful terms.

Have you ever picked a Korean term for your pet? If yes, what was it and how did you find it? If you know some snappy Korean names and their meanings, we would be glad if you could share them with us! Leave your feedback in the comments section.

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