Why does my Dog bite his Nails


Is your dog chronically biting its nails? Don’t make the mistake of thinking that it’s nothing. Nail-biting is a serious symptom in dogs, and you should be worried.

Why does my dog bite his nails?


Humans bite their nails all the time, but why would dogs do it? Why does my dog bite his nails? Seeing a dog chewing on nails can be surprising to see at first, but there are two possible meanings of this behavior. Either it’s grooming itself, or it’s feeling great discomfort.

So, my dog bites his nails, but only occasionally. Is that something to be concerned? If your dog chews nails only occasionally, it’s mostly like just grooming itself. However, keep an eye on it. If the frequency increases, there could be serious ailments to worry.

For humans, nail-biting can be a bad behavior or something for soothing anxiety. But that is not the case for dogs. That’s not what they do- dogs bite their nails chronically when it causes them discomfort — if that’s the case, then taking your dog to see a vet would be the best choice.

A dog biting nails could be a symptom of inhalant allergies like Atopy. It irritates a dog’s feet and toes, resulting in dogs biting their nails. Initially, there could be some itching when a dog keeps biting nails. But it can develop a fungal or nail bed infection very soon.

Atopy can be specific to certain seasons. However, an infected dog chewing toenails may end up doing it all around the year as the infection develops. It would not be possible for a dog chewing nails to stop itself if this is the case. You’ll have to take the initiative and help it out.

Don’t take a dog’s grooming for granted. It is essential to make sure that your dog’s nails are trimmed and neat. Even if it’s not infected, dog biting toenails can be a sign that it’s painful for them to walk. These could also injure the skin, so make sure to get them trimmed.

For what reasons do dogs chew their nails? It could be grooming itself. But you should still maintain caution. A dog biting and pulling nails could be a sign of its nails being too long. It could also be injuries, claw diseases, or other medical conditions.

A dog biting nails off could also be due to fungal infections, bacterial infections, parasitic infections, allergies, etc. Interestingly, a dog may also, in some cases, chew its nails out of boredom or anxiety. These are very rare conditions, however, so it doesn’t hurt to be cautious.


To stop dog biting nails, immediately take your dog to a vet. The first step is to rule out dangerous possibilities. As long as it’s not something to be scared about, you can rest easy. With your vet’s guidance, trim down your dog’s nails and take of it better.

Now that you know about this serious issue take better care of your dog. Don’t forget to tell your friends if they ever wonder- why does my dog bite his nails? You are the guardian of your dog, so be on the lookout for matters of its discomfort.