How to Keep the Dog from Eating Cat Food

How to keep the dog from eating cat food

Do you find your dog trying to eat food from your cat’s bowl? Are you trying to figure out how to keep the dog from eating cat food? Then look no further because in this article we will discuss how to keep your greedy furry friend away from the cat food.

Your cute dog is eating cat food because it smells nice and has a higher amount of protein and fat than dog food, sounds tasty for the dog if you think about it. But, just because it’s irresistible for the dog, doesn’t mean you should let it eat that.

Not only cat food is more expensive, letting the dog steal food from the cat will result in unwanted weight gain for the dog and weight loss for the cat. Besides, dog food can cover the necessary nutrients your dog needs for a fit and healthy life. So there’s no need to let the dog eat cat treats.

How to keep the dog from eating cat food?

Different cat and dog feeding station

You can start by making separate feeding stations for your pets. It may not work if your dog is stubborn.

Separate feeding bowls

Buy very distinguishable feeding bowls for your pets. Choose different size and color for each pet, so they don’t mistakenly eat each other’s food. But if your dog isn’t confused but likes to eat cat food anyways, then you can try cat feeders that keep dogs out.

There are several dog proof cat dishes or felines’ only cat dish on the market that will keep the dog out of cat food.

Hide cat food from the dog

Sometimes it is easier to hide the cat food from your dog. If you put the cat food on a tall cat food stand or inside a cat food shelf out of the dogs, reach, then this problem might be solved. However, you must keep cat food away from the dog’s reach or else it will find a way to get to it.

The high cat feeding station

Cats can easily climb up, but dogs can’t climb or jump higher than a small table. Keeping the dog out of cat food would be very easy by placing cat food on a tall cat food table. You can buy a cat tree with a food dish for your cats to play on and have their meals.

Use of pet gates for kittens

If your cat is quite young and can’t climb high places yet, then I’d suggest using pet gates that only your cat can go through to secure its food bowl from the dog. You can also try installing small doors that only the cat can pass through.

Schedule feeding time for cats but free feed dog

Make your cat follows a schedule for feeding so that you can keep an eye on the cat food and keep the dog’s food available throughout the day so that your dog gets uninterested towards the cat food. Don’t do this if your cat tends to eat dog food.

Use the leave it method and reward system

Train your dog to leave cat food alone by letting it sniff and lick from your hands and then use the command “No” or “leave it” firmly so that it understands that it’s not supposed to have it. Reward it instantly with a better snack.

By doing this process continuously, you are asserting dominance on your pet and making it understand how to behave. Next time when it gets near the cat food, using the leave it commands and moving cat food far from it will create a behavior pattern.

If you give enough treats every time you’re training it, then the dog will learn this behavior very soon and leave the cat, and it’s food alone. Besides this trick, the other tips in this article will tell you how to keep the dog from eating cat food.