4 Best Lint Remover for Pet Hair 2022 – For Clothes & Furniture

You can love your pets dearly but not the mess that they create. And other than the mess, their hair is everywhere. The shedding season of pets is for a limited time but they regularly shed a lot and that makes things difficult for you. You will have their hair on your clothes and your furniture. But many people do not want to remove their pets from their homes.

Therefore, the only solution is to have something that can get rid of all their hair. And that’s where we got lint removers. They are a type of tape that will attach all the hair on them and you can remove the top most layer which is of no longer use. Thus, you will have a fresh sheet for every use. In addition to this, it is also a quick and hassle-free method of getting rid of hair from your fabrics.

But if you go to the market, you will see many different companies and many different sizes and shapes. That is why we are making things easier for you by short-listing the best ones.

Top Picks Best Lint Remover for Pet Hair

1. Gonramedo lint rollers

Gonramedo lint rollers


The first product that we have is Gonramedo lint rollers. You will get 2 rollers in this set with a total of 8 rolls. Every single roll has a total of 100 sheets. So you are getting 800 sheets in this package. Furthermore, every sheet offers a straight cut just like a toilet paper cut. So you can use it and cut the sheet when it is no longer useful.

Furthermore, these lint rollers have extra stickiness so they will also get rid of dust particles along with the lint. So now you can keep your clothes clean. Furthermore, you can also use it on your furniture too. Keep things tidy so that your guests won’t get irritated by the pet hair on their clothes.

But the best part is yet to come. The most interesting thing about this is its handle. It is similar to a cat leg and comfortable to hold. On the top of it, you will see the shape of a cat paw. This cat paw not only makes the handle look prettier but it will be easy to identify if you are looking for it. Furthermore, the paw has protruding outward. So you can use it to massage your cat. Thus, you will have a double effect with a single product.

2. Rose red large lint roller

Rose red large lint roller


If you want something bigger in size, you will love this. Getting rid of hair from sofas is a time taking process with a smaller roller. Furthermore, if you are in a hurry, a smaller roller will make you feel agitated and frustrated. Therefore, having a big one would be a good choice. You can keep both sizes and use them according to your needs.

In this package, you will get one handle with a total of 6 refills. And all sheets are 7.5 inches in size which is quite a large one. Furthermore, every roll has 360 sheets. You can change the sheet after it is no longer used. You can easily peel off the used sheet and remove it. So you do not have to go through any hassle to change the sheets.

The handle comes with its case. So you can keep the roller safely in its case so that it does not get dirty and you can use it multiple times. Furthermore, it is easy to handle and store. You can hang it on a nail or any hook. No need to look for it in drawers when you need it.

3. Scotch Brite lint rollers

Scotch Brite lint rollers


If you prefer brand names then here we have the rollers from Scotch Brite. They work best on pet hair because of their super adhesive material. Furthermore, you will have a total of three rollers in this package. Three handles with their rollers no refills. However, you can always find their refills from the market so no need to worry about that.

Every single roll has a total of 100 sheets. So you will get a total of 300 sheets and they will last for a long time. This roller is very easy to use on yourself. Just like others, it offers 360 degrees rotation. So it won’t get stuck or make you return it to its position or anything like that. You can comfortably use it on your clothes before going out.

The handle has an ergonomic design which makes it comfortable to hold. Furthermore, the roll gives a straight line cut just like in toilet paper. So you will have a completely clean top layer for every new sheet. You can use it to clean your clothes, your furniture, and car seats. Use it wherever you see any shedding.

4. Chom Chom pet hair remover tool

Chom Chom pet hair remover tool


This is one of the hot sellers because of its long-lasting and easy use. Unlike other lint rollers, it does not have any adhesive tape. So you won’t need to change it or get refills when they finish off. Instead, it will collect all the hair just like a vacuum cleaner. So you will have a clean and tidy home.

It is quite easy to use. All you have to do is to roll it over the hair and it will gather all of them inside the chamber. Now press the button on the handle and it will open the chamber. You will see all the collected hair in the chamber. Remove them and throw them in the bin and the roller is ready to use again.

This roller makes it easy for you to collect all the pet hair from your clothes and furniture without snagging the fabric. So it is super easy to use and super-fast in its action. And it is super effective too because it works best on multiple surfaces.