How Do You Know if Your Dog Likes to Wear Clothes?


If you own a dog you probably already know how to tell if they are in the mood for dressing up or not since you know their behavior. The truth is that pets can have such different preferences and characters when it comes to items of clothes. If you are a first-time dog owner you might not know what to expect when it comes to protective or recreational clothing for your big or small puppy. Here’s everything you need to know to tell if your pup likes wearing clothes.

How do you know if it is okay to put clothes on your dog? Top 5 key facts


1. Make sure that your dog feels comfy

You’ll be able to tell if your dog doesn’t like wearing a particular item of clothing if they get pretty upset and try to shake it all off. If they are all of a sudden moving up and down, scratching or biting uncontrollably, it is time to remove these pieces from them. When it comes to removing clothes you should know that this is not just because your pup shouldn’t feel bothered or restrained. It is because they might end up swallowing a piece of fabric due to their hectic behavior. Avoid this at all costs.

2. Watch out for thin or smaller dogs

If you have a short-haired or hairless dog you might want to ”gear them up” and give them the protection they need. If you have a greyhound (for instance) you should put it in a warm sweater during cold winter days. This especially applies to parts of the world where it frequently snows and the temperature gets below 5 degrees Celsius. Pups with minimal fur need to be protected, but only if they feel comfortable in the chosen item. Find something that they like before you start to play dress up.

3. Older dogs will appreciate thicker fabrics

Just like smaller breeds need more protection, so do older dogs, especially those with low body fat. Older dogs could have a hard time in cold temperatures, especially if they are not that physically active. Unfortunately, some pups could have health conditions, heart issues, or metabolism concerns that you have to worry about and think ahead for their case. They should stay physically active while being comfy in their chosen clothes, items that are also appropriate for their health concern.

4. Watch out for pups who have allergies

If your dog has allergies or a specific skin condition of some sort you should get them wrapped up in comfy and practical wear, without aiming for something that’s going to make them itchy. Buying these specific clothing items can be a challenge since sometimes your options are limited. This is why when picking out clothing for your dog, make sure it’s not going to cause any additional irritation or itching. Always read the label of your chosen product to see if it can be worn by your puppy. Get informed on their allergies early on.

5. There are sometimes exceptions to follow

And this exception oftentimes applies to the Halloween season. A lot of dog owners go crazy during this period, trying to make their pets match their outfits. Well, while we think it’s adorable to dress up our dogs, for the most part, dogs don’t agree with this. This is why your Halloween, photoshoots, or NYE moments should be quick and swift, nothing too excessive. Also, animals must be introduced slowly to wearing clothes, you don’t want to bug them too much. If you are really persistent for some stylish moments, be quick.

When not to dress up your dog? Top 3 signs to follow and understand


1. If their clothes are restrictive

When picking out clothes for your big or small breed make sure to aim for something that is loose, comfy, and comes in the right size. Shop on sites or in stores that offer a wide range. If your dog doesn’t have a lot of movement in your chosen outfit you are causing a lot of difficulties, such as for him or her to run, play fetch or jump around. Do not risk them tumbling or falling down with restrictive clothing.

2. If your dog seems or acts scared

Is your dog shaking and uncontrollably barking? Do you think that they are feeling fear at every moment? If you have a new dog who doesn’t fully trust you yet, trying to force them to play dress-up may damage your relationship and make your dog lose your full trust or belief in the future. You won’t make your pup happy or cheerful by introducing something new, especially in this way. Rather stick to toys for a new fun element.

3. If it is too hot outside

Some breeds can easily get overheated when outside, especially dogs that have thicker fur and that aren’t used to high temperatures. Always ask your vet what is the best approach for your kind of dog in particular. Do they like to play around in clothes, how cold or hot they usually tend to get, and how to know if they are allergic to something. Be patient, do not force anything if they are not familiar with it.

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