Southern Dog Names – Add a Country Flair to Your Furry Friend’s Name

Southern Dog Names Ideas

Dogs stand by us through good and bad times. In return for their unconditional love, we try to give our best—not just in their grooming and overall care, but also in finding them a suitable name. We all want a name that complements the style and personality of our agreeable friend. How about adding a country twist to your pup’s moniker? What say you to some southern dog names?

America has given us a number of amazing dog breeds, like the coonhound varieties. It would be really fun to pick a southern name for these handsome canine pals. Although, you don’t have to own any of these dog breeds to use a southern name.

South America is a dog-loving territory. Its country-inspired lifestyle is incomplete without dogs. Southerners don’t treat their dogs as animals; dogs are a part of the family. It is always a pleasure to explore dog names from such places.

In this article, we are going to narrow down the snappiest and the most epigrammatic dog names from South America. We will categorize our list for both genders to make it easy for you to settle on the most appropriate name for your pup. We will also add meanings or other references where possible so that you’ll have all the info you need to come to an informed decision.

Southern Female Dog Names

Southern Female Dog Names

Now, before you start, we’d like to clarify that the names we’ve included in this list come from all corners of the world. You might start to wonder: “How is that Southern?”

Aside from only including names that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Southern gal (no matter where the name is really from), we’ve also made sure that the names have meanings that are country-related. So give our list of southern female dog names a try, won’t you?

