How Fast Can a Golden Retriever Run

How Fast Can a Golden Retriever Run

If you are a searcher of the good running partner, surely a Golden Retriever being a natural-born runner can be the best choice for you. Now a typical question may echo in your mind “how fast can a Golden Retriever run” and you may wander for getting the absolute answer.

How Fast Can a Golden Retriever Run

Running speed is an individual characteristic which varies from dog to dog. Being an excellent running buddy and having an exceptionally long-distance ability, Golden Retriever can run fast but there is no hard and fast measurement as this speed depends upon various facts like the breeding background, physical composition, age, health condition and also the conditions in which you are calculating your dog’s running speed. In general, dogs can run about 15-20 miles per hour for a short distance while Golden Retriever can hit speeds of nearly 35 mph in short bursts.

Purpose of the Breeding Background

The Golden Retriever is amazing at both sprinting and long-distance running having an exceptional breeding background. They originated in the Scottish Highlands in the 1800s who were ideal dogs for retrieving waterfowl during hunting parties. As this breed has been bred to be working dog, they can spend hours out in the field, putting on mile after mile, searching for birds.

Moreover, some specific inheritable traits including well-balanced body, deep chest, broad head, long and muscled leg make this breed as a marathon runner while feathering on the neck, legs, thighs, underside, and tail make this breed as one of the most attractive dogs.

Their approximate height range (22-24 inches) and weight range (55-75 pounds) along with dense, straight, or wavy water-repellent outercoat with a thick undercoat within all shades of gold, from light to dark gold are also the revelations of the suitability of being a fast runner.

In the case of temperament, they are very much sweet being even-tempered, intelligent, and affectionate service dogs who are easily trainable for running purposes.

What is the Perfect Age for Running

Taking your Golden Retriever running a marathon with you is a great idea but you may wonder about the perfect age for running. In this case, puppyhood can be the best time for preparing your pet for a long run through plenty of training but this is not the best time for a marathon as in this stage, a dog has little endurance power.

On another side, old age is not suitable for the fast run as in this stage, your dog may suffer from physical weakness along with various diseases. Thus, the matured stage can be the perfect time for your pet to have a marathon as in this time, your dog has more strength and endurance power. It would be better not to take your dog running with you before the age of 18 months.

Moreover, you should use your common sense to realize the actual time for running your pet as there is no minimum or maximum age limit for taking your dog running.

Some Pre-consideration Before Starting Running

A Golden Retriever has the potential to run long distances but it would be unwise to expect him to do this immediately. Before starting a marathon, you should consider some issues-

  • You need to let your dog get stronger through gradual preparation as it takes time to get muscles and tendons ready for the long run.
  • Well socialization and early obedience training are must to get your pet ready.
  • Select an open and wide yard or road with less disturbance as noises, other animals, strangers, and any other new experience can make either your pet nervous on the trail or change the mood of running.
  • Running too early can cause joint disorders including hip and elbow dysplasia.
  • Get him accustomed to collar and leash for his first run in order to have full control over him. Once having full command over him, the leash will be no longer needed.
  • Make sure the health condition of your puppy is OK and he is ready for the run.
  • If possible, consult with your Vet to ensure the fitness of your pet.

How Can You Make Your Dog Run Faster

  • At first, prepare your puppy for a long run through proper and gradual plenty of training.
  • You need to develop a good routine along with any other training exercise.
  • Gradual speed and endurance exercises are needed before a marathon speed.
  • Use the right command and encouragement.
  • Provide your pet a special treat for every single success.
  • Try to promote positive reinforcement through mental stimulation.
  • Obesity can be a problem for your pet. So, give him a sufficient diet and nutritious food.
  • Make fun with him during intervals and give him proper rest.

Popularly known as the first runner, your Golden Retriever can be the best running partner for you with his 10-12 years life span. Taking your dog out for regular short or long-distance run will improve and strengthen the bonding with your dog.

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