Blue Heeler Black Lab Mix


Blue heeler black lab mix, a wonderful and popular mix breed all over the world. This breed is cross between two purebred dog blue heel and black lab. Blue Heel also is known as Australian Cattle Dog derives from the Australian dingo, which was bred with smooth-coated blue-merle collies.

On the other side, Black Labrador Retriever has descended from the St. John’s dogs of Newfoundland, Canada. The blue heeler is a herding dog while Black Lab is a sporting breed and mixing with this two breed, Blue Heeler Black Lab Mix is herding and sporting at the same time.

The new breeder may confuse to decide either this mixed breed would be his right choice or not. To take the final decision, you have to know certain information about this mixed breed.

Interesting Facts about Blue Heeler Black Lab Mix
  • New breeders often think Blue Heeler and Black Labrador have different origins from the real ancestral Heeler and Labrador Retriever group. But the statement is not true at all and the absolute truth is that the “Blue” and the “Black” are not the base of origin rather these are preferred coat colors of the two parents breeds of a Blue Heeler Black Lab Mix.
  • A Labraheeler might have a bad but funny reputation of attacking unknown people getting from his Blue Heeler ancestry. Being a protective breed Labraheeler will let anyone into your house, yet not let him or her out and he may attack the person’s heel, true to the name “heeler”.
  • Belonging to both herding and sporting parent breeds, your Labraheeler is very much energetic and cannot resist his herding tendency and you might often find him herding kids as well as other pets.
  • They can be helpful also as therapy and service dogs got from Lab ancestry.

Is a Blue Heeler Black Lab Mix Right Choice for You


This type of asking totally depends on your personality, environment, and ability to co-exist with such a cute, energetic mix breed. You can look at a glance on some relative reasons for choosing and avoiding of Labraheeler

Reasons for Choosing

  • Adorable and perfect family dog.
  • Can provide a loyal and smart companionship.
  • It can be an effective helper for your labor-intensive work.
  • Good for those families who need help for an unable or blind person.

Reasons for Not Choosing

  • Mix breeds have unpredictable personality.
  • Inappropriate for inactive owners and families.
  • Being a little bit stubborn breed, firm hand and experienced mastership is required. Thus, the breed may inappropriate for new inexperienced ones.
  • Not suitable for the family who has little kid as this mix dogs have the tendency of

How would be a Full-Grown Labraheeler

The actual appearance of the Blue Heeler Black Lab Mix is totally unpredictable. Being a mixed breed their characteristics would be fixed according to the genetics they inherit from their purebred parent dogs. They can be similar either to their Blue Heeler ancestry or Black Lab ancestry. Moreover, they can have the characteristics in-between of both of the parent breeds.

This mix breed is an amusing designer dog with mostly similar to Lab ancestry having an athletic body, expressive cute face with striking bright eyes, long or short floppy tail, floppy ears of Lab ancestry rather than erect ones of the Heeler. Their coat can either be straight or corded with various color marks including white, red, cream chocolate, yellow with Black and Blue colors depending on their parent breeds.

Their height and weight range depending on their ancestry can be expected about 17-28 inches and 35-80 pounds respectively. These proportions can change depending on genetic learning and gender.

Is This Mix Breed a Good Family Pet

This is such a loving breed that is well fitted for active owners and family. Their temperament is too sweet and suitable for a family who is searching for an active working pet. They are not only friendly, confident, curious, active, intelligent like Labrador but also smart, loyal, protective, watchful, courageous, trustworthy, strongly devoted to duty, and active dog with strong herding instinct like Heeler.

They are also very much outgoing, energetic, responsive, and social. Despite their sweet nature, sometimes they can be a little bit barker at an unknown face and you can find him herding your other pets and even your kids. Thus, this breed may not be suited for a family with little kids.

How much Training and Exercise Can Make a Perfect Labraheeler

As an eager and intelligent designer breed, it is easier to train a Labraheeler, though a firm and experienced handler are needed. With proper training through mental stimulation can make a perfect pet for you.

In this case, you need to have a lot of patient and perseverance and the training session should be short, interesting, and treat based in order to make effective reinforcement of your Labraheeler.

Sometimes some stubbornness might be handled with a little more patient and firm handler.

Being an energetic dog, your pet needs to be constantly active either through regular exercising, working, or playing. Lacking proper exercise and activities your Labraheeler can be bored and destructive.

Thus, daily exercise and activities including long or short walk runs, sporting, etc. are important to keep your pet fit and healthy.

What is the Maintenance of Labraheeler

As a sensitive mix breed, your Blue Heeler Black Lab Mix need adequate care with warm love. Being moderate to heavy shedder, your pet requires regular grooming, brushing, and bathing. Nutritious and diet food is also needed for your Labraheeler according to his age and gender.

What is the Health Concern and Life Expectancy of Labraheeler

Despite being a healthy breed, the health condition of a Labraheeleris unpredictable and may prone to suffer from some genetic problems including hip and elbow dysplasia, obesity, skin infection, arthritis, diabetes, thyroid problems, etc. Proper care and Regular checking from an experienced Vet. It can minimize the worst condition.

Your Blue Heeler Black Lab Mix breed will most likely have a life expectancy of about 10-16 years which is a larger span than Black Labradors and shorter span than Blue Heeler.

Now, you can easily decide either such a cute energetic designer breed like Blue Heeler Black Lab Mix is the right choice for you or not. If you already have this mesmerized  Labraheeler, you should render him proper care and training to make a perfect pet.