Weed Names for Dogs: A Perfect Name for Your Chillax Pup

Weed Names for Dogs

When 4/20 rolls around, are you the first one at the park rolling up a joint? Do you long for the days when Woodstock was around?

You may not be a complete stoner, but you definitely enjoy the hanging out and enjoying all that’s around you. Funny enough, your pup is exactly the same.

Okay, they’re not rolling joints and celebrating 4/20, but they definitely have that Rasta lifestyle in mind and aren’t into a hectic lifestyle. So, with this being said, we’re thinking that you need to consider weed names for dogs.

Your pup may have a Bob Marley look, or they could just be the pup that always wants to chill out. Can you blame them? Or you may be the one that loves smoking weed or living the Rasta lifestyle.

Regardless of who’s the weed lover in the family or why you want to give your dog a weed name, you need to find the right name for your pup. You just can’t give your dog any old name. You need one which truly suits them, which is where this article comes in.

There are so many different strains of weed-each with their own unique hit that we do not doubt that there is the perfect weed name out there for your dog.

In this article, we’re going to show you some of the best male and female weed names for dogs. You’ll be happy to know that we’ve divided the list into two categories by gender.

That way, you’ll be able to easily scroll through specific lists. However, there are some unisex names, so, it’s important to go through both lists if you can.


puppy lying under blanket

Your pup is full of sweet and calming love. When you’re down, she’s right there next to you, giving you soft licks and cuddles. She’s not into the hustle and bustle of dog parks; she just wants to chill under a tree by the river or take a dip in the ocean. You’ve noticed that she enjoys the small things in life. Here are the weed names that suit her:

  • Alice: we all know pot brownies, but “pot brownie” isn’t that catchy of a name for a dog. Alice is short for Alice B. Toklas which is another name for pot brownie. A cuter and sweeter version for a pup.
  • Blanket: after you smoke weed, all you want to do is get under a warm blanket and watch some of your favorite shows while nibbling on popcorn or chips. Blanket is a perfect name for a pup that loves to cuddle and hang out.
  • Cedella: we all know the King of Marijuana, Bob Marley, but did you know he has a daughter? Cedella is Bob Marley’s daughter and what’s a better way to pay your respects to this reggae star than to name your pup after his daughter?
  • Charlotte: this is named after a famous strain of marijuana called “Charlotte’s Web.” This strain of marijuana is typically used to treat seizures in children. A noble name for a noble and helpful pup, right?
  • Esra: it’s a slang word for weed, Esra is a mystical and exotic name for your female pup. If you like this name, you will also like other names from our list of exotic names for dogs.
  • Indica: your girl may love hanging around the house and chilling on the couch. She’s definitely not a drama queen. If this is her, then Indica is the perfect name for your relaxed and easygoing pup. Indica is a species of marijuana which is known for creating a “mellow” or “laid back” effect.
  • Janis: if you’re a fan of Woodstock, then you know all about Janis Joplin. This ‘70s singer was a huge advocate of marijuana and had a killer voice to match. Your pup is extremely vocal and doesn’t mind speaking her mind.
  • Juanita: you want your puppy to have an ethnic name—a name that stands out from the typical weed dog names. Juanita is a slang for marijuana. However, it has Mexican roots.
  • Mary Jane: one of the most famous nicknames for marijuana, Mary Jane is not only a weed name, but it’s also very endearing and sweet. A great name for a shaggy dog with lots of love.
  • Meggie: a nickname for marijuana. Though you want to give your dog a weed name, you don’t necessarily have to choose an obvious name. Meggie is a subtle way to pay homage to your favorite plant without making it too obvious.
  • Nancy: if you’re a fan of sitcoms and weed then you’ve probably seen the show Weeds. Nancy is the suburban mom who sells weed and, well, aside from her selling weed, it’s also a super cute name for a lively and adventurous pup.
  • Sativa: your pup is full of energy, in fact, you could walk her twice a day, and it’s like she never goes out of energy. Sativa is a species of marijuana which is known to be “uplifting” and “energetic.” A perfect name for a pup that’s full of life.
  • Shavonne: if you love stoner movies, then you’ll love this name. You’ve probably seen the movie Dazed and Confused which is one of the most famous stoner movies out there. Shavonne is one of the female characters in the movie.
  • Simone: another character from the stoner movie Dazed and Confused. Simone is a great name for a mellow and happy pup with calming
  • Zooie: this is actually the name for a joint holder. It’s a cute name for a high-energy and playful dog that can’t seem to sit still. It’s a fun name but always symbolizes stability because even though she’s full of energy, she’s always by your side.


reggie dog

Your pup is into one thing and one thing only: hanging out. Sure, he can go to the dog park and meet other dogs, but his true love is to hang out on the couch and chill by your side.

