Spanish Names for Dogs – Estupendo Monikers for Your El Perro

Spanish Name Ideas For Your Dog

Living in the US, it’s not easy to find a dog name that’s easily recognizable and yet isn’t too common at the same time. If you stick to the US, chances are you’re going to end up with an overused name like Fido, Spots, or Spike.

If you venture out to other continents, your dog could end up with a totally alien name that’s impossible for your friends or family members to pronounce. You need a name that’s unique yet doesn’t stray too far from home. Spanish names for dogs fit the bill perfectly.

Perhaps your dog is a Spanish breed—like the Spanish Pointer, Spanish Greyhound, Spanish Mastiff, and many more. Even if your dog isn’t a Spanish breed, however, there are plenty of reasons why exploring Spanish names for them is a good idea.

First of all, it is the fastest-growing language today. Pet parents all over the world are getting increasingly influenced by this sweet and romantic language.

Secondly, Spanish names sound exotic, but not too exotic, because most people are at least a bit familiar with this language. It’s taught mandatorily in some schools.

If you’re not entirely familiar with the language, the selection process might be a bit daunting. Worry not, because we have conjured a comprehensive list of the best Spanish names for your pup. To make the name game easier for you, we’ve categorized our list based on gender. Happy searching!

Female Spanish Dog Names

Female Spanish Dogs

On a hunt for girl names for dogs in Spanish? We commend your decision, because Spanish names for females all sound very striking, with their focus on melodic-sounding vowels and all. They are also easily recognizable without being too common.

The list compiled below has a plethora of sweet-sounding female names that you can easily pronounce even if you don’t speak Spanish.

  • Abril: A name derived from the month of April. This name symbolizes the arrival of spring.
  • Adriana: It means ‘dark.’ It’s perfect for a dog with black hair.
  • Aida: A fairly short and epigrammatic name that means ‘wealthy.’
  • Alicia: This beautiful name defines someone as ‘noble.’
  • Alida: A Spanish word that means ‘aristocrat.’
  • Alma: It stands for ‘high-spirited.’ So, if you own a doggy that is hyperactive and playful, this one should be your top choice.
  • Beatriz: A catchy term that stands for ‘voyager.’
  • Bebe: A name derived from the English word ‘baby.’It’s a unique-sounding alternative.
  • Belinda: A sweet sounding name that means ‘beautiful.’How about picking this name for your pretty show dog?
  • Bella: A fairly short name that means ‘beautiful.’
  • Blanca: Is your pup a Samoyed? No matter what breed she is, if she has a gorgeous ‘white’ coat, this name is perfect for her.
  • Bolero: A name inspired by the popular Spanish folk dance. If you love dancing, try this name.
  • Bonita: This short and sweet name means ‘pretty.’

If you like names like this one, see our ideas for more short and sweet names.