  • Abigail: A word of Hebrew origin; it means ‘rejoicing.’
  • Ada: A German name that stands for ‘noble and kind.’
  • Alyssa: A Germanic word that describes someone as ‘noble and kind.’
  • Anabelle: This Hebrew word stands for ‘grace.’
  • Ann: Derived from Anna, it means ‘gracious.’
  • Ardis: Of Latin origin, it means ‘fervent.’
  • Ashley: This one is an English word that means ‘ash wood.’
  • Aubrey: A catchy term with Germanic origin; it stands for ‘elven king.’
  • Augusta: This one stands for ‘venerated.’
  • Ava: This a snappy moniker that is derived from other Germanic terms like Aveline and Avis.
  • Bailey: A Latin name; it means ‘governor.’
  • Belle: Belle is a French word that means ‘beauty.’ If you have a show dog, Belle could be a great choice. Also, the Southern Belle, anyone?
  • Belva: A Latin name that means ‘beautiful view.’ It would definitely suit a refreshing pup that makes a sight for sore eyes.
  • Berta: It is a Germanic name that means ‘famous.’ This name can be a good fit for racing or show dogs.
  • Beulah: Of Hebrew origin, it means ‘married.’
  • Blanche: It stands for ‘white’ in French.
  • Bonnie: This one is an English name that defines something like ‘pretty.’
  • Callie: This name has a Greek origin. It stands for ‘most beautiful.’ Try this name for a show dog.
  • Chloris: This word has a Greek origin, it stands for ‘pale green.’ Perhaps it describes the color of your dog’s eyes?
  • Clovis: A Germanic word, it means ‘famed warrior.’ How about picking this name for a gal that bravely protects your livestock from outsiders? If you haven’t got any, you should try to adopt one of the breeds listed in this article on the best farm dogs.
  • Cordelia: An English word that means ‘of the sea.’
  • Corinna: This Greek word stands for ‘maiden.’
  • Dalilah: This name is of Hebrew origin. It means ‘delicate woman.’ It can be bynamed as Lilah.
  • Darby: A word of Norse origin; it stands for ‘deer settlement.’ Perfect for a hunting dog.
  • Darlene: An American English word that means ‘tenderly loved’—just like your pup.
  • Della: It is a short and sweet name of Teutonic origin. It means ‘nobility.’
  • Delta: The fourth letter of the alphabets. Makes a cool name for a dog, and less common than Alpha.
  • Dixie: A short and sweet southern name. It is derived from the southern states under the Mason-Dixon line.
  • Dora: It is Greek for ‘gift.’
  • Easter: This English word stands for ‘goddess of dawn.’
  • Edsel: This Germanic word means ‘noble.’
  • Effie: It’s a Greek word that means ‘fair speech.’ To match the name, you can teach your dog how to speak.
  • Eliza: It is a Hebrew word that means ‘God is a vow.’
  • Elva: It means ‘elf.’ This name is perfect for a small dog.
  • Flannery: An exotic name that means ‘flatland’.
  • Geneva: A Germanic word that means ‘woman.’
  • Georgia: This feminine name is straight from the southern state of Georgia. It also stands for ‘farmer.’
  • Ginger: Use this cute name if your southern belle has ginger hair.
  • Glory: This English word stands for ‘prestige and honor.’ You can also try calling your pup Gloria.
  • Gracie: This name is derived from the word ‘grace.’
  • Hallie: This is a Germanic word that means ‘home ruler.’
  • Hannah: This name from the Bible; it means ‘grace.’
  • Harley: How about using this name for a speedy dog? If your dog is so hyperactive it’s hard for you to catch up, learn how to calm her down here.
  • Hazel: The inspiration behind this name is the hazel tree, but it could also refer to the color of your dog’s eyes.
  • Ida: Of English origin, it means ‘prosperous’ or ‘a hardworking woman.’ Need a working dog but don’t know what breed to get?
  • Iris: It’s a Greek word that means ‘rainbow.’
  • Ivy: A short and sweet name that stands for the plant.
  • Jessie: This name has a Hebrew origin, and it means ‘God is gracious.’
  • Karina: This one is a word of Greek origin. It means ‘pure.’
  • Keitha: It is a Gaelic word that means ‘woods.’
  • Kiki: It defines someone as ‘the ruler of a domain.’ Do you have a bossy gal?
  • Lela: It stands for ‘dark-haired beauty.’
  • Lola: A Greek word that stands for ‘violet.’
  • Lona: Of Norse origin, it means ‘island.’ Perhaps you’d prefer a tropical southern name instead of a southern country name.
  • Lucy: A snappy term that means ‘light.’ This one is a traditional southern name.
  • Lulamae: Do you remember Holly Golightly from ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s? She’s a southern girl.
  • Lynn: This is a short name of Anglo-Saxon origin. It means ‘a cascade.’
  • Maggie: A catchy name that represents a southern family.
  • Magnolia: An exotic name that is inspired by the name of a southern tree.
  • Maisie: A traditional southern name—not very common anywhere else.
  • Maribelle: Of Latin origin, it means ‘a wondrous or rebellious woman.’
  • Melanie: It means ‘dark-clothed.’
  • Millie: This name is a variation of Mollie.
  • Peaches: Inspired by the famous Georgian fruit.
  • Pepper: A cute name that would go well with a dog with a perky and lively personality.
  • Rosie: Settle on this country name if your pup has reddish/brownish hair.
  • Ruby: It means ‘red.’ Perfect name for your redneck dog.
  • Sally: A common southern name that is often used for female hunting dogs. Don’t have a hunting dog but would like one?
  • Savanah: It means ‘a treeless or plain ground.’
  • Scarlett: Famous character from ‘Gone with the Wind.’
  • Shelby: Taken from the name of the famous Mississippi historian named Shelby Foote.
  • Tallulah: Of American-Indian origin, it means ‘leaping water.’
  • Tara: This a fairly short name has a Celtic origin. It means ‘tower.’ How about using it for a dog with a heavy build?
  • Trixie: It is one of the most commonly used southern names, and it is quite easy to utter. Give this name to your dog if she’s a ‘bringer of happiness.’
  • Willow: This name has English origin. It has double meanings, i.e. ‘tree and freedom.’
  • Zelda: Inspired by the famous writer ‘Zelda Fitzgerald.’ She was born in Alabama. Also, Legend of Zelda, anyone?

