Top 40 Dachshund Names: Short and Sweet

Most Popular Dachshund Names

Now that you have picked out your Dachshund and brought your new friend home, it is time to give them a good name. A name is something that reflects our personality. It says a lot about who we are.

That’s why you shouldn’t name your dog at random. You’ll have to carefully take into account your dog’s characteristics and try to match them with a comprehensive list of Dachshund names to see if there’s any that suits them perfectly.

That said, figuring out where to begin can be difficult. You’ve probably just adopted the dog very recently, so chances are, you still haven’t spent enough time with them to have their personality all figured out.

Dachshund Puppies

Thankfully, you can name them based on other things, such as their coloring, their gender, or your own aspiration. Naming them after something or someone you want them to grow up to resemble is also a great idea.

Still stuck on what Dachshund name you want? Look no further as we have compiled all the best Dachshund dog names for you to look over. We have everything from ordinary to extraordinary names. There is bound to be the right name for you and your Dachshund on this page.

Famous Dachshund Dogs Owned by Celebrities

The Dachshund is a popular dog. Their unusual body shape and endearing personality has earned them the love of many, and yes, that includes the high society.

If you are looking for some famous Dachshund dog names for your male or female Doxies, you could check out the below list. All the names below are inspired by celebrity Dachshund dogs.

  • Amos: Andy Warhol.
  • August: E.B. White.
  • Boodgie: David Hockney.
  • Bulle: Jасԛuеѕ Cоuѕtеаu.
  • Boy: Queen Victoria.
  • Charlie: John Wayne.
  • Clyde: Wayne Gretzky.
  • Cilly: Max Schmeling.
  • Commissioner: Carole Lombard & Clark Gable.
  • Dunker: John F. Kennedy.
  • Dash: Mary Tyler Moore.
  • Deckel: Queen Victoria.
  • Eva: Dita Von Teese.
  • Fred: E.B. White.
  • Faussete: Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • Girlie: Brooke Astor.
  • Grеnоuіllе: Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • Greta: Dita Von Teese
  • Helena: William Randolph Hearst.
  • Hexl: Kaiser Wilhelm II.
  • Jed: P.G. Wodehouse.
  • Loeki: Napoleon.
  • Lump: Pablo Picasso.
  • Louie: Adele.
  • Maria: Marlon Brando.
  • Minnie: E.B. White.
  • Ozzy: George Harrison.
  • Robinson: Dorothy Parker.
  • Rommel: Mark Badgley.
  • Rome: Ingrid Bergman.
  • Skip: Teddy Roosevelt.
  • St. tropez: Brigitte Bardo.
  • Stanley: David Hockney.
  • Senta: Kaiser Wilhelm II.
  • Whiskey: James Mischka.
  • Wadl: Kaiser Wilhelm II.
  • Wаldі: The first-ever mascot of the Olympics held in Munich 1972.

Adorable Dachshund Dogs on Instagram

Dachshund on Instagram

Dachshund is a popular breed, and they are even popular on the Internet. If you are looking for some cool and recognizable Dachshund dog names for your Wiener puppies, you could consider drawing inspiration from these Instagram celebrity Dachshund dogs.

  • Blue
  • Bear
  • Comet
  • Cocoa
  • Daisy
  • Diesel
  • Dobby
  • Eggo
  • Emma
  • Frank
  • Mia
  • Nutmeg
  • Nate
  • Peanut
  • Princess Lilo
  • Pepperoni
  • Rosie
  • Slinky
  • Snoop
  • Scrappy Doo
  • Twix
  • Tank
  • Tex

