Greek Mythology Names for Dogs – Greek Gods and Goddesses, Oh My!

Greek Mythology Names for Dogs

Names for dogs derived from pop culture are getting way too common these days, but those of you who want a unique name for your pup need not despair. Does your dog have a regal bearing? Does his very presence seem to convey greatness?

Well then, names inspired by Greek myths, legends, and literature would be a great fit. Greek mythology and dog names sound like a unique combo. Find legendary Greek mythology names for dogs that have been passed down from generation to generation in this article.

While common dog names like Fido or Rover and names inspired by popular pop culture figures such as Bruno or Swift are great in their own right, Greek mythology names have their own special kind of charm.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Greek gods and goddesses? Beauty, elegance, and an appreciation for the finer things in life. If your cute, happy-go-lucky dog doesn’t deserve such hearty names, I don’t know who does.

In this article, we have enlisted countless dog name suggestions derived from the Greek mythology. We have broken down the names into different interesting categories. We have also included their references and other details related to them. We hope our comprehensive piece will be useful to you in picking the one name you have been looking for.

The Best Greek Mythology Names for Dogs

The Best Greek Mythology Names for Dogs

Dogs are the most loved four-legged pet—not just in the modern world, but in ancient Greece as well. Exploring the trails of history, you come to know that dogs had a very special place in both Greek mythology and reality.

Besides guarding the gates to the gods’ realm, dogs were also used for hunting purposes. Greeks used to give their dogs names that symbolized positive characteristics like power, beauty, and speed. Even the great god Zeus was said to be protected by a hound when he was just an infant.

Keeping this in mind, it would be interesting to gift your canine with a catchy Greek name. Scroll down and have a look at our detailed list of all kinds of Greek names.

Greek Gods and Goddesses

Reading about Greek mythology is very much like watching a thrilling historical action movie. Greek mythology is filled with adventurous stories of the gods and goddesses. Each Greek god is unique—they all have a special trait or characteristic that sets them apart from the other gods.

Check out our list of Greek god and goddess names to find one that symbolizes your dog’s most prominent trait. We have not enlisted all of them—we left the ones that did not seem practical in terms of pronunciation out—but we’re sure that you’ll find a name that seems to be tailor-made for your dog in the list below.

1. Male Dog Names – Greek Gods

Male Dog Names - Greek Gods

Greek gods are powerful. They symbolize controlled strength, great intelligence, and masculine (sometimes androgynous) beauty.

Some of the best Greek god names that you can give to your dog are:

  • Achilles: demigod

  • Apollo: god of sun, light, poetry, and archery (he’s the twin brother of Artemis)

  • Ares: god of bloodshed

  • Atlas: the Titan god known for his strength and endurance

  • Bacchus: god of wine

  • Boreas: god of the north wind

  • Charon: guardian of the river Styx

  • Dionysus: god of celebration and wine (son of Zeus)

  • Eros: primordial god of sexual attraction

  • Hades: Lord of the underworld

  • Hercules: demigod

  • Hermes: messenger god

  • Hypnos: god of sleep

  • Momus: god of poets and writers

  • Nereus: sea god

  • Oceanus: god of the ocean

  • Olympian: name derived from the Olympian Greek gods

  • Poseidon: lord of earthquakes, the sea, and horses

  • Prometheus: Titan god

  • Proteus: god of all oceanic bodies

  • Zelus: god of zeal and rivalry

  • Zeus: King of all gods

2. Female Dog Names – Greek Goddesses

. Female Dog Names - Greek Goddesses

Greek goddesses are beautiful, and graceful, and yet they do not lose out to the males in terms of raw power.

For female dogs that embody both feminine grace and authority, here are a few Greek goddess name suggestions:

  • Alectrona: goddess of sun

  • Anatolia: goddess of sunrise

  • Antheia: goddess of garden and flowers

  • Aphrodite: goddess of lust and love

  • Artemis: goddess of the hunt

  • Até: goddess of mischief

  • Athena: goddess of wisdom

  • Atropos: one of the three goddesses of fate

  • Auge: goddess of dawn

  • Auxo: goddess of spring

  • Bia: goddess of force

  • Brizo: savior of mariners, fishers, and sailors

  • Calypso: sea goddess and daughter of Atlas

  • Clio: one of the nine Muses

  • Clotho: one of the three goddesses of fate

  • Cybele: goddess of nature

  • Demeter: goddess of agriculture and fertility

  • Doris: sea nymph

  • Dysis: goddess of sunset

  • Electra: daughter of Atlas

  • Eos: goddess of morning

  • Hera: goddess of Olympus (wife and sister of Zeus)

