15 Best Dogs for Single Men – What Makes a Good Dog for a Single Life?

Dogs For Single Man - Breeds

Do you want some kind of unconditional love in your life? Are you looking for a company, security or someone to follow you when you walk around? No matter what kind of day you had at work or how your love life is, the only one waiting for you at home every single day will be your lovable pet. Here is a list of best dogs for single men that will wiggle their tail and put a smile on your face.

Let’s pick the best dog for your personality, circumstances and living situation, so you can end up with a lifetime companion. The saying “dog is men’s best friend” is not just a general opinion. There is no better friend and companion than a loyal and loving pet. It’s all about that bond between the man and his dog.


Other than love and care, dogs provide comfort and a lot of fun. If you certainly love dogs but you are still wondering about some of the best breeds for you, keep reading the article. This rundown of 15 best dog breeds will provide you with their basic needs, temperaments, care and other important information.

Basic Characteristics of Dogs

In order to decide which dog is best for you, first thing to do is to identify their basic characteristics. When choosing a dog, it should have as many of the following traits as possible.

  • Appropriate Size: Although this is not a general opinion, most of the single men prefer bigger dogs. Rough-and-tumble dogs will wrestle with you on the floor much more.
  • Little shedding as possible: Even though all dogs shed their hair at some time of the year, some breeds produce more hair than others. You should choose a breed that sheds relatively little because otherwise you will be obligated to sweep and vacuum up a layer of hair every few days.
  • A coat with low-maintenance: To be honest, between all the responsibilities during the day, you will barely have enough free time to brush your dog’s hair. Considering this, you may not find the time to maintain a poodle’s coat looking it’s best, so you better chose a low-maintenance breed. However, grooming is not just an aesthetic need; for some breeds. grooming maintenance is necessary for their health due to some skin irritations.
  • Energy level: Usually, men who enjoy outdoors activities will want an energetic and action-oriented kind of dog, who will be happy to join them on their football training, camping and hiking trips.
  • Matching Personality: It is very similar to when you are looking for a lady; your dog must be with a personality compatible with yours. If you are a kind of person that doesn’t stand a mess or nonsense, a Labrador that enjoys rolling around in the dirt may not be the best choice for you.
  • Maturity: If you are planning to care for a dog, you may know that it requires a lot of love, work, sacrifice, and dedication. You will have to teach him basic obedience commands if you want him to greet your visitors. Most pet owners prefer to choose a mature dog that is already trained in the basics because they usually find this kind of work exhausting.
  • The sex of the dog: This is also a very important aspect to consider, before bringing home the right dogFor some breeds like Rottweilers, males are usually bigger than females, so you may have this in mind if you are seeking for a bigger breed.

When choosing the sex of the dog, it is more important to consider the biological differences between the sexes. Females will have cycle and will require some feminine products for a couple of weeks twice a year. Although today this is not an issue, because most of the owners eliminate this by have their female dog spayed.

What Breed to Choose? 15 Top Breeds for Single Men

If you are a dog lover but still wondering about some of the very best breeds for a single man, here is a rundown of the top 15 best dog breeds, and some related information about their temperament, basic needs, and characteristics.

1. Labrador Retriever

The Labrador is one of the most popular and favorite breeds, and it is pretty easy to understand why! It has a multitude of beautiful colors and magnificent friendly natures that work very well in the family experience. So, if you are a single man who is searching for a happy and friendly dog, you can’t beat a Labrador retriever.

Labrador Retriever

These breeds have water-resistant fur easy to maintain and webbed feet suitable for swimming. Labradors are perfect at playing catch and they are big enough to grab the Frisbee in flight. It seems that everyone loves a Labrador, and Labradors seem to love everyone back.

2. Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are a perfect mixture of masculine and feminine qualities. They make friends easily, are excellent to play with outside, are very smart and also very clean. What more can you ask in a canine buddy?

Siberian Husky

Siberian huskies are sturdy athletic breeds, trained to drag heavy stuff on ice and snow. At the same time, they are quite handsome regal-looking dogs with piercing eyes and very luxurious fur. Their good personality and laid-back attitude make them easy to care for. Most often they are shy, but once they meet you, they made a new lifelong friend.

Fabulously beautiful, and very closely resembling the wolf is a bonus when you’re taking them out for a walk and want to catch the eyes of the ladies.

3. Vizsla

Vizslas are the best option if you are single man who is a passionate hiker, enjoys running on the beach, or is a nature lover. These Hungarian hunting breeds are extremely loyal, have ton of energy and want to be by your side all the time. But you should also know that when they are not running outside, they will be resting their head in your lap.


It will be a big disaster if you keep them in small apartments in large crowded city.

4. Cane Corso

In case you prefer a laid back and affectionate dog trained to please, the Cane Corso is the breed you are looking for. Even though these breeds may be little tough to train in the beginning, once you teach them who is the boss, it will be really hard to find more loyal dog to keep you and your home safe.

Cane Corso

Even if you take one for protection, it is very important for the dog to be socialized. It may be a good idea to hire a professional dog trainer to ensure your dog will only protect you from real threats. Another advantage is that this breed has short hair that is very easy to keep clean.

5. Australian Shepherd

Although the word Australia is right there in the middle of the name, this beautiful breed is actually not Australian. With its multitude of coloring, they are very energetic and thrive on competition. The Australian Shepherd is not too large and easy-to-care-for dog.

