Bulldog vs Pitbull

Bulldog vs Pitbull

It is a very confusing question to a dog lover either he wants bulldog vs pitbull as his pet because he may not able to find out easily any dissimilarity in physical appearance between bulldog and pitbull. Thus, in order to decide which one is a preferable and perfect match for you, you have to have some basic ideas about the bulldog and the pitbull.

Exploring some similarities and dissimilarities between the bulldog and the pitbull is very important and helpful for you to choose your favorite pet. Some “bulldog vs pitbull”  facts in terms of the history of origin, size matter, physical appearance, temperament, training and exercise, health concern and lifespan, price and breeding cost are exhibited below:

Bulldog vs Pitbull; History of origin



Both bulldog and pitbull trace their lineage back to the old English bulldog. Bulldog belongs to the “mastiff” group while pitbull belongs to the “terrier” group. originally bred for hunting and guarding, bulldog is a purebred dog. On the other hand, pitbull is a result of crossbreeding of old English bulldog and old English terrier which came from Ireland and England.

Bulldog vs Pitbull; Size matter

Size is the most obvious difference between bulldog and pitbull. bulldog is a medium-sized dog but much larger than pitbull. Their weight may remain between 60-125 pounds and measure between 20-27 inches at the shoulder.

On the other side, though there is no proper height limit for Pitbulls, their weight might not exceed 60 pounds and size no more than 20 inches at the arm.

Bulldog vs pitbull; Physical appearance

Physical appearance of bulldog and pitbull is so similar that it may difficult to identify the breed without experienced eye. Bulldog is a medium-sized breed with a muscular body, wrinkled face, and a distinctive pushed-in nose, wide head and shoulder, round eyes, thick fold of skin on the brow, a short muzzle with nose roll above the nose, hanging skin under the neck and upturned jaw. The bulldog have a short, flat, and sleek coat with colors of red, fawn, white, brindle and piebald.

On the contrary, despite having a muscular frame, the Pitbulls are less heavy than bulldog. Strong and lean body with a square-shaped wide head, broad skull, unique pointed ears, strong jaws, skin tightened face without wrinkle are some basic physical characteristics which might rightly describe the appearance of pitbull. Pitbulls have a shiny coat with red, gray, blue, and many other colors.

Bulldog vs Pitbull; Temperament

In the comparison of temperament, both breeds bulldog and pitbull share some similar temperament traits and can be willful, stubborn, and dominant. In this case, bulldogs are popular than Pitbulls as bulldogs are more loyal family dogs than Pitbulls. Bulldogs are too affectionate to the breeders’ family, especially to children. They may little bite stubbornly in puppyhood but this behavioral problem may not remain longer.

Comparing with a bulldog, Pitbulls are a little bit aggressive to other dogs and wild animals but they never attack a human being. They love to please their owner and emotionally very touching towards people. They are more energetic and active than bulldog.

Bulldog vs Pitbull; Training and Exercise


Proper training is must for the bulldog and the pitbull for their socialization, mental stimulation, and preferable nature. Positive motivation and reward-based training processes are very much helpful for both of the breeds. In this case, it is more tough to train a bulldog as too much patient and perseverance are needed for this little bit lazy dog. Contrasted with a bulldog, train to pitbull is easy as there is no pre-experience is needed for training your pitbull and he is more active than the bulldog.

Regular exercise is also needed for both of the breeds to keep fit and sound health. Some moderate exercise like short walking, playing, skating, etc. Should be enlisted to regular exercise for both bulldog and pitbull. in this case, more care is needed for your bulldog than pitbull as a bulldog is the most sensitive breed.

Bulldog vs Pitbull; Health concern and lifespan

Attack of various diseases is very common for both of these two breeds. Both may suffer from hip and elbow dysplasia, bloat, breathing problems, and various complex skin condition. In this case, the bulldog is the worst sufferer than a pitbull. thus, special care is needed for both of these breeds especially for the bulldogs as they have more thick and wrinkled skin and breathing problems for the short nose.

Bulldog and pitbull 10 to 15 years have to life prospects and respectively 8 to 15 years.

Bulldog vs Pitbull; Price and breeding cost


The bulldog is a more costly possession than the pitbull terrier. A handsome cost is needed for breeding your bulldog as he would need special care, better living condition including proper air condition and good ventilation.

In comparing with a bulldog, both the price and breeding cost of a pitbull terrier is reasonable to any pet lover as pitbull is not so sensitive and need only general and proper care, there is no need of special care for him like a bulldog.

Both the bulldog and the pitbull are awesome with their own characteristics no matter the shape or size they come in. From the above information, you can easily decide which one is the best pet for you and can make a perfect match providing proper care and training.