Why does my Dog eat Rocks


Why does my dog eat rocks: This article will help a reader understand the different psychological and medical reasons why their dogs are chewing on or swallowing rocks and whether or not they should take their dogs to a vet.

Dogs are the most adorable creatures ever. But it’s odd how they pick up bizarre habits. If you’re here, I suppose you have this question on your mind- Why does my dog eat rocks? Well, read this article to find out solutions for your dog eating rocks.

Why does my dog eat rocks:- My dog eats rocks


There could be many reasons why dogs eat rocks. Sometimes the dog doesn’t eat but only chew the rocks. In any case, dogs eating rocks isn’t as uncommon as you think it might be. This behavior is seen mostly in small puppies aged around six months.

Why do dogs eat rocks and dirt?

Why a dog would eat rocks can be explained through two different causes. One is Psychological, and the other is Medical issues.

The psychological reasons behind a dog obsessed with rocks can be as following

Your dog has a psychological condition named Pica

Pica is a compulsive behavior that drives both humans and animals with a desire to eat things that aren’t classified as food. Pica is the most common reason why dogs nibble at random things.

Your dog is just curious

Little pups like to explore every new object they discover. That’s why they might end up chewing rocks out of curiosity.

Your dog is bored


Like any small child, a dog needs stimulation to relieve stress. Lack of psychological and physical stimulation leads them to play with a mouth full of rocks.

You’re not giving enough attention or affection to your dog

As puppies, dogs have a habit of putting random things in their mouths. When you see them chewing something that isn’t food, you rush to them and remove it.

It is conditioning your puppies that they will get your attention when they put random things in their mouths. So when they think they aren’t getting enough attention from you, they will put rocks in the mouth so that you hurry over to them and interact with them.

Well, these are the reasons why your dog might want healthy, chew little rocks, but if they swallow pebbles, then there might be some health issues behind it, which are the following.

Your dog was starved and abused before you rescued it

It could be another reason why your dog is eating stones. Due to starvation or abuse, it developed rock-eating as a means of survival. Fixing this habit overnight is tough.

Your dog isn’t getting enough nutrition

Anemia, calcium, and iron deficiency can occur if your dog isn’t getting enough nutrition from its everyday food. In this case, it’s swallowing rocks out of instinct to fill up the lack of nutrition.

Your dog has Gastrointestinal issues


If your dog has any of the following

  • Hookworms
  • Diabetes
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Intestinal tract disorders
  • Stomach tumor
  • Bloating

Then your dog might eat rocks, thinking it’s starving and needs to fill up its stomach with anything it finds available.


I’d suggest training your dogs to some set of behavioral patterns such as telling them “no” when they pick up a rock and putting vinegar or any other pet repellant substance on rocks around your yard. If that isn’t possible, then I suggest removing all kinds of rock from your yard.

So if you still have this question- why does my dog eat rocks? Then I’d suggest taking your dog to a vet because rock eating is a harmful habit that will make your dog sick and the medical expenses caused by it will be very high.

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