Why does my Dog put his Paw on me?


Understanding the meanings of pawing of your dog will help you to keep proper communication with him, you will understand his needs and demands. Furthermore, your dog will become well trained and skilled.

Why does my dog put his paw on me


Why does my dog put his paw on me? You are quite familiar with this act and probably keep finding the answers. Paw is the most excellent tools for communication. A dog usually does this to communicate with you, to get your attention or asking something, something special from you.

It is essential to understand his pawing, what is he trying to say, and what he needs? First of all, you need to understand his exact behavior and corresponding situation. Below, some common incidents will help you to understand the meanings of his pawing.

He is seeking for your attention

When your dog is putting his paw on your knee and staring relentlessly, that means he needs your attention. When you are busy with your staffs and don’t give him enough attention, he usually does this. As a responsible dog owner, you should pay more attention to him.

He wants to play

Sometimes, your dog paw on you in a joyful mood to being friendly. It may be he wants to initiate a play. You should check his other body signals of excitement likes a smiling face, tail wagging.

Wants food


Your dog may paw on your arm just because reminding you, “it’s time for food.” You can justify it with his regular meal time. You must make sure that he is not overdoing, as extra food means an excess weight that’s not good for dog health.

Wants you to keep petting

When you are petting your dog and suddenly stop petting, he will push you with his paw. That means you need to keep him petting, and he loves the feeling.

He needs help

If your dog put one paw on you and keep pawing continuously, probably he needs help, or he wants something. For example, if he keeps moving forth and back to the water bowl and you, you must understand he is thirsty and no water in the water bowl.

He loves you

When you are sad or upset, you will find your dog very close to you. The dog can feel you, and he will try to comfort you. He will keep his paw on your face to connect with you and to empathize you, that means he loves you.

He feels anxious/insecure

Your dog may suddenly start pawing at you and shows other sign of anxiety-like barking, flat ears, and lip-smacking. That means he is feeling vulnerable. For example, if he starts those acts when a thunderstorm, that shows he is anxious.

How can you control his pawing?


But, constant pawing will bore you, and it will become irritating. When you pay attention to every time, he demands something by pawing. That will increase his continuous demands that will hamper your regular activities.

You must control this by enrolling him with some behavioral and obedience rules. That will be proper training for your dog to develop his skills and to achieve good self-control. That will also enhance the understanding between you.

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