Best Low Maintenance Dogs – for High Maintenance Owners

Low Maintenance Dogs For Busy Owners

Family pets are the hardest thing to choose. You want them to be in the family for a long time, but you do not want them to become a bother at any point. The pet that many families choose is dogs. They are safe, can become great companions, and can be a part of the family for a long time.

However, the smart choice is to choose a dog that will not need too much maintenance. To read more about the best low-maintenance dogs, stay tuned.

What is Low Maintenance?

Now, you may be wondering exactly what low maintenance is. If you have had a dog before, then you already know what maintenance dogs normally require. First is dog hair.

If your a busy person, we recommend watching this video:

A low-maintenance dog won’t leave hair everywhere. I am sure you have gone to visit someone that has a dog, sat down for a few minutes and then were covered in dog hair, and pet fur. There are dogs that seem to explode fur, everywhere, all the time.

Sometimes, it will not even matter how much you brush it. There are many dog breeds that do not shed as much and they will be on this low maintenance list.


Another problem with some dogs is the grooming required. We do not get dogs and then expect to become part-time groomers. So if you do not groom a lot when you get your new pet, go for a low maintenance dog.

Many breeds take time once a week for their grooming. For some, this is just quickly brushing the coat a couple of times per week, brushing their teeth daily, trimming their nails, and that is all!


Keeping a dog happy has many different aspects. When getting a dog, we do not want to be walking it two or three times a day. Many dogs are not very athletic, and not all dog breeds are meant to be canine Olympians.

Some dogs only need moderate exercise to stay physically and mentally healthy. All you need for these low maintenance dogs is a good ball throwing, a walk or run everyday, and they will be happy enough!


The best of all low maintenance dogs are their smarts. They can learn new skills very quickly and you can always count on them to leave behind those pesky ‘puppy’ behaviors. But do remember to exercise patience; not all dogs develop and learn at the same rate, so it’s important that you still remain vigilant with your training, even when your pup doesn’t get the lesson on the first try.

Now that you’re aware of what you can expect from a low maintenance dog, here is just a short list of the dog breeds to consider for your home and family.

Best Low Maintenance Dogs

Low Maintenance Dogs List


These short haired dogs require little grooming, saving you a lot of time. The amount of shedding is very low, so they are low maintenance in that aspect. Even if you do go for a long haired Chihuahua, they are so small that the grooming will hardly take any time at all.

Also, they do not drool too much, so if you are like me and do not like slobber, then you will like this dog. It is very easy to groom and has good general health. They also do not gain weight very easily.

The chihuahua is very adaptable to apartment living and are very good for novice owners. Their sensitivity level is a little high so they do not tolerate being alone very well. They have a low cold weather tolerance, and are not too much better with hot weather either.

They are very friendly though, so they will be good with any guests you may have. They are also very affectionate with family and are very kid-friendly. They are not too friendly with other dogs, and are not too good around strangers either.

They are easy to train and have a high level of intelligence. They can be a little mouthy, and they have an average prey drive. Barking or howling will not be too much of a bother, however.

They have an average energy level and intensity, so their exercise needs are not too high. Overall, they are a very playful breed and will make a great companion. Most of all, they are small and portable so they can travel with you.

Australian Cattle Dog

This breed is not as common, but it is very easy for maintenance. This is a herding breed with a nice short coat, and only requires occasional baths and brushing. Besides that, the only maintenance necessary is to trim their nails and check their teeth and ears every once in awhile. It is a naturally healthy and lively dog, so visits to the vet will be very few.

This is more of a house dog as it does not adapt very well to apartment living, and is not really for novice owners either. They have a higher sensitivity level so they can tolerate being alone. They also adapt very well to both cold and hot weather, so climate is not a big issue.

This breed is very affectionate with family and is pretty kid-friendly as well. You do not have to worry about taking them to the dog park because they are very dog friendly, and do alright with strangers.

They do not shed too much, nor do they drool so they are clean as well. their general health is very good and they are easy to groom, keeping them low maintenance. They have more of a tendency to gain weight and can grow to be average sized.

This is also a very intelligent breed so they are easy to train, but can get pretty mouthy. They are not overly driven to prey, and they do not bark or howl too much either. The have a very high energy level and intensity level so their exercise needs and playfulness are very high.


This dog is known for their need to be close. This dog is a very good jogging partner, for the more athletic type, and it is very intelligent on its own, making it very easy to train. Their grooming is simple; their coat is naturally beautifully red. She likes to moan or whistle to try and communicate with you, how cute! This is a very good dog for families with children.

They were created in Hungary to work as pointers and retrievers. They have an aristocratic bearing, but all they really want is to be loved. He is a super companion for active families.

He does not adapt well to apartments, but he is good for novice owners. Their sensitivity level is high so they can tolerate being alone. They have a low tolerance for cold weather, and adapts better to hot weather.

He is very affectionate with family and is incredibly kid-friendly. He is also dog-friendly and affectionate towards strangers. He does not shed too much and does not drool so the maintenance is low as well. He is also very easy to groom, is in general good health and has a low potential for weight gain. This breed grows to be about an average size.

His intelligence level is very high so he will be very easy to train, but is a little mouthy too. There is a low prey drive and a high tendency to bark or howl. He has high intensity level and a very high energy level so he likes to be kept active. Their exercise needs are high as well, so they should be walked regularly.

American Staffordshire Terrier

If you are a people person, this is your dog. They are great people dogs and aim to please their owner. It is very intelligent, so you should have it trained. It is also known for being very headstrong, so you need to be confident and be in charge. They also have a very easy coat to care for.

