What can I give my Dog to make him Sleep?

  • What can I give my dog to make him sleep: This article will help the readers understand why their dogs can’t sleep and what health issues might be the reason behind it. This article will also guide the readers to use medicines to calm their dogs safely.

What can I give my dog to make him sleep


Dogs, like humans, can suffer from restlessness and lack of sleep, causing its owner to have their sleep problems as well. If your dog is having problems sleeping then maybe you are wondering- What can I give my dog to make him sleep? Well, read the article to find out.

What can I give my dog to sleep? There are tons of ways to help your dog relax and sleep that might include calming caps for dogs. Cesar Millan, the famous dog whisperer, uses lavender oil to relax dogs. But before you use any of the techniques, you need to know why your dog can’t sleep.

There could be many health issues and psychological issues behind why your dog can’t sleep. Those could be allergies, flea attacks, depression, anxiety, stress, lack of physical activities, pain, irritation, apnea, kidney problems, and any other type of medical problems.

Sometimes your dog may have problems in the bladder, making it forced to wake up for peeing during sleep. Sometimes dogs can sleepwalk just like humans causing a disrupt in their time of rest, making them wake up cranky and annoyed. Your dog itching itself at night might be a reason too.

The reasons may be unlimited, but none of them should be ignored. If your dog can’t sleep, then it’s a severe issue that might get worse if you don’t do anything about it. In this article, I’ll talk about what to give a dog to sleep.

What can you give a dog to sleep?


Before consulting a vet, I wouldn’t suggest using medications on a dog. If you are thinking- what I can give him to sleep, then there are some easy ways to let your pooch have the nice rest they deserve.

You can massage your dog before bed, or play some pet relaxing music or use stress reliever pheromones for dogs. You can also feed your dog milk before bed, give it some late-night snacks, use melatonin, and play with your dog before bedtime- ball chasing as an ideal example.

If you have tried all of the above and still thinking what else can I give him to sleep? Then I’ll suggest talking to your vet about the problems and if possible, take your dog to the vet. Only after the prescription of the vet, you should use any relaxing medicine on your dog.

Usually, the most popular medicine to induce sleep is Benadryl. Benadryl is a brand name for the medicine ingredient named diphenhydramine. There are many brands of diphenhydramine for sale. Another famous brand for diphenhydramine is Wal-Dryl capsules.


Do not feed your dog liquid Benadryl because it is high in alcohol and is harmful to dogs. You can, however, feed your dog Benadryl gel cap, Wal-Dryl capsules, Wal-Dryl liquid gels, etc. Read the instructions inside the medicine package to know Wal-Dryl dosage and Wal Dryl side effects.

As I’ve mentioned before, do not use the medication on your dog without the consultation of your vet. Your dog may have some underlying health problems that might react with the medicine. Always follow the guidelines from your vet to give the appropriate dosage.

Your dog’s sleeping problems will not only affect you and your dog but everyone else around you. So finding out the issues behind why your dog can’t sleep is important. It could is harmless insomnia or some serious health issue, so consult your vet before doing anything hasty.

Always remember, sleep problems can be very painful for your dog to always treat it with patience and love. Do not isolate your dog or treat it harshly during this time. Hopefully, this article answers your question- What can I give my dog to make him sleep?