Everyone loves him, and he loves everyone around him, but he’s not interested in doing crazy things; he just wants to enjoy life.

  • Ace: though you may be thinking of a deck of cards when you hear the name Ace, this isn’t what we’re talking about. Ace is actually a marijuana cigarette or joint. Ace is a cute name for a rolly-polly pup with lots of love to give.
  • Baker: this means someone who loves to smoke weed. Maybe you’re that person, but your pup is also right beside you while you’re taking a puff. He’s your right-hand man, so might as well name him Baker, right?
  • Blaze: what do you do when you’re smoking marijuana? You’re blazing. Though it’s an act you do while smoking, it’s also a great name for a pup. If he’s full of energy and loves to run, Blaze would be the perfect name for him.
  • Calvin: no, not Calvin Klein, we’re not looking at fashion names. Calvin is actually the birth name of the famous rapper, Snoop Dogg. Don’t forget he’s also named Snoop Lion, Snoopzilla, Snoop Doggy Dogg, so you definitely have some options when it comes to naming your pup after him. Check out our article on celebrity names for dogs if you’re looking for more name inspiration along this line.
  • Herb: no, we’re not talking about parsley or cilantro. Herb is also an upscale term for marijuana. Maybe you love weed, but your pup is more of a brown noser, thinking he’s better than all the other pups. Well, then give him a gentleman name like Herb.
  • Jerry: it’s definitely an old man name, but it’s a cute one that would fit any smaller breed. Jerry is also a name after Jerry Garcia. So, though it’s a weed name, it’s super cute and warm.
  • Jimi: we all know Jimi Hendrix. Not only is he known for his crazy guitar riffs and stage performance, but he’s also well-known for his love of marijuana. It’s also a playful name for a light-hearted pup.
  • Kush: if you love to smoke weed, then you know about the different strains of marijuana. Kush is one species which comes from the Hindu Kush Mountains. This species is well-known for treating sleep apnea. But your pup loves to sleep, so he doesn’t have a problem with that. In fact, it may even make you wonder why do dogs sleep so much.
  • Marley: everyone knows who Bob Marley is. He’s the reggae king and was a huge lover of weed. If you love Bob Marley, naming your pup after his surname is an option.
  • Rogan: Maybe you’re a Canadian or just a fan of Seth Rogan. Whatever the reason is, Rogan is a cute name for your pup. Plus, Seth Rogan is a huge supporter of marijuana, so why not name your pup after him?
  • Seed: what do you need to grow weed? A seed, of course! Seed is a cute name for a little guy who’s bound to grow into a giant pup. With some tender loving care, your little seed is going to grow into a beautiful dog.
  • Smoke: well, this is one thing that you do when you’re “smoking weed.” How else are you going to get that high that everyone loves? Smoke is a cute name for a pup that has a little bit of mystery added to him.
  • Snoop: if you know anything about rap, then you know about Snoop Dogg. His name is pretty perfect, right? You can give your dog the entire name, or you can just name him Snoop. It’s even better if your dog is one that loves to sniff around!
  • Willie: this is definitely a good ol’ American name. Not only that, Willie Nelson, country music star, is a huge supporter and well-known pot smoker as well. So, if you love his music, it’s a win-win when it comes to giving your pup this name.
  • Zig Zag: if you smoke weed then you know Zig Zags are a type of rolling paper that’s extremely popular in the marijuana community. Maybe your pup has three legs, or maybe he isn’t that coordinated. Whatever the reason, it’s a quirky name for a quirky pup.
  • Ziggy: as you’re probably seeing now, Bob Marley had a couple of kids. Ziggy is the name of his son. You may not be a fan of the name Bob but still wants to name your pup after the king of reggae and weed. Ziggy is a great name for a pup that is full of buzzing energy that can’t seem to sit still.


weed dog

No one said choosing a name for your pup was going to be easy. Now that you’ve scrolled through the lists, you may be even more overwhelmed then you were in the beginning because there are so many options.

We hope that as you went through the names, some of them popped out and caught your attention. If you managed to narrow down your choices to only a few, you’re already one step closer to giving your dog their name!

Test them out on your pup and see which one they vibe with. Just because you like a name doesn’t mean they will. But through trial and error, you’ll land on a name that you both love.

Weed dog names are warm, relaxed, and of course, calm; they will suit any chill dog. If you chose a name from this list, don’t forget to let us know which name you’ve picked. But whether or not you choose a name on this list, or not, we would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts with us below.

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