Doberman Lab Mix – Dog Breed


Are you hoping for a dog that is loving and loyal at the same time? Then, you may consider a “Doberman Lab Mix”, popularly known as “Doberdor” an interesting designer dog breed.

This is a mixed breed crossing between purebred Doberman pinscher and Labrador retriever. Let’s have a look at what you can expect from this popular crossbreed.

Short Information on the Ancestral History of “Doberman Lab Mix”

1. Germany is the origin place of the Doberman pinscher. The name Doberman pinscher comes from the name Karl Friedrich Louis Doberman. He creates this breed in 1890. The American Kennel Club recognized this breed as a working breed in 1900.

The Doberman’s role has expanded from guard dog to search and rescue, tracking and hunting etc. Even police and military also use this breed as their service dog. This breed is a fierce protector and lovely companion at the same time.

2. The birth place of the Labrador retriever breed is Newfoundland, Canada. This breed was a working dog for the fisherman at the early time. Today, they are playing their role not only as a working dogs but also as hunting and service dog.

The AKC recognized this breed as a sporting breed in 1917. The Labradors possess beauty inside and outside at the same time. Besides, they are very much a well-tempered breed.

Is a Doberman Lab mix the right choice for me?

Reasons of choosing

  • Incredibly loyal and protective
  • Not hypoallergenic
  • Hunting and fun lover
  • Requires little grooming
  • Suitable for first time but active owners

Reasons of avoiding

  • Needs strong training hand, lots of time, attention and spacious place.
  • Not suitable for the family with very little kids and other small pets.

How would be your Doberman Lab Mix?


Mix appearance from both parent breeds is common to hybrid dog. Doberman Lab mix may get blended appearance of Doberman and Lab. They are medium to large sized breed with strong and athletic body structure. They may have long pointed or drooping floppy ears, water-friendly tail, bright round eyes, and long nose. The height and weight of Doberdor are 21 to 27 inches and 50 to 80 pounds respectively.


As Doberman have short coats and Lab have longer double coats, the Doberman Lab mix can have either short or long coats. This depends on the dominant parent breed. The Doberdor breed need doggy coat or vest in the cold climate.


There is the possibility that the Doberdor would be some mix of both parents’ colors. Either they may be solid-colored like a Lab, or bio-colored like a Doberman. The possible coat colors are black; chocolate; yellow; white; rust blended with black or blue or fawn or red.


The temperament of Doberman Lab mix is hard to predict as it is a hybrid dog. This breed can be an equal mix of each parent. Both parent breeds are loyal, loving, affectionate, athletic and energetic. They are also very intelligent, fun loving and trainable. So, you can expect to have your Doberdor blending with all of these temperament.

Your Doberman Lab mix may have a little bit biting tendency to the unknown. This tendency may come from its Doberman parents who had the characteristic of “bite first, think later”. Through well socialization, you can gradually gentled this temperament.

How much training and socialization is needed for Doberman Lab mix?

The highly protective and guarding nature of Doberman and the friendly welcoming nature of Lab can be blended in Doberdor breed. You don’t know which instinct is possessed by your pet. So, early and ongoing training and socialization are musts.

Lack of socialization and ongoing training may produce aggression, inability to distinguish friend from foe, disobedience and so on. Obedience training and socialization with other dogs, places, and humans can help to prevent the bad temper. So, this should be take into account very importantly.

What is the maintenance of your Doberman Lab mix?

As a large breed, your Doberdor would need a lot of space to move about. You must have a home with ample space or access to a play area or dog park. You have to have a fenced-in –yard for the safety and risk-free movement and play of your pet.

The Doberman Lab mix do not like to stay alone. Isolation is very much pain to them as this can make them bored and destructive. So, provide your pet enough time.

Doberman Lab mix also needs a lot of exercise. It needs at least two hours of continuous training and playing per day. Weekly brushing and grooming, diet and nutritious food are very important for your pet.

Health condition and life span of Doberman Lab mix

The Doberman Lab mix can prone to some health problems due to genetics. Heart diseases, canine hip dysplasia, bone cancer, canine hemophilia, hypothyroidism, vision loss are some probable inherent health problems. Consult with your vet for any critical health condition of your pet.

The life span of this breed is from 10 to 14 years.

In a word, Doberman Lab mix is an amazing hybrid dog. Now, it is your turn to think either you want or do not want such a sweet-tempered protective dog.

I will recommend it to you. If you want