Top 5 Different Golden Doodle Haircuts + DIY Guide

Goldendoodle Haircuts

We believe that people are more than just dogs. We’re people too and when we walk past you on the street, we need to be able to communicate with you in a way that lets us know what suits your needs.

We offer you a comprehensive guide on how to take care of your dog’s hair and present you with top ideas for different golden doodle haircuts.

How to Find a Reliable Goldendoodle Groomer

Golden Doodle Getting Haircut

For many people, dog grooming is a relatively small part of their business, but for others it is their biggest revenue stream. In other words, goldendoodle haircuts are a cash cow.

Here’s how to find one:

1. Dig around online until you find a reputable goldendoodle groomer in your area who has done at least one haircut for your dog.

2. Ask him or her what your breed and size are and what special needs you have (the most common special needs dogs are deaf/blind and extremely energetic).

3. Make sure the groomer has experience with your breed; be sure to check that the groomer really knows how to do a good job on your dog’s hair (and that he or she demonstrates that knowledge in the quality of work you see him or her do).

4. If you can afford to pay in advance, make an appointment with the groomer before or shortly after your dog has been shorn — this will help ensure that you don’t get caught up in rush-hour traffic or other emergencies while waiting for an appointment which may never occur.

If that means paying by cash, use money orders; if cash is not an option, then pay via Western Union — either way, this will be safe and largely risk-free. Remember: some Goldendoodles require more than one haircut per year! Be sure to ask if this is true — somewhere along the line they may prefer weekly grooming because it’s so convenient!

How to Choose a Goldendoodle Groomer

You may want to ask your local grooming shop about the cut and color of the goldendoodle they are offering. They will probably be willing to give you a little more information than you would get from a pet store or pet supply store.

You can also ask for their opinions and credentials, for example, about their history of working with goldendoodle breeds.

Goldendoodle Haircut Guide

To read more about the cut and color of this particular dog (Cuteness), click here:

Now that you have all that information, you can decide whether it is worth spending money to send your goldendoodle home with a haircut that perfectly matches his coloring.

To do so, we highly recommend doing some research into the different ways of cutting goldendoodle hair.

How to Prepare Your Dog for Grooming

The most common questions I get (at least when I’m speaking to startup founders) are:

• “I know it’s a business, but we want to spend as little money as possible. Do you have any tips for budgeting?”

• “With all the food allergies, do you have any recommendations for dog foods?”

I get plenty of this from dog owners and people who think of themselves as dog lovers. One or two of these are absolutely worth checking out but most are not. So here are a few basic things to know about dog grooming:

• Dogs love being groomed, and many owners don’t realize this. They just want their dogs to look nice and healthy, even if that means shaving off the hair in a couple of places. It’s also cheaper than they think!

The same is true with eating — many people buy expensive cuts of meat because they think it’s better tasting, but there’s no benefit in that practice.

My advice is always to buy the best product you can afford and use it consistently, rather than hunting down different cuts of meat in different stores so that your dogs will be fed whatever cut is cheapest at the time (which will end up costing more in the long run).

• Be aware that some stores exist only to make money off boarding your pets. I’ve seen a few places where they don’t accept cash payments at all — instead, you have to pay by check or credit card (and since one of their business goals seems to be selling extra equipment and/or services for people who take them out for private grooming sessions).

If you’re having a special event where your dog deserves some special treatment on top of his regular grooming service (like a graduation party or other holiday), this can be an issue — especially since some places require you not only pay extra for special treats but also provide them themselves if you are going to take your pet out for grooming!

If this is an issue for you, try getting your dog used to being groomed at home first (using my video on how!), playing with him while he’s sitting still in his crate (this is much easier than combing him), then taking him out back before feeding him and giving him something with which he can play while he’s waiting so that he’ll calm down before being taken out.

If this doesn’t work well enough, try other types of treatment like massaging his ears instead

What to Consider When Choosing a Groomer

While there are many great groomers out there, their prices often seem exorbitant. While I know that some people have made the wrong decision to go with a later model groomer, I am here to say that, as always, you should be able to get a higher quality grooming at a relatively low price. Here’s why:

how to trim goldendoodle face

The groomer needs to do more than just cut your dog’s hair. They need to look at the dog in front of them and make sure they’re happy with their appearance.

When it comes to grooming, your dog is an individual — so choosing a groomer that caters to his or her individual needs is important.

To do this, you need good communication skills and must understand what your dog needs from his or her groomer; so setting up an appointment or speaking with a stylist beforehand can help with this.

A great way to assess what your dog needs is by asking them about their grooming experience — do they prefer straight shaves or does their cut require layers? When taking this step, keep in mind that having short hair does not mean you have short hair (they might be missing longer fur at the tips).

Shaving removes all-natural body hair and leaves behind a much straighter appearance; shaving one side of the body will remove fur from each side and leave bare skin on the opposite side. This gives you less time for your dog’s beard to grow back in after being shaved.

The second-best option (and this one I recommend), is cutting out hair where necessary while moving on toward longer fur instead of shave off all of it. This may take more time depending on how long your dogs are allowed (1/2 inch per month is usually good as it allows more growth time for the beard) but will give you smoother-looking coats which will last even longer — making it much easier for your pet to become accustomed to his new look.

If you have multiple dogs, be sure that each one has its own grooming session as well as choose someone who knows how to properly apply the product; if they don’t then they won’t get consistent results which can lead them down an expensive road very quickly.

And remember: no two dogs are alike! If you want different lengths of coat between yours and another’s then set up separate sessions for each type of hair (I recommend using different brands of shampoo so that you’re not using too much same product over and over again


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