  • Brisa: A snappy term that means ‘breeze.’It would suit a dog that’s fast on her feet, such as a hunting dog.
  • Buena: This Spanish word defines someone as ‘capable and worthy.’
  • Carina: It means ‘beloved.’ We believe that you have got every reason to handpick this name for your lovable pup.
  • Carissa: An elegant name that means ‘to caress.’ This name would surely suit your little snuggle bug.
  • Catalina: This Spanish name indicates ‘purity’; a bond as pure as that of a canine and her owner deserves this title.
  • Charo: It’s a cutesy variant of Rosa.
  • Chica: Use this name for your Chica as it means ‘little girl.’
  • Chiquita: We recommend this name for your little friend because it means ‘little one.’
  • Cielo: It means ‘heaven.’
  • Cornelia: It means horn.
  • Corona: It means ‘crown.’ It would definitely suit your little princess.
  • Cristina: An epigrammatic name that means ‘a follower of Christ.’
  • Dahlia: This term defines someone as ‘a dweller of the valley.’
  • Damita: Great name for a highborn pup as it means ‘little noble.’
  • Delora: It’s a term that sounds great, and yet it means ‘sorrows.’ If you’re in the mood for some contradiction, this could be the name for you.
  • Drina: It means ‘defending men’.
  • Elena: A popular name that means ‘wicker.’
  • Elsa: A name inspired by a character from Disney’s ‘Frozen.’ Did you know it’s actually a common Spanish name? It means ‘truth.’
  • Elvira: A feminine name that stands for ‘noble garden.’
  • Emelda: Keeping in view the meaning, i.e. ‘entire battle’, this name can be used for a K9 dog.
  • Esmeralda: This Spanish term means ‘emerald.’
  • Esperanza: If your new furry friend has brought ‘hope’ into your life, try this name.
  • Estrella: A beautiful name that means ‘star.’
  • Eva: Good name suggestion for the love of your ‘life.’
  • Felicia: Handpick this name for the one that makes you ‘happy’ every day.
  • Feliciana: This one also means ‘happy.’
  • Fiesta: It stands for ‘celebration.’
  • Flamenco: A cool name inspired by a well-known style of Spanish music and dancing.
  • Flor: This one means ‘flower.’
  • Frida: A snappy name that means ‘peace.’
  • Giselle: Inspired by the name of a top supermodel.
  • Isabel: In Spanish, it stands for ‘of God’.
  • Juanita: A beautiful name that means ‘gift of God.’
  • Justina: It describes someone as ‘righteous.’
  • Larena: It means ‘royal princess’ in Spanish.
  • Lela: This Spanish word states someone as ‘beautiful and dark-haired.’
  • Linda: It’s a popular name that means ‘pretty.’
  • Lisbon: This name is derived from the capital of Portugal.
  • Lola: Although it means ‘sorrow,’ this name is ironically beautiful and cheery.
  • Lucia: In Spanish, this word is used to describe ‘someone who brings light.’ If your dog has chased away darkness from your life, this name should be perfect for her.
  • Luna: It means ‘moon.’ How about trying this name for a white-haired canine?
  • Madre: Does the pup still cry out for her ‘mother’ occasionally?
  • Manda: As it means ‘battle maiden,’ we recommend this name for a K9 female dog.
  • Margarita: A beautiful Spanish name that means ‘pearl.’
  • Maya: It means ‘mother.’
  • Mona: It means ‘noble.’
  • Mora: It stands for ‘a peacock’ in Spanish.
  • Nina: As it means ‘strong’ as well as ‘girl,’ you can use it for your strong female pup.
  • Paco: It defines someone as ‘free.’
  • Paloma: In Spanish, this name stands for ‘dove.’ How about using this name for a white-haired pooch?
  • Perfecta: A Spanish word that is used just like the word ‘perfect’ in English. We recommend this name for a purebred dog.
  • Pilar: It means ‘pillar or column.’
  • Quito: A catchy name derived from the capital of Ecuador.
  • Ramona: As it means ‘wise defender,’ it would suit a guard dog.
  • Reina: This one is the Spanish word for ‘queen.’ Pick this name if your girl dog demands the royal treatment.
  • Rosa: This word stands for ‘rose.’
  • Rosalba: It means white ‘rose’ in Spanish.
  • Rumba: This name is derived from a famous dancing style.
  • Sabria: It refers to ‘someone who has great knowledge.’
  • Savannah: An exotic term that stands for ‘plateau.’
  • Sierra: As it means ‘mountain,’ this name would suit a large-framed dog.
  • Tequila: It means ‘liquor’ in Spanish.
  • Tia: A short and sweet name that means ‘princess.’
  • Tierra: Tierra stands for ‘earth.’
  • Toiya: It means ‘victory’ in Spanish. Try giving this name to a show dog.
  • Valencia: This term belongs to the Mediterranean Port of Spain.
  • Ventura: It means ‘good fortune.’
  • Vida: This word stands for ‘wisdom.’
  • Xaviera: It means ‘the owner of a new house.’ Has your dog claimed your house as her territory?
  • Yolanda: It means ‘violet.’
  • Zelia: Try this name for the ‘sunshine’ of your life.
  • Zita: This fairly short name stands for ‘girl.’ A simple and charmingly literal name.

Male Spanish Dog Names

Male Spanish Dog

Names for male dogs in Spanish are a delight to call because they sound strong and masculine, yet at the same time, melodious and charming. Below you will find a list of male Spanish dog names. We’ve made sure to include names with meanings across all categories so you can pick one according to his personality.