Australian Shepherd

Even though they are excellent guards, they are also very friendly, loyal and loving toward their families. If you are a single man enjoy staying at home, these not aggressive and low-maintenance dogs are impeccable choice for you. Like Vizslas, they need a bit of space to run out their energy.

6. Akita

Beside of being intelligent, full of courage and unconditionally loyal, Akitas make bonding with their owners a very big deal. Like royal guard dogs used for hunting, this breed developed in Japan a few centuries ago. You should know that Akitas may be aggressive, but with good proper training and dedication, it is proven that they can be very loving.

7. Border Collie

In case you desire a remarkably loyal and calm dog, you can stop looking any further. The Border Collie is the breed you are looking for. These dogs are one of the brainiest dogs in the world. They are the right choice for athletic owners who like to teach them a lot of tricks.

Border Collie

They can be good friend and funny entertainment for every single person.

8. Irish Setter

This is a much more classic breed of dog, with a very majestic look. Although they are larger dogs, they like to hang out and play like little puppies. They also have longer hair, so their fur demands a bit more care. These luxurious Irish Setters are irresistible for cuddling and hugging, and you can very easy make them your new best friends.

9. Golden Retrievers

Although it is a general opinion that golden retrievers are great family dogs, it does not mean that they need a big family. As long as you provide a plenty of love and attention, they may be just as happy living with you. Like most of the dogs, they just want to hang out with the owners and get some love.

Golden Retrievers

Even though they give a warm welcome to everyone with their wagging tail and curious nose, you should know that they also have a protective side. They are alert for some kind of dangers like geese, car horns, squirrels or mailman. Their fur requires constant maintenance because they have long hair and a tendency to shed. So if you take one, be prepared to vacuum your carpet every few days.

10. English Mastiff

The English Mastiff is brawny and typically manly dog, but they are also known as gentle giants. Regardless of their larger size, they are uncommonly demonstrative and may become friends with everyone. Despite they are frightening large, they don’t bark much, are very sociable and intelligent that make them easy to train.

English Mastiff

You can make them a good guard and even better friend.

11. Beagles

Beagles are very friendly and amazing dogs. They are very patient, playful and gentle around owners. Just like children, they always find a way to get into everything. This inquisitive breed requires an immediate training right after adopting if you are planning to establish some boundaries. After all, they will provide you lifetime memories of love, fun, and boundless energy.

There is an adorable mix of beagles and pugs called a puggle.

12. German Shepherd

When it comes to guard and working dogs, the German Shepard is the one and only breed for men. It is also known like the granddaddy of all guard dog breeds. They can be extremely intelligent and hardworking, to search and rescue, guide and therapy. Being put on a job is favorite thing to this breed.

German Shepherd

In general, they are very well respected for their excellent performance. They are also very loyal and very good friends.

13. Parson Russell Terrier

The Parson Russell Terrier is excitable, stubborn and independent, which make this breed suitable for more experienced dog owners rather than for beginners. For example, if the dog doesn’t see a use in sitting down, it will very likely ignore your commands. Although they have a high energy level and will participate in every activity you attempt, they are smaller breed and can tolerate living in apartments.

Parson Russell Terrier

Parson Russell Terrier has short hair and requires low maintenance, square torso, and longer legs. With their big personality in a small package, they can very quick become your partners in crime.

14. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are good looking and spirited breeds that in the past were used to hunt large animals in South Africa. Because men love looking tough, the fact makes Rhodesian Ridgeback an excellent companion for single men. They have a lot of energy, which make them an exceptional hunting and guard dogs, but you won’t see them hanging around in your living room.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Thanks to the loyal nature and attention to intruders in secluded areas, this breed is popular among those who enjoy camping and hiking. Even though they have territorial type of behavior, they will definitely guard all your personal stuff when you will not be around.

15. French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are last, but not least, the breed of dog that is suitable in more urban conditions. They are small and cute and won’t take a lot of space in your apartment. Unlike some other breeds of small dogs, French Bulldogs are very relaxed and do love to grunt.

French Bulldog

Although, when it comes to training they can be little stubborn. Other than walking, they don’t require a lot of exercises, so if you are single men you can both sit home and watch the football match together.

Mixed Breeds Are Great for Single Men Too

Other than all these excellent breeds, there are a lot of dogs that are not purebred but are also an equally good choice for single men. Instead of buying a purebred dog, you can adopt a fantastic companion at your local shelter. Just try to imagine how you will change a dog’s life.

The only disadvantage is that you probably won’t know what the dog’s ancestry is. Luckily, that information really doesn’t matter.  If you are patient enough and willing to help, all shelter dogs can also be trained beyond their issues. They may not be as wonderful as some breed dogs, but they are also looking for a friend to share their love with.

So, leave all those labels and breeds if you are considering rescue a dog; just focus on the traits of your future soulmate.


No matter what the others say, any of those breeds may be the best breed for you. It depends on what you expect from this dog, hunting partner, companionship, protection or just a best friend to play with. Whenever you really desire a tiny toy breed like Chihuahua, that is your choice and there is nothing unmanly about it either.

Although most single men tend to adopt larger or giant breeds, you should remember that the size is not that much important. There are a plenty of other characteristics to consider, like energy level, sex of the dog, health issues, care and level of maintenance.

There are some breed characteristics that you may not train around. Whatever your motivation is, select the dog breed accordingly.

This list is not exhaustive, there are hundreds of other dog breeds you can choose from. So don’t give up if you do not find the breed you were looking for. And please, feel free to share with us in the comment section below, which dog breed is your favorite one.