Brushing it once a week is all you need to keep them looking good. The Staffy is also very affectionate for kids. This breed easily adapts to apartment living, but is not a dog for first timers. They have a high sensitivity level so they do not tolerate being alone too well.

They are good with cold weather but not with the heat. They are very family affectionate and friendly with other dogs, so they can go to the dog park and enjoy family time!

The terrier has a very low amount of shedding and a low drooling potential, so their maintenance will not be too overwhelming. They are in good general health so their potential for weight gain is not high. They also do not grow to be very large.

The terrier is pretty easy to train and has an average level of intelligence. Though they can get pretty mouthy, they have a low prey drive. They do have a tendency to bark or howl. Their energy level is pretty high and intense so they will love to get active with you. They need good exercise, and love being playful.


This German pack hound loves companionship. They love spending as much time with their owner as possible. They are also very smart and are quick learners, so this is good for security. Once they learn a new skill, they can retain it with consistent use.

They are very calm natured and are usually slow to find their voice, so you will not have to worry about them barking for two or three years, if you get them young. Just brushing the fur a few times a week will keep their coat looking good.

This dog was originally bred for cattle, so you know they are tough. They are better for house living and are good for experienced dog owners. They have a high sensitivity level, so they are fine being left alone while you are at work, or out for the day. Their weather tolerance is equal.

The Rottweiler is great with family, do not let their growls surprise you, as they are also kid-friendly! They do alright with strangers, but have to warm up to other dogs. This breed can pack on the pounds, so watch their diet. They grow to be about an average size, and they are easy to train.

They have a high prey drive and a high tendency to howl and bark, so be aware, because they are! Their energy stays up, so you will need to as well. Keep them exercised, and they are very playful so be ready for that too!

Rhodesian Ridgebacks

These dogs are super smart and also want to please their owner. They learn and practice new skills so their mind stays sharp and they stay engaged, and out of trouble. They have a beautiful sleek coat and needs minimal grooming.

Their exercise needs are moderate and would make good running companions too. They are also very quiet, so if they are barking, something is wrong. Most of all, they are loyal and loving companions.

This is such an adaptable breed; a house or apartment living is fine for them. They are pretty sensitive, so they aren’t exactly for new dog owners, but they tolerate being alone pretty well. They are adaptable to both climates equally.

Grooming is easy, and they are naturally healthy. They grow big, and can pack on the pounds. They are very intelligent and trainable. They have a high prey drive so they will always be looking out for you. They are for the energy friendly, and are very intense. They will make a great exercise partner, and love to play!


The history behind these dogs is great; they are ancient Chinese dogs bred to sit with royalty. They believe they should always be pet and fed continuously. But they can pack on the pounds pretty quickly. They enjoy their grooming and are moderate shedders.

They only need a short walk daily, their exercise is mostly moving from couch to couch. One thing to know is that they are not outdoor dogs, they should be left indoors. The pug is a lot of dog in a very small space. New owners will love this dog, but don’t leave them alone too long.

Families will love this dog because they are great with kids and strangers. They do shed, but their grooming is very easy. Keep an eye on their health, and their weight.

Bull Terrier

This dog loves to be kept busy! They are also very loving and loyal and are great with kids. They just need to be encouraged to be gentle. Also, they are not very good with other dogs; so keep away from the dog park and exercise on your own with a daily run or some ball throwing.

They have a very easy coat to care for as well. Brushing just every week will keep them looking great! New and old dog owners have found their perfect match. You can leave them alone, they like cold weather, they are great with family and kids, and are very dog-friendly. They do not shed or drool too much, so grooming is a breeze!

They can gain weight, so feed them right! They grow to be an average size and hive a high energy level. If you are intense, this is the dog for you. You have definitely found your new exercise partner!


Some think that Boxers are not all that smart, but they are wrong. By just practicing basic skills with them, the puppy will grow to be loving, and a happy member of your family. They also love giving slobbery kisses. They are enthusiastic about climbing in your lap and being an active part of family life.

All they need is a weekly brushing to combat their shedding and keep it minimal. Just a quick walk down the block is all they need! This breed is for the independent. You can leave them alone, take them out with you and bring them around family and new friends.

It is the perfect forever dog because they are very kid-friendly. Shedding is a bit high, but their grooming is so easy, it won’t matter!  This is a healthy breed that grows to be average size and weight.

They are intelligent, so training is great and they bark or howl at danger, so they can protect you too! for the energy loving, and exercise oriented folks, this is your dog!


This breed is affectionate and independent. A good and basic training is all this dog needs and will know their responsibilities. His coat is very easy to care for and only needs to be brushed once a week. This dog is also very good with kids, but older kids are best to be around them because they grow very large. They should be secured with a leash or in the yard.

Great with family, kids, strangers, and other dogs, this breed does shed so grooming is not very easy. However, they are easy to train, so don’t expect too much of a stubborn streak from this breed. They will definitely keep you fit and on your feet with their high intensity, energy level, and exercise needs.


This is a very popular family dog for many reasons. They are very happy, friendly, and loving. They are also great snugglers and want to hang out with you while you read or watch television. They also prefer the indoors. This dog is very easy to train, as long as the lessons are interesting and have a reward.

They require some form of daily exercise, but just a walk will do. They need a secure yard or they will follow wherever their nose takes them. They have a very short coat and they do not need more than a weekly brushing to keep shedding minimal. Plus, they aren’t barkers, but they do bay/howl.


Now, you have the knowledge of all the easiest dogs to care for, but it is not all inclusive. Generally, if you have a specific dog breed in mind, just look them up and they may be low maintenance too. The things to look for are grooming and exercise needs.

You should also check how easy they are to train compared to other dog breeds. You should also know that some breeds need constant contact while others are more independent.