  • Adan: Of Hebrew origin, this name is derived from Adam.
  • Agustin: It stands for ‘someone who deserves respect.’
  • Alejandro: It stands for ‘defender of mankind.’ Isn’t it just perfect for your loyal friend?
  • Alonzo: This word stands for ‘noble’—a name that sounds great and also has a great meaning.
  • Amor: This Spanish word stands for ‘love.’
  • Antonio: Someone who is ‘beyond praise.’
  • Aragon: A region of N.E Spain.
  • Armando: Much like the way it sounds, this name means ‘Army man.’ A fab name for a K9 dog.
  • Barrera: A name inspired by a famed Mexican boxer.
  • Benito: It means ‘blessed.’ Select this name if you believe yourself to be blessed for having this new four-legged family member.
  • Bernardo: Use it for your ‘brave’ friend.
  • Burrito: A Spanish name inspired by a food item.
  • Carlos: A snappy name that means ‘free man.’
  • Carmine: It is the Spanish word for ‘garden.’
  • Chico: A fairly short name that means ‘boy.’
  • Ciro: It stands for ‘royal.’
  • Consuelo: As it means ‘solace,’ use this name for a pup that becomes your solace in this turbulent world. You can also use this name if solace (in the presence of your energetic canine) is just a dream for you.
  • Cortez: Someone who is ‘victorious.’
  • Cruz: A name derived from the word ‘cross.’
  • Dali: A name inspired by the name of a famous Spanish painter.
  • Dante: This term means ‘enduring’; use this name for your brave and courageous doggy.
  • Dario: It means ‘well-maintained.’
  • Diablo: It means ‘devil.’ How about using it for a hyperactive or naughty pooch?
  • Diego: An adorable name that means ‘supplanter.’
  • Domingo: This Spanish word stands for ‘lord.’
  • Don: A short name that means ‘world rule.’
  • Donato: A word that means ‘given.’
  • Duque: This name is taken from the word ‘duke.’
  • Ebro: A name derived from the second largest river in Spain.
  • Eduardo: It means ‘rich guard.’ How about using this name for a watchdog?
  • Eloy: This Spanish term stands for ‘selection.’
  • Emilio: A name that easily rolls off your tongue; it means ‘rival.’
  • Enrique: A catchy name that stands for ‘home ruler.’
  • Esteban: A name that means ‘crown.’
  • Federico: It stands for ‘peaceful ruler.’
  • Felipe: It means ‘lover of horses.’ If you love all animals, not just dogs, this will make a good naming option.
  • Gallan: An exotic name that is derived from the term ‘gallant.’ You can try this name for your brave doggie.
  • Gitano: It stands for ‘gypsy.’
  • Goya: A famous Spanish painter.
  • Grandee: It means ‘noble.’
  • Guido: This one is the Spanish word for ‘forest.’ The ‘o’ ending makes it a great choice for a term of endearment.
  • Hernan: This word describes someone as ‘intelligent and brave.’
  • Jamie: This term stands for ‘supplanter.’
  • Lobo: As it means wolf, you should use this moniker for a Siberian Husky or an Alaskan Malamute.
  • Mario: This term describes ‘someone who is from Mars.’ If your dog’s rather strange habits make you believe that he is from another planet, this name is perfect.
  • Mateo: Nice name that means ‘God’s gift,’ just like your furry friend.
  • Miguel: Someone who is ‘like the Lord.’
  • Nicholas: As it means ‘victory,’ you should pick this name for a show dog.
  • Nieve: It means ‘snow’ in Spanish. A beautiful name for a pure white pup.
  • Oro: It means ‘gold’; the name would suit a Golden Retriever.
  • Pablo: It means ‘small.’ Those who own a Pomeranian or a Chihuahua must give this name a try.
  • Paz: It means ‘peace.’ A highly recommended name for a pup that brings you peace.
  • Poco: It means ‘little.’
  • Rico: This word means ‘strong.’ Use it for an aggressive canine.
  • Rio: This short and sweet name stands for ‘river.’
  • Sancho: A name that means ‘saint.’
  • Santiago: A name inspired by the largest city in Chile.
  • Serge: This Spanish word stands for ‘servant.’
  • Taco: A yummy Spanish food.
  • Tito: It means ‘giant.’
  • Toledo: A famous city in central Spain.
  • Vidan: It means ‘life’ in Spanish.
  • Vito: A concise name that means ‘life.’
  • Zorro: It means ‘fox.’ Is your pup mischievous? A bit of an outlaw?

Wrap Up

A pet name is something that you shouldn’t decide on lightly. As your furry baby is going to be around for many years to come, it is advised that you take your time and avoid rushing.

If Spanish is a foreign language to you, you must pay heed to the meanings. Remember, just because a word sounds good, doesn’t mean it automatically has a good meaning as well. You don’t want to give a bad name to your pooch accidentally, and we understand this plight of yours, which is why we made sure all the names we listed above not only sound great but are also meaningful in a positive way.

Have you selected a Spanish term of endearment for your furry sidekick? If yes, what is it? You are also welcome to give us some other Spanish name suggestions. Please post your feedback in the comments section.