DIY Dog Diaper: Save Money by Making Diapers for Your Furry Friends

How to Make Dog Diapers

Dogs truly are man’s best friend! Taking care of our pet dogs, however, isn’t always that easy.

We’ll have to deal with the mess they sometimes make – especially the wet stains they leave when an unwanted accident happens.

These accidents will happen with increasing frequency as your dog grows older in age. To this, we have a solution: the DIY dog diaper.

Dog diapers are a great help in making sure our pet dogs don’t wet our furniture, leave stains inside the house, and soil our rugs and carpets. Moreover, dog diapers are a great help to female dogs in heat, as well as older dogs suffering from incontinence.

Dog Diaper for Females in Heat

Admittedly, however, they can be rather costly. Don’t you wish there was a way to keep using dog diapers without draining wallets the way disposable diapers do?

Thankfully, there is. In this article, we are going to talk about how to make our own dog diapers that will help us save money while taking care of our furry friends.


Making dog diapers can be fun. Not only do you get to exercise your creativity, you also get to convert other items into something that Fido will benefit from.

You will also get to save some money as compared to when you repeatedly purchase dog diapers from the nearby pet store.

Image showing a dog wearing a diaper in the house

Sometimes, you can even simply make use of unused or old items that you can find at home. As an added bonus for those who are emotionally attached to their furry friends, the thought of putting in some extra effort for your pet makes it a bit more special.


Regardless of the kind of diaper used, dog owners need to make sure that the diaper fits just right so that it won’t fall off. It also has to be secure so that Fido can’t take it off by himself and also so that it won’t fall off when Fido plays rough. Also, it shouldn’t be tight so that your dog doesn’t feel choked and so his legs don’t get rashes.


Just like with baby diapers, there are two kinds of dog diapers, as we described below.


Disposable dog diapers are good for only one use. Once used, these diapers must never be reused no matter how clean they may seem—even if Fido didn’t soil or pee in them. This is to avoid infection and other problems.

Little Bichon wearing a Disposable Dog DiapersDisposable Dog Diaper

Those who have busy schedules and are unable to find extra time to wash diapers will find a friend in disposable dog diapers. Simply place one on your dog, take it off when it’s wet, and dispose of it properly after use.


Washable dog diapers are made of cloth and can be used and reused over and over. They can be bought from stores. Alternatively, dog owners looking to save some money can make their own.

On its own, washable diapers can be quite dirty especially when it is soiled. To help with this, dog owners can use absorbent sheets like panty liners or sanitary napkins.

Once a dog wets it, the sheet can be thrown away, and the diaper can simply be washed.

Image showing an old dog wearing a dog diaper

Do remember that once your dog wets it you’ll need to immediately take it off for washing. Letting a wet or soiled diaper stay longer on your dog opens them up for infections and other health problems. Other than the types mentioned above, there are several styles of dog diapers:

  • Belly bands are diapers that wrap around a male dog’s midsection, effectively providing support.
  • Full diapers, on the other hand, resemble human baby diapers, albeit with a hole cut in the back for the tail.

Now that we’ve learned about dog diapers and how they work, we’re going to talk about how to make our own.


If you’re the busy type of person who doesn’t have a lot of time to make and wash diapers, DIY disposable dog diapers are for you.

Today we’ll learn how to make two types of disposable dog diapers using two kinds of materials: unused baby diapers and extra dog pads.


Making these takes up just a short amount of time, and it’s pretty easy to do.

Image showing a dog wearing piccobello dog diaper

You’ll only need unused disposable baby diapers and a scissor. Here’s how:

  • First, measure the weight of your dog using a weighing scale. This will help you choose the right diaper size.
  • Next, select a baby diaper size that corresponds to the weight of your pet. Any brand of disposable baby diaper will do. Old and unused ones are fine, too.
  • Next, place the diaper over your dog’s hindquarters to determine where you will cut a hole for the tail. Cut the hole carefully to avoid injuries.

Now, let’s talk about putting the diaper on your dog.

  • Gently pull your dog’s tail through the hole cut in the diaper. Don’t squeeze your dog’s tail tightly or pull on it too hard.
  • Next, pull the front of the diaper towards your dog’s belly, and the other end towards the back. Fasten the diaper snugly, but make sure it’s not too tight and not too loose.

Of course, baby diapers will still cost quite a lot if you keep on buying them. Instead of running to the store for baby diapers, just look for old, unused diapers that were left after little Johnny or little Susan outgrew them.

If you don’t have unused diapers, you can ask your friends if they have extra baby diapers that they’re not using. This way, you won’t need to spend anything.


Alternatively, if you have dog pads at home, you can also use these to make disposable dog diapers. Dog pads normally used for potty training absorb liquids easily, and will be very useful as dog diapers, especially for puppies.

Dog laying on a dog pad

This works best for puppies and for those of you who have already potty trained your pets. If ever you’ve been wondering how you will make use of those extra dog pads you have left, now here’s something you can do.