  • Iris: goddess of rainbow

  • Karpo: goddess of fruits

  • Lachesis: one of the three goddesses of fate

  • Mania: goddess of insanity

  • Metis: goddess of wisdom

  • Musica: goddess of early morning music hour

  • Nike: goddess of victory

  • Nyx: goddess of night

  • Peitha: goddess of persuasion

  • Pheme: goddess of fame

  • Selene: goddess of moon

  • Thea: goddess of light

  • Themis: goddess of law and order

Greek Mortals/Heroes/Kings

Greek Mortals-Heroes-Kings

Besides gods and goddesses, Greek mythology has references of certain fierce mortals and heroes who rose to fame and recognition due to some amazing physical or spiritual traits. Here we have rounded up the names of some Greek mortals with interesting names.

Dog Names Inspired by Heroes

1. Males:

Hero labrador dog laying down in the street

A god these men may not be, but it doesn’t change the fact that they were once very powerful and influential.

Many of them fought for the good of the people. They are true heroes whose names would fit a dog that’s smart, brave, and kind.

  • Abes: king of Argos

  • Achilles: Trojan war hero

  • Aesop: a famous Greek author of fables

  • Aiakos: a king

  • Ajax: Greek hero

  • Aleus: king of Tegea

  • Anius: son of Apollo

  • Car: king of Megara

  • Carnus: lover of Apollo

  • Chrysippus: hero of Elis

  • Codrus: king of Athens

  • Cres: Cretan king

  • Erebus: son of Chaos and the ruler of the dark kingdom

  • Haemus: king of Thrace

  • Hector: Trojan war hero

  • Helenus: twin brother of Cassandra

  • Homer: poet

  • Iamus: son of Apollo

  • Icarus: son of Daedalus

  • Ixion: king of the Lapiths

  • Jason: the leader of the Argonauts

  • Lolaus: nephew of Hercules

  • Magnus: conqueror of Persia

  • Maleager: a hero who killed a Calydonian boar

  • Narcissus: a young man who fell in love with his own reflection

  • Nestor: a wise counselor and brave warrior

  • Odysseus: Greek king

  • Ogygus: king of Thebes

  • Orpheus: a Greek musician who played so well that flowing rivers used to stop to hear it

  • Pandion: a hero

  • Pelops: king of Pisa

  • Perseus: son of Zeus

  • Plateau: philosopher

  • Proetus: king of Argos

  • Rhesus: king of Thrace

Dog Names Inspired by Heroes

2. Females:


Greek mythology wouldn’t be complete without the leagues of Amazonian female warriors and other brave women that weren’t afraid to clash with the men for the sake of what’s important to them.

Do you have a courageous and reliable female dog? Try giving her one of these names:

  • Amazon: female warriors

  • Areto: an Amazonian

  • Asteria: goddess of stars and divination

  • Bolina: a mortal female who was turned into an immortal nymph by Apollo

  • Bremusa: Amazonian warrior

  • Carya: lover of Dionysus

  • Cassandra: cursed priestess

  • Europa: a woman abducted by Zeus

  • Hermione: daughter of Helen

  • Hilaera: wife of Castor

  • Hippolyta: daughter of Ares

  • Ino: a princess

  • Iphito: mortal from the race of Amazons

  • Jocasta: wife of Oedipus

  • Lampedo: Amazon queen

  • Medea: a sorceress

  • Myrina: amazon queen

  • Persephone: Hades’s wife

  • Penelope: wife of Odysseus

  • Phaedra: wife of Theseus

  • Polyxena: daughter of Oceanus

  • Pythia: line of priestesses

  • Thrace: daughter of Oceanus

Greek Animals, Birds, and Mythical Creatures

Dog looking at a mountain view

How about picking an animal’s name for your four-legged friend? Greek mythology is flooded with mythical creatures, monsters, and animals—all with their own powers and supernatural attributes.

We have rounded up some of the catchiest names of animals/monsters found in the myths surrounding ancient Greece.