Our Favorite Dachshund Names for Your Wieners

Dachshund Names

The Dachshund has unique appearance. It is a short-legged, long-bodied hound-type dog breed. When coming up with wiener dog names, you can choose a name based on these characteristics. Here comes our favorite section of Dachshund dog names; they are suitable for both male or female Wieners.
  • Beau: French for «handsome; admirer; sweetheart.» Its use as a given name is probably due to the character of Beau Wilks in Margaret Mitchell’s «Gone with the Wind.»
  • Betsy: A short form of Elizabeth. It means «God’s promise.» It’s a short and sweet name that’s perfect for a country Dachshund.
  • Bruno: German for “brown.” Dachshunds tend to sport a gorgeous black coat that has shades of brown in it when the sunlight hits it just the right way.
  • Briley: Briar wood. Also a throwback to the Dachshund’s gorgeous coat.
  • Cody: Irish for “a helper.” It’s a short and sweet name with a meaning that suits the excitable and eager Dachshund.
  • Daisy: Henry James named the typical American girl in Europe as Daisy Miller in his story. Dachshunds are so popular in both the US and Europe that this name suits them perfectly.
  • Doxie: It’s a nickname commonly used when referring to a Dachshund.
  • Dolce: Because Dachshunds are always so “sweet.”
  • Ernie: “Earnest, serious.” Does this sound like your Dachshund?
  • Gingerbread: Another nod to the Dachshund’s beautiful dark-colored coat. Can also refer to their sweet personality, with just a hint of spice in it.
  • Herman: It refers to a man who serves in the army in German. Although your Dachshund may not be a warfare dog, there’s no harm in respecting his heritage.
  • Hermes: A Greek god associated with speed and good luck. Dachshunds may have short legs, but they can be quite fast on their feet.
  • Lucy: Latin for “light” The Dachshund’s cheery attitude never fails to bring light into our lives.
  • Oscar: “Friend of the deer.” Short as they may be, the Dachshund was bred as a hunting dog. Their main target might have been the badger, but they can track down deers too.
  • Otto: German for “wealth.”
  • Sarah: “Princess.” In the bible, Sarah was exceptionally beautiful even into her older years. The Dachshund is a breed that retains their youthful energy well into their old age.
  • Schnitzel: Germanic delicacy. A thin slice of veal or other light meat, coated in breadcrumbs and fried.
  • Tootsie: “A girl or a young woman.” It sounds cute and fitting for your Dachshund, doesn’t it?
  • Wiggles: Dachshunds are so short that when they wag their tail hard enough, it looks like their entire rear is wiggling.

A Complete Collection of Dachshund Dog Names

Dachshund Dog Names

Couldn’t find a name that sounds right from the lists above? No worries; you’ll definitely find it here, in this complete and exhaustive list of good Dachshund names. Good Dachshund names don’t have to focus on the dog’s sausage shape.

They can reflect their unique spirit, cool attitude, or beautiful coat pattern. The list below contains both female Dachshund names and male Dachshund names.

