How to teach a Bulldog to Skateboard


Most of the bulldogs are naturally outgoing in nature and adventure lover which make them great candidates for skateboarding. If you have a perfect stocky muscular bulldog, surely you should try to train him skateboarding.

Forgiving your dog such training, firstly you have to know the way how to teach a bulldog to skateboard. A lot of patience, perseverance, hard-working, and technique is needed for teaching a bulldog properly to skateboard.

Before jumping into the skateboard teaching session, some other consideration and pre-teaching should be followed:-
  • It should be reminded that every bulldog may not willing or able to be trained to ride a skateboard. Thus, before teaching, justify the athletic ability, age, interest, and physical condition of your bulldog.
  • Maintain an active, healthy lifestyle for your bulldog.
  • It is best to start training while your bulldog is young.
  • Teach your bulldog some basic commands like-“Up”, “Push”, “Stay” etc.

There are a lot of tricks to learn how to teach a bulldog to skateboard but it is best to follow the teaching process step by step. To teach your bulldog to skateboard, some effective steps can be followed:-

Picking the right skateboard

Picking the right skateboard is the first and most important step to take to know how to teach a bulldog to skateboard. First of all, you have to select a standard skateboard for your pup matched with your bulldog’s size so that your pet can be able to stand comfortably on it.

Pooches can be injured while riding a skateboard, so, you should pick the privilege short of the board to give the most dependability. Moreover, you should also think about the durability of the skateboard as your dog may try to bite or chew the board considering it as his toy.

Get your bulldog acquainted and accustomed to the skateboard

The next step to learn how to teach a bulldog to skateboard is to get your pet acquainted and accustomed to the skateboard. With a view to acquainting and accustoming to the skateboard, you can place the board in front of your bulldog’s crate keeping on a floppy quilt for 2-3days.

As a result, your puppy will be interested to touch the board with his paw, sit down on it, try to play with it, and gradually his acquaintance level with the skateboard will be increased. During this time you should notice him and give him treat for touching and playing with the board.

In this way, the skateboard will be a toy friend to your dog, and next, it will be easy for you to teach him.

Teach your bulldog to step on the skateboard

In case of knowing how to teach a bulldog to skateboard this step is very important. After finishing the acquaintance part, you can place the skateboard on the carpet of your house or outside in the grassy area. The skateboard will move and roll a little bit on such a place, that is why the selection of this type of place for teaching your bulldog stepping on the skateboard is necessary.

Now, use a verbal command like “Up” to put your puppy’s paw on it. At first, he may be frightened but you should make him understood that the board is not harmful to him and try to motivate him. Stand near the board and keep your hand or foot on it to stop much moving.

Keep your hand over the board with dog treat by your pup’s nose and slowly guide your pup towards the board until he steps on it. If your dog responds to your command and keeps his paws on the board, give him verbal praise and treat. Repeat the trick until your dog feels comfortable to step on the board.

Teach to move the skateboard

Once your bulldog is capable of stepping on the board with his four paws and fully comfortable, give him the verbal command  “Stay” or “Calm” and then start moving the board skateboard back and forth slowly. If he jumps off or runs away, then take a break and start again.

When he is fully comfortable, give the chance to your puppy to move the board himself. When your dog becomes successful in moving and riding on a skateboard, the special treat should be given to him to encourage him.

Assist your bulldog rolling the skateboard

The next step in knowing how to teach a bulldog to skateboard is to teach rolling the skateboard. If your dog seems unshaken with the skateboard moving, go to next step and assist him rolling the board pushing slowly.

Give commands like “Push” to your dog. In this case, you can use some tricks such as holding some treat in your hand and repeat the command “Push” so that he pushes more.

You can gradually extend the length keeping the treat out of reach so that your dog can push repeatedly to move forward. This is the best way to teach the dog rolling the skateboard. Do not forget to give a treat for a positive response.

Teach to advance to the pavement

This the final step to show what the skateboard does. In this case, do not advance on asphalt until your dog appears to be extremely comfortable to take a shot at the grass and also keep away him from unleveled surfaces. Then, go to an open pavement or a sidewalk with your puppy instead of using the grassy areas when your puppy trained enough.

There you should push and roll the board gently away from the dog to see how your dog reacts. If your dog is still uncomfortable then goes back to the basic teaching again and if he is fully comfortable then continue the skating. Now, make your bulldog took short riding and increase the riding period gradually.

Some more effective tips

  • Keep the teaching session short and enjoyable.
  • Take a break after each session.
  • Keep practicing more.
  • Keep pace with your bulldog’s ability.
  • Never force or scare him.
  • Applaud your dog well through verbal praise and give a treat for every single success.

These are the basis of knowing how to teach a bulldog to skateboard. You must keep your patient and hide your frustration with your bulldog throughout the entire teaching session so that your puppy can enjoy the teaching session and learn very well with confidence.