How to Stop Dog from Scratching Door


Many dog owners is tensed about the behavioral problem of their dogs. Most of them want to know- “How to stop a dog from scratching door”. If you are a dog owner and suffering from this problem, then have a look at the following solutions:

Find Out the Underlying Cause

At first, you should find out the reason why your dog is scratching the door. There may many other reasons behind the problem but you may find two main primary reasons. They are as follows:

The desire for going outside: Your dog can scratch the door at the time of his going outside.

He can want to go out either for going to the toilet or for investigating a sound or sight. To play or find a mate can also the cause of his desire for going outside.

Frustration or anxiety problem: The second cause is the frustration or anxiety problem of your dog. It is common that, most dogs suffer from separation problems when they left alone. Being frustrated your dog may scratch the door.

Obedience Command Training

You have to know the technique to calm down your dog. A command like “Stop”, “No”, “Lay Down” etc. are very effective in this case. These types of strong verbal obedience commands will help your dog to restrain from door scratching easily. Give him a treat for every positive response.

Create a Schedule

If your dog scratches the door for going to the toilet, make a schedule for this job. As a result, if the need fills up, your dog possibly will not scratch the door again.

Providing Adequate Exercise and Activities

Lack of adequate exercise and activities, your dog can be accustomed to the behavioral problems like door scratching. Help your dog to burn his extra energy through exercise along with other activities every day. Walking, long or short run, playing are some effective exercise and dog activities. Buy him adequate toys for self-playing.

Create a Healthy Separation

To ignore the unwanted behavior like scratching the door, sometimes you can create a healthy separation. To remove his behavioral problem, you can make a fake ignorance to him some days. This will help your dog to learn living alone. This technique will remove the door scratching problem also.

Technology-Based Solution

Door protection: Use door protection for protecting the door. Clear plastic shields are used for PVC, glass, or wooden doors. If you have a screen door, you can rescreen the door. This will discourage him from scratching the door.

Remote citronella collar: You can use the collar until your dog stop to scratch the door. This collar will emit a citronella oil spray into the face of your dog when you press the button. As a result, he will afraid to do such an odd job again.

Consult a Psychological Specialist

Frequent door scratching is not a disease. It is a behavioral and psychological problem. So, you can consult a pet psychological specialist as soon as possible.

Wish you have gotten the answer of- “How to stop dog from scratching door” from the above article.