Dachshund Jack Russell Mix

Dachshund Jack Russell Mix

The Dachshund Jack Russell Mix is a recently developed designer dog. The popularity of this breed is rising day by day for its cute appearance and loving personality. The nickname of this dog is “Jackshund” which reveals the name of its parent breeds. Jackshund is a cross of the purebred Dachshund and purebred Jack Russell Terrier.

Many dog lovers search for a hybrid dog with exceptional appearance and sweet temperament. In this case, Dachshund Jack Russell Mix is the perfect choice for them. For knowing all the basic information of this designer breed, you can have a glance at this article.

How are the parent breeds of Dachshund Jack Russell Mix?


The Dachshund Jack Russell Mix is the blended product of its parent breeds. So, it is important to look at it’s both parent breeds to get a better idea about Jackshund.

The Dachshund


The origin place of the Dachshund is Germany. It is also known as “Wiener dog” or “Sausage dog”. It comes from around the 15th century. It was bred for hunting purpose and over time, the purpose changes many times. At the early time, it hunted badgers and other den animals like foxes. It also hunted larger animals in packs.

Over many years, German people used this breed for burrow digging purposes. The people of England started to keep this breed for accompanying themselves along with hunting purposes. At the end of the 19th century, the Dachshund arrives in America. Here it also gains popularity as a good family pet.

The most noticeable appearance of a Dachshund is its short leg with a long body. It has three types of coats including smooth-haired, wire-haired, or long-haired. The Dachshund is a bold, intelligent, and adorable dog. When not trying to get its own way, it likes to cuddle.

The Jack Russell Terrier


The origin place of Jack Russell Terrier is the South of England. This breed takes its name from its first breeder Reverend John Russel. He used this breed in the early 19th century. He wanted to develop this breed as working as well as a hunting dog. It became popular worldwide to the hunters who love to hunt from horseback.

Jack Russell Terrier is mainly white-bodied with smooth, rough, or broken-coated. It packs a lot of sweet personalities. It is a not only energetic, spirited, intelligent but also loving and loyal companion. It is a very quick dog and has a chasing tendency. It loves life so much that people around this breed will be easily entertained with its enthusiasm.

What does the Dachshund Jack Russell Mix look like?

The appearance of Dachshund Jack Russell Mix is similar to both parent breeds. It is a small to medium-sized dog. It has a strong body with some blended appearance of its parent breeds. It can have a body length in proportion to the height like its Russell parent. Or, long body with short stubby legs like its Dachshund parent.

It has a deep chest, wide head, long snout, and v-shaped floppy ears. The eyes can be in different shapes and colors. The height and weight range of this breed are 8-13 inches and 15-28 pounds respectively.

The coat type of Jackshundis totally dependable on the parent breeds. It can have either a single or double coat. The coat can be short to long, wiry to straight, curly, and fine. Coat colors can include white, cream, brown, golden, and black.

How is the temperament of Dachshund Jack Russell Mix?


The Dachshund Jack Russell Mix is a super energetic dog with a loving personality. It is a happy dog who loves life like its Jack Russell parent. Its vivid enthusiasm will easily touch anyone’s heart and its surroundings.

Jackshund is very loyal and devoted to its owner and family. This designer dog loves to be with people. It likes to entertain people through its lively performance.

The Dachshund Jack Russell Mix has some stubbornness also. It can have the tendency of chasing small animals, children, or strangers. It is not an absolute characteristic though. If it gets more personality from Russell side then this chasing tendency can happen. Loneliness can make this breed destructive and it can suffer from separation anxiety.

In this case, be careful and always keep an eye on your Jackshund. Give your pet proper socialization and early obedience training to reduce such bad tempers.

Does Dachshund Jack Russell Mix train up quickly?

Being an intelligent, smart, and willful breed, the Dachshund Jack Russell Mix needs experienced ownership. To train up a Jackshund is moderately easy because of its intelligent side. But, you can face some difficulty for its stubbornness and willful side.

As a trainer, you have to be firm, patient, and positive in your approach. Train up your pet in an open and quiet place. Keep the training session short, reward-based. Give your pet more treat, praise, and encouragement. Never scolds or punish it as your designer pet is very sensitive. All these positive stimulations will help you to train up your Jackshund in a proper way.

How much exercise does the Dachshund Jack Russell Mix need?

Being an active dog, Dachshund Jack Russell Mix does not require a lot of exercises. A minimum level of exercise with various activities is enough for Jackshund. At least half an hour exercise per day is suitable for this breed to keep its body fit. This means Jackshund is suitable for the apartment living and inactive owner.

You can keep variation in exercise to reduce the monotony of your pet. Exercise can include walking, running, indoor and outdoor playing, etc. Visiting nearby Dog Park or any open place is beneficial to your pet’s health. It will enhance the socialization capability along with the exercise of your Jackshund.

Does there need any special care for Dachshund Jack Russell Mix?

As Dachshund Jack Russell Mix is a designer breed, it needs some special care and attention. Always keep a perfect and clean environment for this breed. Being low to moderate shedder, it needs regular grooming. The amount of grooming may depend on the coat it has inherited.

Longer hair needs more brushing and trimming than a shorter one. The short coat needs a couple of times brushing per week. If your Jackshund has wiry hair, you need stripping it from a professional groomer on a regular basis.

Bath your pet at least one time within 2-3 months or as per its need. Moreover, brushing teeth, trimming nail, cleaning ears, and eyes are very much important for your Dachshund Jack Russell Mix. Loneliness can make your pet unhappy and can create behavioral problems also. So always supervise your pet, give it enough accompany, never let it be alone.

How is the health condition of Dachshund Jack Russell Mix?

There are some health issues of Dachshund Jack Russell Mix which it can inherit from its parents. IVDD, Back problems, Epilepsy, Patellar Luxation, Hip, and elbow dysplasia are some probable major health issues. Moreover, there is some common health concern like eye and ear infection, heart problems, blot, etc.

You can reduce the chance of suffering from your pet from any of these problems. For this, you have to render your Jackshund proper care, diet, and nutritious food. Besides, to avoid the risk, you have to alert to select healthy pets at the time of buying it. You can ask the seller to show you the health clearance of Jackshund’s parents.

Moreover, regular consulting and checking from the vet are a must to maintain your Jackshund’s health.

How is the life span of Dachshund Jack Russell Mix?


The life duration of Dachshund Jack Russell Mix is comparatively more than the same type of designer breed. If you can provide it proper care, you can expect a 12 to 16 years life span of Jackshund.

As an energetic and sweet-tempered pet with exceptional looking Dachshund Jack Russell Mix is amazing. After knowing all the information, any dog lover might be interested to have a Jackshund as his friend.