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Abby Father is rejoicing Female Hebrew
Adelina Noble, kind Female Germanic
Aimee Dearly beloved Female English
Alicia Noble, kind Female Germanic
Allie The greatest Female English
Alysia Of noble kind Female French
Amisha Truthful Female Indian
Amy Loved Female French
Angel Messenger Unisex Greek
Angus One choice Male Gaelic
Anissa Grace Female Hebrew
Annie Grace Female Hebrew
Antonia Beyond praise Female Latin
Archie Bold Male English
Arlen Land with hares Male English
Armando Man in the army Male Germanic
Arnold Powerful eagle Male Germanic
Aron Mountain Male Hebrew
Ashwin Of great wealth Male Sanskrit
Axel Father of peace Male Hebrew
Bambi Little girl Female Italian
Barry Spear Male Gaelic
Beau Handsome Male French
Bella My God is a vow Female Hebrew
Bentley Clearing Male English
Bernie Brave Male German
Beryl Blue-green Male Greek
Billy Will, desire, helmet, protection Male Germanic
Binky Field of Beans Unisex English
Biscuit Sweet food Unisex English
Blackie Black creature Unisex English
Blaze Stutters Unisex English
Bo Respected Female French
Bogey Bow strength Unisex French
Bonnie Pretty Female English
Boomer Sluice gate Male German
Bram The father of many nations Male Hebrew
Brandy The beverage Female English
Brenda Sword Female Norse
Brock Badger Male English
Brownie Moist chocolate cake with nuts Unisex English
Buddy Herald Male English
Bullet Bullet Unisex English
Bunny Rabbit Female English
Buster American name Male American English
Cali Most beautiful Female English
Callie Most beautiful Female Greek
Caradoc Beloved Female Welsh
Carl Man Male German
Cash Money Unisex English
Chaos For energetiс dogs Unisex Greek
Charisma Charming Female English
Charlie Free man Unisex Germanic
Chewie Does your dog constantly chew on something? Unisex English
Chico Boy Male Spanish
Chili Sauce Unisex English
Christie Follower of Christ Female Latin
Cinnamon Spice Unisex English
Coco Pet name Unisex French
Conan Little wolfhound Male Gaelic
Conway Hound of the plain Male English
Cookie Sweet food Unisex English
Corby Dark Unisex Latin
Crackers Salty snacks Unisex English
Crash For crazy dogs Unisex English
Cupid God of sexual love Unisex Latin
Cutie Cute Female English
Dakota The allies Female Native American
Dale Dweller of the valley Male English
Dalila Gentleness Female Swahili
Darice Wise Female English
Dean Valley Male English
Dempsey Proud, haughty Male Gaelic
Dena Slender Female Hebrew
Diamond Precious gemstone Unisex English
Dick Strong, short for Richard Male English
Dieter People army Male Germanic
Digger If your dog likes digging Male English
Dixie Strong power Male English
Donatello Given by God Unisex Latin
Dottie Gift of God Unisex Greek
Duchess From the Aristocrats Unisex English
Dudley Wood or clearing Male English
Duke Leader Male English
Duncan Brown chief Male Gaelic
Edward Wealth protector Male English
Eli Ascend Male Hebrew
Elke Noble, kind Female Germanic
Elle She Female French
Elsa My God is a vow Female Hebrew
Emma All-containing Female German
Errol Wandering Male Latin
Esteban Crown Male Greek
Etienne Crown Male Greek
Ezra Aid Male Hebrew
Felix Happy Male Latin
Festus Holiday Unisex Latin
Flash If you dog is extremely fast Unisex English
Flora Flower Female Latin
Florida Blooming Female English
Fluffy For long-haired dogs Female English
Foxy For orange dogs Unisex English
Frank Javelin Male Germanic
Freckles Dotted with small brownish spots Unisex English
Fritz Peaceful ruler Male German
Gail Father is rejoicing Female Hebrew
Gaspar Treasure keeper Male Persian
Gavin White hawk of battle Male Welsh
George Earth worker Male Greek
Gilbert Bright oath Male Germanic
Gilligan Lad Unisex Gaelic
Ginger Spring-like Female Latin
Ginny Maiden Female Latin
Girlie Girl Female English
Girly Girl Female Hebrew
Goliath Passage Unisex Hebrew
Goober Southern US term for peanut. Also chocolate-covered peanuts Unisex English
Gracie Goodwill Female Latin
Greta Pearl Female Greek
Gretchen Pearl Female Greek
Harley Hare clearing Male English
Harry Home ruler Male Germanic
Hedwig Battle Female Germanic
Heidi Noble one Female Germanic
Helga Holy Female German
Hermione Travel Female Greek
Hugo Mind, heart, or spirit Male Germanic
Immanuel God is with us Male Hebrew
Jack God is gracious Male Hebrew
Jaeger Huntsman Male German
Jake Supplanted Male Hebrew
James Supplanter Male Hebrew
Jarvis Spear servant Male Germanic
Oliver Elf army Male French
Oreo Chocolate cookie Unisex English
Orville Gold town Male French
Oscar Divine spear Male English
Otis One who hears well Male Greek
Padfoot AfterSirius Black from Harry Potter Unisex English
Pauline Small Female Latin
Peanut Peanut Unisex English
Peewee Small Unisex Hebrew
Pepper Piper Female French
Petunia Flower name Female English
Pixie A fairy-like creature. Playful and mischievous Female English
Poco Little Unisex English
Popcorn Popcorn Unisex English
Poppy Flower Female English
Precious Dear Female English
Pretzel German cnack Male German
Sunflower Sunflower Unisex Hebrew
Sunny Sunny Male English
Sunshine Sunshine Unisex English
Sweetie Sweetheart Unisex English
Sydney Wide meadow Female English
Tamara Palm tree Female Hebrew
Tavis Twin Male Aramaic
Ted Gift of God Male Greek
Teddy Gift of God Male Greek
Toby God is good Unisex Hebrew
Tootsie A girl or a young woman Unisex English
Torrey Conqueror Male Latin
Trevor Large settlement Male Welsh
Tulip Flower Unisex Hebrew
Velvet Soft Female English
Vicki Conqueror Female Latin
Vienna White Female English
Vivienne Alive Female Latin
Wilfredo A wish for peace Male English
Willie Will, desire, helmet, protection Male Germanic
Winston Joy Male English
Wyanet Beautiful Female Native American
Zene Rose Unisex English
Zoe Life Female Greek
Zoey Life Female Greek

Wrap Up

Wonderful dogs like the Dachshund deserve wonderful names. Compared to other dogs, it’s actually quite easy to find a fitting name for a Dachshund because they have many unique traits that will surely make the name game easier for you.

You can either pick a name that highlights their short legs, their sausage-shaped body, or their shiny coat.

Many of the names we’ve included in the lists above were inspired by such one-of-a-kind characteristic, but you don’t have to limit your imagination. How about giving them a name that underlines their floppy ears? If you’re not one to be concerned about outward appearances, how about naming them after their excitable and exuberant nature?

You can also name them after their surprisingly solid hunting skills. Don’t let others look down on your dog. Just because they don’t look like they can run fast, doesn’t mean they really can’t. Dachshunds are skilled hunters.

They are hard to beat when it comes to flushing out badgers in the wild. In an urban setting, that ability translates to a rodent-free house. Quite the amazing dogs, aren’t they?

What kind of personality or other unique traits does your Dachshund have? Which one of the many awe-inspiring aspects of your dog do you choose to focus on?

Let us know which name you ultimately decided on in the comments box below! If we missed any good names, don’t hesitate to let us know. Your opinion matters to us.