Vizsla – Dog Breed Needs, Friendliness & More

All About Vizsla

Known for their high energy and affectionate tendencies, the Vizsla is a very caring breed. Yet despite being active dogs, Vizslas are extremely warm-hearted. They love their owners dearly, easily getting attached to them. Though Vizslas were originally bred for hunting, they now enjoy all forms of physical activity and bonding with their owners.

Breed Characteristics


Dog Breed Group: Sporting Dogs
Height: Generally 1 foot, 9 inches to 2 feet, 1 inch at the shoulder
Weight: Generally 40 to 60 pounds
Life Span: 9 to 10 years


Originating from Hungary, the Vizsla was bred for hunting and retrieving. They feel a great deal of responsibility to take care of their owners. This spawned from the closeness ingrained in the breed.

Due to their use as hunting dogs, they were trained to stay close to those who owned them. Thus the Vizsla is used to accompanying their owners everywhere and perhaps can be called one of the friendliest dog breeds.


Due to their constant need for affection, Vizslas are best for people who can spend a great deal of time with them. Otherwise they end up lonely and bored. This can result in destructive behavior such as excessive chewing and barking.

Nevertheless, they’re extremely diligent dogs. They love having a purpose and are great companions for people who need a loyal, furry friend.


The Vizsla is a loyal, friendly breed whose love for its owners is above none else. Hailing from Hungary as sporting dogs, they love physical activity. They are a versatile breed in terms of what jobs they can handle; Vizslas make excellent show dogs just as often as they make excellent therapy dogs.

This medium-sized dog is robust and require minimal grooming, yet still remains gorgeous because of their lean build. They make great family pets and will remain their owners’ companions for life.