Beagle German Shepherd Mix


The Beagle German shepherd Mix is the offspring of purebred Beagle and purebred German Shepherd. It is an amazing mixed breed that is very popular around the world. If you are wishing for an active type of designer breed, Beagle German shepherd may be the right choice for you.

Reasons for avoiding Beagle German Shepherd Mix
  • Needs a significant amount of exercise; if you are not active type and have less time, please avoid this breed.
  • Howl loudly; getting from its Beagle ancestry it is common to this designer breed. If you can’t tolerate the constant howling or live in a shared house, this breed is not for you.

Reasons for choosing Beagle German shepherd mix

  • Easily trainable; being a smart and clever breed, this dog is a very quick learner.
  • An amazing exercise partner; this breed will help you to be more active and healthy through its friendly accompany.
  • Very much protective; you can find him always beside you at the time of your need.

Breed History of Beagle German shepherd mix

Beagle is a medium-sized scent hound dog. Its history is not so clear. Beagle-like dogs were bred in England for rabbit hunting since the 1300s. The United States imported Beagle breed in the 1860s.

The term “Beagle” drives from the old French word “Becquerel” which means “noisy person”. Interestingly, the name of Beagle focuses on the characteristic of this breed’s loud baying. Baying is like a loud howling. During hunting, this bred barked and howled loudly to alert its master.

The German shepherd is a medium-sized herding dog. It originated in Germany as its name conveys. It was a herding breed who was protective and vigilant over the flock. It is a very popular breed throughout the world. Police and military use this breed for their service. This is also therapy and guide dog.

The appearance of Beagle German Shepherd mix

Beagle Shepherd will be a combination of its parent breeds. It is a medium-sized muscular dog. Most Beagle shepherds have non-floppy droopy ears. Its dark and alert eyes are very full of expression. The muzzle of this mixed breed will be medium to long with a large or pointed black nose. It has a long tail.

The double coats of this designer breed are straight and dense which are short to medium in length. The fur color could be bi-colored or in a single solid color. Solid color includes black, liver, tan, white, silver, and red.

The height and weight of this hybrid dog are 13 to 26 inches and 20 to 70 pounds respectively.

The temperament of Beagle German shepherd mix

The Beagle German shepherd is not only energetic and active but also affectionate, adorable, and friendly. Being a smart and intelligent breed, it is easily and quickly trainable.

It is very protective and courageous which makes it a good watch dog. It is also a trusted friend and a loving family companion. Though this breed is good with children, you should supervise when around any dog.

This designer breed can be a little bit stubborn. In this case, early socialization, proper obedience training, mental stimulation are effective solutions. Separation anxiety is common to them if left alone for a long time. This may cause behavioral problems for your pet. So, accompany them properly.

Maintenance of Beagle German shepherd mix

A Beagle German shepherd mix needs regular weekly grooming. You should comb and brush its coat regularly to keep it clean and shiny. It needs at least a bathing within 2-3 months. This hybrid dog requires brushing teeth twice a week, trimming nail monthly, cleaning ears regularly. A healthy diet and nutritious food are essential for this dog to keep its body fit.

Activity Requirements of Beagle German shepherd mix

Beagle German shepherd mix has special needs than its purebred parents. Being an active dog, it needs at least 2 hours of exercise daily. The exercise can include walking, running, playing etc. To prevent boredom, you can provide it plenty of chew and interactive toys.

Due to its scent hound side, the leash is a must for it at the time of going outside. Having a strong smell of curiosity, it can easily dig out and get lost or hurt if unsupervised. In this case, to have your dog micro-chipped is a good solution. You can easily rescue it by scanning this micro-chip.

Health Condition and life Expectancy of Beagle German shepherd mix

The Beagle German shepherd mix may inherit the health issues of its parent breeds. Some common possible health problems of this breed are hip and elbow dysplasia, heart disease, epilepsy, chronic eczema, blood disorders, etc.

You can keep your pet away from these problems through providing it proper care, diet, and nutritious food. Regular consulting with a vet is also effective to keep your designer dog healthy.

The possible life expectancy of the Beagle German shepherd mix is up to 15 years.

The Beagle German shepherd mix is really one of the best designer breeds. Now you can take your decision whether you want this breed as your buddy or not.