Doberman Great Dane Mix


Are you thinking of bringing a mix breed pet in your home? Then, you can think about the “Doberman Great Dane Mix”. It is a Hybrid cross between the Doberman Pinscher and the Great Dane. To finalize your decision, you can have some helpful information about this breed from this article.

Most of the people think that the “Doberman Great Dane Mix” is a new arrival mix breed. But, this mixed breed is twenty years old now with its high popularity in the world. This designer breed is also known as “Doberdane”. These breeds were developed for creating an extra-large canine breed.

Interesting information about the ancestry of the “Doberman Great Dane Mix”
  • The ancestry of Great Dane is not from Denmark as its name conveys but from Germany.
  • The Dogs’ paintings on the artifacts of Greek and Babylonian have the similar appearance of Great Dane.
  • Initially bred as “Boar Hounds”, the Great Dane was also a royal watch dog.
  • The name Doberman Pinscher comes from the name Karl Friedrich Louis Doberman. He creates this breed in 1890.
  • In the World War-two, the Doberman Pinschers were war dogs for the United State Marine Crops.

The Physical Appearance of Doberman Great Dane Mix

The Dobermane Great Dane Mix breeds are medium to large-sized. The anatomy of Dobermane is generally long with the rectangular and extended head. The heavy bones, broad chest and muscles give it muscular appearance. This mix breed has floppy ears, snout, dark eyes with black and brown colures. The short coat of this breed has black, brown, red, fawn and brindle colure variations. As a giant breed, the height and weight of Doberdane are around 28-35 inches and 95-140 pounds respectively.

The temperament of Doberman Great Dane Mix


The Doberdanes are mostly alike their Great Dane parents than Doberman parents. Having most of the characteristics from its parent breeds, this is a vigorous, sharp, alert and allegiant canine. This hybrid dogs are also loyal, intelligent and obedient companions. They are very much friendly, loving and robust at the same time. Besides, they are the best guard and companion for their owners. They are also intrinsic playful canines.

Because of its big size, young children may hurt while playing with this breed. So, this breed will be better for the family without young children and small pets. Due to their natural instinct of protection, they may not behave well to the strangers. Thus, as an owner, you should aware of this.  Though Doberdanes possess an intense bark, you can easily solve it through training.

Overall Care for Doberman Great Dane Mix

Dobermanes need spacious area for their jumping, running and playing. They require minimum 75-90 minutes exercise daily including walking, running, jogging etc. As they love to go outside, you can provide their required exercise very easily. Though they need minimal grooming, you should brush and bath them regularly. Give them healthy and nutritious food for their healthy growing and fit body. They need enough time to be well trained and socialized. So, give them proper time to make your best buddy.

Health Concern and Life Expectancy of Doberman Great Dane Mix

There is no dog breed without any health problem. Doberman Great Dane mix are comparatively healthier breeds. Hip and elbow dysplasia are very much common to this breed which is hereditary diseases. Moreover, they may suffer from other common diseases like eye and heart problem, allergy etc. Thus, to reduce all these problems, you should provide proper care to them. In case of any critical problem, you should consult with your Vet as soon as possible.

The lifespan of Doberman Great Dane mix are 9-10 years. In some cases, they can live up to 11-12 years. For the long lifespan, proper care is very much important for this breed.

Doberman Great Dane mix is a super energetic and friendly pet at the same time. You can make your Doberdane as your best buddy through providing proper care and training.