  • Aethon: a fire-breathing horse

  • Argus: a giant with a hundred eyes

  • Arion: an immortal horse

  • Athos: a giant

  • Azeus: a giant

  • Campe: a dracaena

  • Cerberus: a dog with three heads, guardian of the gates of hell

  • Cetus: sea monster

  • Chimera: a fire-breathing creature

  • Cyclops: mythological giants with unusual strength

  • Delphyne: a female dragon

  • Echidna: mother of all monsters

  • Griffin: the head of an eagle and the body of a lion

  • Harpies: winged spirits

  • Laden: a serpentine dragon

  • Ladon: a serpent-like dragon

  • Laelaps: famous Greek dog

  • Lamia: a vampire demon

  • Marea: Greek mythological dog

  • Medusa: monster with the ability to turn people into stone

  • Mimas: a giant

  • Minotaur: a humanoid with the head of a bull

  • Mormo: a vampire

  • Orion: derived from constellation of Orion

  • Orthrus: a two-headed dog

  • Pegasus: a winged stallion

  • Poena: a dracaena who served Apollo

  • Python: a serpent

  • Rhoetus: a centaur

  • Satyr: a goat-like creature, symbolizing a carefree life

  • Scylla: a multi-headed monster

  • Siren: a horrifying creature known to lure people to their death

  • Sybaris: a dracaena

  • Talos: a giant made of bronze

  • Triton: half man, half fish

  • Typhon: father of all monsters

Popular and Meaningful Greek Names

Popular and Meaningful Greek Names

Check out our collection of Greek names symbolizing some really unique traits and pick the one that suits your pooch best.

  • Acacia: innocent

  • Adonis: good looking

  • Agatha: positivity

  • Agnes: holy

  • Agon: spirit of contest (for a show dog)

  • Alysa: princess

  • Alyx: protector

  • Angelos: angel-like

  • Argos: King Odysseus’ faithful dog (for a loyal canine)

  • Aura: breeze (for a speedy dog)

  • Callisto: most beautiful (for a dashing dog)

  • Ellie: brightness

  • Empusa: a fierce creature (for an aggressive dog with natural hunting instincts)

  • Galatea: heart-stealer (if your dog has stolen your heart)

  • Hecuba: faithful

  • Helen (of Troy): unmatchable beauty (for an attractive show dog)

  • Owen: high born (for a regal dog)

  • Pallas: childhood friend of Athena (suitable name for a loyal dog)

  • Pandora: the best name for a mischievous pup

  • Philo: loving (for an affectionate dog)

  • Pollux and Castor: twin brothers of Helen of Troy (pet parents with two pups should try these names)

  • Psyche: obedient wife of Eros (best name for a loving and obedient dog)

  • Theron: hunter (for a hunting dog)

  • Zale: unusual strength (for a dog with keen senses)

Ancient Greek Locations

A dog looking at the Greece landscape

Everything about ancient Greece is special. It is a beautiful landscape with plenty of historically-significant destinations.

The names of these popular regions and historical spots can be explored to find a suitable name for your little (or large) snuggle bug.

  • Aeaea

  • Arcadia

  • Athens

  • Aulis

  • Calydon

  • Cilla

  • Colchis

  • Corfu

  • Corinth

  • Crete

  • Dedona

  • Dikti

  • Emathia

  • Etna

  • Hesperia: the land of evening star

  • Ida: mountain

  • Ismara

  • Ithaca

  • Leibethra

  • Lerna

  • Lolcus

  • Lycia

  • Nemea

  • Nysa

  • Olympus: a famous Greek mountain

  • Sparta: an ancient Greek city

  • Styx: Greek river

  • Tauris

  • Tenea

  • Thebes

  • Tritonis: lake

  • Troy: an ancient Greek city

  • Vincent: cape

  • Zeleia

Wrap Up

Keeping in view the vastness of Greek mythology, finding a perfect Greek name can be a nerve-wracking experience, but it is worth it. Greek mythology has the richest collection of adventurous stories and bold characters. The Greeks were all about ambitions and hard work.

Choosing a name from ancient Greek mythology is a great way of paying homage to the grand culture that influenced the modern world indubitably. Not just literature – Greek mythology has impacted every field of life in its own way. So, why not use this ‘rich’ topic for your canine’s name?

Dog running on a park road

Ending our article, we hope that you have found a nice name for your intelligent, regal, and brave four-legged friend. Have you or anyone else around you ever picked a dog name from the Greek mythology? If yes, how well did your dog and the people around react to it?

Giving a dog Greek-inspired names isn’t a common practice, so we wouldn’t be surprised if everyone wasn’t used to it at first, but we believe that they will take to it like Greek gods to wine soon enough. Tell us your story by posting a comment below! Also, if you have some other interesting name suggestions derived from Greek mythology, do share them with us in the comment box below.