Southern Male Dog Names

Southern Male Dog Names

The southern culture offers some of the most timeless and charming naming options. Go in any direction in the south, and you’re bound to land on a masculine name for your (cow)boy dog.

If you don’t know where to start, you are in luck as we’ve already narrowed the best southern boy dog names down for you below. The same as before, these names may have come from all corners of the world, but do not doubt their southernness.

  • Alexander: An exotic name with Greek origin. It means ‘defending man.’ Perfect for guard dogs. If you don’t know which breeds constitute as guard dogs, check out our site for more tips.
  • Allen: A Gaelic word that means ‘rock.’
  • Alonzo: It is a Germanic word that means ‘active and noble.’ We recommend this name for a playful and mischievous dog.
  • Alton: This is an English word that stands for ‘old town.’
  • Andrew: A Greek word that means ‘warrior.’
  • Anthony: A Latin word by origin, it means ‘priceless.’
  • Arlen: ‘A land that is filled with hares.’ Good for hunting dogs.
  • Atlanta: A purely country name that rolls off the tongue nicely.
  • Austin: A Latin word that stands for ‘venerated.’
  • Avery: This English word means ‘elf counsel.’
  • Bacon: Southern cuisine is never complete without a side helping of bacon.
  • Bandit: Inspired by the famous cowboy movie, ‘Smokey and Bandit.’
  • Barton: A name that means ‘barley town.’
  • Basil: Spice that is commonly used in southern cooking.
  • Beau: Perfect name for a dog with exceptional looks. It means ‘handsome.’
  • Bennet: Derived from the name ‘Benedict.’ It stands for ‘blessed.’
  • Benny: A short and catchy name that has Hebrew origin. It stands for ‘son of my right hand.’
  • Beryl: It is a Greek word that means ‘blue/green.’ Use it to describe the color of your pup’s eyes.
  • Billy: A Germanic word that means ‘desire and protection.’
  • Blue: This southern name is often used for breeds like the Bluetick Coonhounds and the Kerry Blue Terrier. But even if your dog doesn’t belong to any of the above breeds, if you like this fairly short term, just go for it.
  • Bo: A short name with French origin; it means ‘handsome.’
  • Booker: Of English origin, it defines ‘someone who bleaches the cloths.’
  • Boone: A name inspired by Daniel Boone—a famous explorer from South America. It is also a French word that means ‘good.’
  • Borden: A sweet-sounding name that would suit a farm dog. It means ‘boar pasture.’
  • Bourbon: The inspiration for this name is the ‘bourbon whiskey.’
  • Boyce: An English name that means ‘someone who lives by the woods.’
  • Branson: A cool name of Germanic origin; it means ‘sword.’
  • Braydon: An English word. Defines something as ‘broad and wide.’
  • Brick: An English word that means ‘bridge.’
  • Brock: An English name that means ‘badger.’
  • Brown: A pretty straightforward and popular name.
  • Bud: If you own a playful and naughty puppy, Bud will make the perfect name for him. Want to know how to teach your buddy to play dead? Check out this article.
  • Butter: A name inspired by a southern food staple.
  • Cash: Of Latin origin, it means ‘wealthy.’
  • Chase: It means ‘huntsman.’ Even if your dog is a natural-born huntsman, he won’t know how to hunt if you don’t train him. Learn the art of hunting with dogs here.
  • Chester: This catchy Latin term means ‘camp.’
  • Clayton: This one is an English word that means ‘clay settlement.’
  • Clinton: An English word that means ‘settlement on the river Glyme.’
  • Cole: It means ‘coal.’ You can give this name to a black doggie.
  • Colonel: This would make an ideal name for a large and authoritative breed.
  • Colt: It means ‘young male horse.’
  • Connor: Derived from the Gaelic name Conchobar. It stands for ‘wise.’ Got a smart dog? Maximize his potentials by teaching him some basic commands.
  • Copper: A metal of reddish brown color; try this name if your dog has hair of that color.