Here’s how you can make disposable dog diapers using dog pads:

  • Get a dog pad and cut an hourglass-shaped figure. Make sure that it’s not too big. This will be the diaper.
  • To create a hole for the tail, fold the hourglass in half and cut an elongated hole in the shape of a diamond. This will allow the puppy to release its poop outside the diaper, preventing the unwanted refuse to cause more problems if it gets stuck in the dog’s fur.
  • Put the diaper on your dog like you would a regular diaper. Use any tape available at home to secure the diaper. Don’t wrap the whole thing in duct tape, though, as it might become difficult to take off.
  • Use the remaining dog pad left from the cuttings to pick up the poop and other messes.


Dog owners can also make their own washable dog diaper out of cloth. Making your own cloth dog diaper not only helps you save money—it also allows you to personalize the look and design according to your liking.

Image showing labradow female dog wearing piccobello dog diaper

Washable dog diapers are usually expensive (the cheapest is around $15.99 for a pack of 3) and need absorbent materials such as panty liners. But since they are washable, owners still get to save more money in the long run while using these compared to disposable ones.

Dog owners who choose to make their own washable dog diapers will get to save even more compared to those who purchase ones from the store.

You’ve got two options when the question is about how to make your own washable dog diaper. You can either make one from reusable materials—meaning those you can dig out of your wardrobe—or make one from scratch.


You can reuse different kinds of materials to make washable dog diapers, such as:

  • old shirts
  • towels
  • toddler’s or children’s underwear
  • swimmers
  • baby onesies
  • little girls’ underwear
  • boys’ underwear
  • stray socks

These materials can be bought from the stores or can be acquired by rummaging through old, unused items at home.

Image showing a dog wearing a dog diaper sitting near a window looking outside

There are several ways to make a washable or reusable diaper using these:

  • Stray socks can be cut into two halves—the upper and the lower. The upper half, which will become sort of like a tube after being cut, can be used as a belly wrap for male dogs. Just make sure to cut a hole for the tail.
  • For those who will use old shirts to make diapers, choose a size that fits your dog’s hindquarters just right. If it’s too big, you can fold it and use safety pins to make it fit perfectly.
  • Those who will use onesies can turn it upside down so that the front of the clothing faces up. This way, your dog’s neck won’t feel the strain from the onesie’s neck opening. Don’t forget to cut a hole for the dog’s tail.

Regardless of the source material, these diapers still do the trick especially when they’re combined with an absorbent sheet.

All of these materials need to have a hole cut in them so that the dog’s tail can pass through should these be used to make dog diapers, with the exception of boys’ or male underwear.

Generally, boys’ underwear features a front flap opening that can be used as a hole to let the dog’s tail pass through. Before it is worn, however, a feminine pad has to be attached to the underwear so that it will work as intended. Use safety pins to secure the underwear as needed.


For those who are creative and love to sew, you can make your own washable dog diaper from scratch. You’ll need a few pieces of fabric, a pair of scissors, some needles and thread, and some patience.

Image showing two dogs wearing Dog Diapers with Belly Band Stretchable

Here’s how the diaper is made:

  • First, for the main diaper body, get a piece of fabric, either plain or with designs. Fold the fabric in half and cut an “L”-shaped pattern that would turn into a “T” once the fabric is opened. Create two identical pieces the size of your dog’s behind.
  • Second, for the binding, cut a long strip of cloth that spans the edge of the diaper body. Also, cut a shorter strip for the tail’s hole. This step is optional and can be skipped. Without the binding, the diaper will be easier to make, but the binding adds durability to the diaper and makes it look better.
  • Third, mark the spot where to cut the tail’s hole. Make sure to check if the spot corresponds to the dog’s size. Carefully cut holes for both fabrics for the diaper body.
  • Fourth, sew one side of the short strip to the tail’s hole. Then, sew the long strip all the way through the diaper body fabric’s edges. Make sure that the folded edges face the inside of the cloth.
  • Fifth, cover the diaper body (with the strip) with the other piece of fabric. Sew all around, leaving a few inches so the garment can be turned right side out.
  • Sixth, turn the diaper right side out and sew the part that remains open.
  • Seventh, pass the loose strip to the other side of the tail’s hole and sew the edge, bending slightly.
  • Lastly, attach four strips of Velcro to be able to fasten the diaper. Make sure the Velcro is attached so that the diaper is securely locked on top your dog’s hind.

To place it on your dog, here’s what you should do:

  • Place a panty liner or sanitary napkin on the diaper.
  • Gently pull your dog’s tail through the tail’s hole.
  • Pull the front of the diaper towards your pet’s belly.
  • Gently pull the back of the diaper towards your dog’s back.
  • Close the diaper using the Velcro strips attached to the diaper. The diaper’s Velcro strips should be located on the back of your dog so that he or she won’t be able to open it.


And there you have it. DIY dog diapers will always be an option and a help to dog owners who would want to save some money. You should decide whether a disposable diaper or a washable diaper will be a better fit for your dog and then follow the instructions on how to make it accordingly.

Image presenting a dog wearing a dog diaper while is walking with his owner

We hope this article managed to help you take good care of your pet dog on a budget. Did you find our article useful?

Were the instructions easy to follow? Do you have other DIY dog diaper ideas? Kindly share them in the comments section.

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