Greyhound Lab Mix


At present the Greyhound Lab mix becoming popular because this mix cross production is a very attractive and elegant look. They possess a very good personality. This cross production is called “Greyador”.

Became so beautiful that their master or dog lover post their photo online. Greyhound Lab mix can parent breed like other cross production. This combination production looks closely like Labrador Retriever and Greyhound breeds.

Sometimes Greyhound Lab Mix dogs suffer from dental problems. A large number of Greyador lose their teeth in their childhood. That is why they cannot bite. They are well behaved, never trashed, or chewed the owner’s thing. Greyhound Lab Mix is really a standard and unique dog breeds.

They are very popular cross production in the world. It is needed to use monthly heat gain to protect heat worms in the owner’s pet dog for every month. Most of the greyhound Mixed with Labradors are friendly good guard sleek appearance and best companion.

Greyhound at a Glance

Mostly Greyhound is found in the United Kingdom. The origin-country is EGYPT 400 BC. It is called the hunting dog. It’s running speed of 40 to 45vmiles per hour. People live them because of their soft and mild nature. Greyhounds can get shivers because of their thin coats.

In snow or rain, the master should buy a warm coat for them. The master should not allow running a securely fenced area. Greyhounds are in general a loving breed and affectionate animal grooming needed for them. The Greyhound is also found in the Middle East and North Africa. The popularity of Greyhounds increased in England.

Sound Personality of the Greyhound

Most of the Greyhound is friendly and not aggressive, they are talented and independent. At the time of young, they need early socialization to adopt many different people, sights, sounds, and experiences. Usually, the racing greyhound is 25 to 29 inches tall. Male Greyhound is usually 65 to 85 pounds and female Greyhounds are 50 to 65 pounds.

How to Take Care Health of Greyhound

Most of the Greyhounds are healthy. If any master buys Puppy’s he/she should justify the parent’s health condition.

Being a less energy dog, Greyhounds do not like regular walk, they feel boring, Strong fence is recommended to protect them from another animal. Sometimes they may be overweight which would be harmful to their sound health.

The animal expert suggested mail Greyhound should take 2.5 to 4 cups. Sometimes they suffer from muscle weakness, eye disease, Bone Cancer, Hypothyroidism, Pemphigus, nail, and feet affecting. So precaution must be applied here.

Coat Color and Grooming of Greyhound

They possess a smooth coat at their body to protect themselves, it may be black-red, black, grey, white, or blue. They never should insert something into the ear tunnel, should clean the only the outer ear.

Greyhound may suffer in teeth health, so master should brush them regularly for sweet breath. Master can take the help of a Vet to cut down their nails to prevent painful tear problems.

Height of the Greyhound Dogs

The Greyhound dog’s regular height is 25 – 30 Inches. Master should teach their children that they do not disturb this pet dog while dog eating, sleeping or do not try to take the dog’s food away. Their life Span is 12-15 years generally.

Rescue Group of National Breed Club

If the master of the Greyhound does not have any concept about their rescue ability, then he/she should contact National Breed Club or a Local Breed Club, then they can teach or give you concept properly.

They always ready to help the master or owner of any kind of dog. The interested and sincere owner apply for their help which will very much fruitful

Labrador Retriever at a glance

Labrador Retriever at the fast found on the New founded Island, Canada in 1500S. Labrador is first found in 1700 AD. They are one of the most popular dogs in the world. The people of the Coast area, the Labrador is used to catch fishing, it helps the fishermen to catch fish. They play in the icy water and helps to hook hanged fish for the fishermen.

In 1917 the American Kennel recognized Labrador Retrievers and made very familiar to the people. Labrador is called the sporting dog. They can resistance to the cold water because it has a cold protector like the dense, short coat. Mainly the Labrador is 3 colors, black, yellow, and chocolate.

Labrador Retrievers always try to please their pet parents. They need not enough grooming, regular a standard amount of exercise is needed.

The personality of Labrador Retrievers Dogs

They are highly intelligent, gentle. They always desire affection to the people. They may display an aloof attitude with strengthens. The master can train up as much as he wants, it is a very excellent family dog. They cooperate much to do masterworks and very responsible for their duties given by their owners.

They are an eager learner and also a quick learner. The master and surrounding of the master should show affection and sympathy to them. Usually, the Labrador weight size is 55-80 ib. Male: 65 -80, Female: 55-70 lbs.