  • Davis: This name is used as a surname in southern states. It stands for ‘son of David.’
  • Deacon: Of Greek origin, it stands for ‘messenger or servant.’
  • Earlie: It means ‘warrior.’ It would make a perfect name for a guard, hunting, or herding dog.
  • Eli: Inspired by the former Ole Miss quarterback.
  • Elvis: Obviously the inspiration behind the name is ‘Elvis Presley’, the king of pop. He himself was of southern origin (Tupelo MS).
  • Faulkner: Inspired by the famous southern literary personality, William Faulkner.
  • Grady: It is a Gaelic word that means ‘noble or illustrious.’
  • Grayson: This English word defines someone as ‘gray-haired.’
  • Grover: This snappy word means ‘tree grove.’
  • Gumbo: A popular meal in the southern state of Louisiana.
  • Gunner: A name that indicates a passion for hunting throughout the southern states.
  • Hal: A concise name that means ‘leader of an army.’ An apt term for a herding dog. Not sure if your dog is a herding breed or not?
  • Hardy: This southern name means ‘strong or hard.’ This term would suit rough and tough hunting or herding dogs.
  • Harper: Inspired by the southern novelist, Harper Lee.
  • Hayes: This English word stands for ‘enclosure.’ Can’t let your dog roam free? Confine him in the best way by building a dog pen for him.
  • Hugo: There are a lot of references for this catchy term, but we are using it in commemoration of the devastating Hurricane Hugo that hit the southern state of Carolina in 1980.
  • Hunter: It would make a cool name since hunting and southern states go side by side.
  • Jackson: A heavy name that would be perfect for a large dog breed. The inspiration behind the name is General Andrew Jackson who did great during the American Revolution.
  • Jasper: It is a Persian word that means ‘treasurer.’
  • Jed: It means ‘beloved of God’.
  • Jefferson: It is an Anglo-Saxon name that means ‘son of Jeffery.’
  • Joshua: Of Hebrew origin, it means ‘God rescues.’
  • Khaki: A great name for a tan or brownish pup.
  • Knox: A concise name that is derived from Knoxville—a city in the state of Tennessee.
  • Lee: Taken from the name of the writer ‘Harper Lee.’
  • Memphis: A well-known southern city’s name
  • Parker: Commonly used as a last name.
  • Presley: Another reference to the king of pop, Elvis.
  • Rufus: It means ‘red.’
  • Sawyer: Inspired by a fictional character who resides by the river of Mississippi. He was played by James Ford.
  • Scout: Inspired by the famous southern Gothic novel, “To Kill a Mockingbird.”
  • Sterling: It is an English word that stands for ‘little star.’
  • Teddy: Name him Teddy after the cowboy president ‘Teddy Roosevelt.’
  • Tennessee: Even though it’s quite long, the name of this southern state can make a great puppy name.
  • Twain: Inspired by the American author Mark Twain, who is known for using a southern dialect in his writings.
  • Vernon: This old-fashioned name has a Latin origin. It stands for ‘youthful.’ Perfect for an evergreen pup that’s always energetic.
  • Willie: A catchy name is taken from the name of the great artist ‘Willie Nelson’ who has a southern origin.

Wrap Up

You don’t need to come from the south to give your dog a southern name. No matter which part of the world you live in, you can go for southern names as long as you find one that clicks with you and your dog. As we said, most of the names above also originated from over yonder, so go and knock yourself out!

The inclusion of meanings and other references should’ve made the name game easier for you. Concluding the article, we hope that we have successfully shared some southern names that not just sound sweet but also roll off your tongue smooth as beer down your throat.

Have you ever given a southern name to your pet or is this the first time? We appreciate any feedback, so do share your views with us in the comments section below. Couldn’t find any southern name that fits the bill.