Best Dry Dog Food to Gain Weight 2022 – Best Human Food to Fatten up a Dog

Best Human Food to Fatten up a Dog

There are a lot of reasons which can make your dog emaciated or underweight, and as a dog owner, you must ensure to get the best human food to fatten up a dog, so as your dog can be fed with properly balanced dog food which will in no time help your dog fatten up.

The signs of emaciation or malnourishment is when through physical examination, you can see the ribs of your dog. If you are in this situation as a dog owner, then you need the best human food to fatten your dog.

Quality food is essential, and it is one of the ways you can affect the longevity of your pet’s life and also it health. The need for quality food cannot be under-estimated, as this is essential for your dog’s well-being. The result of quality food is that your dog will have fewer skin issues, digestive issues, shinier skin, stronger bones and muscles.

The quality of any human-grade dog food is lost if after processing, and all the dog food is not edible by man. The producer of any dog food must ensure that all and not one of the ingredients used in preparing the dog food is human grade. In other words, dog food should be 100 percent human-grade.

The fact that dog food is tagged human-made does not mean it is safe unless it follows strictly the policies guiding human-made food. In lieu of this, it is essential that you are sure about what type of food you are feeding your dog as some of the food sold in stores and markets sometimes don’t live to the expectation to which they are purchased.

As a dog owner who has an emaciated dog or skinny dog need not worry. This article has been written through proper research on which dog food is best to fatten your dog.

We have come up with top four list of human-grade dog food, and at the end of this article, our best choice of human food available in the market will help you in making the right decision in selecting best food content for dog.

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Factor to consider when choosing the best human food to fatten your dog

best dog food

Lots of human-dog food are sold in the market, and not all of them live to your expectation when it comes to getting the best dog food for your dog. It is known that your dog can be underweight basically due to incomplete or imbalanced dietary.

It is very important that you take into consideration some basic factors that will help you in selecting the best food for your dog.

When selecting the best human food for your canine companion, the dog food must consider the following:

  • The food must contain the basic sources of calorie as this is needed for the growth of your dog
  • The food contains well balanced nutritional sources such as vitamin and minerals
  • The food is easily digestible
  • The food is 100 percent grain-free and also ensure that no special preservatives are used as this can be very dangerous to your dog.
  • The food should be edible for human.

What you should know about human-dog food

As the name implies the human-dog food otherwise known as the human-grade food as no basic definition but from the word, we can say they are dog food that are prepared using ingredients which are edible for humans.

It is good to note that the fact that the food is named human-grade food or human dog food does not automatically mean that your dog is safe when eating this food.

Human grade food is often prepared using organic or locally sourced ingredients and it contains some ingredients like chicken, meat, vegetables and sometimes ground-up bones which helps your dog grow and stay healthy at all times.

Top 5 Best Human Food to Fatten up a Dog

1) Honest Kitchen Superfood POUR OVERS, 5.5oz case of 12

Special Features: Slow-cooked stews, Anti-oxidant Rich, Human grade, Natural

Honest Kitchen Superfood

Your dog is most times emaciated or skinny because they are not getting the best nutritional content, imbalanced dietary or they are not fed the right kind of food. It is very expedient that as a dog owner, you know what is nutritional and healthy for your dog.

If you look to fatten your dog and also feed them nutritional and healthy food, the honest kitchen superfood is one of the best food money can buy.

The honest kitchen use ingredient that are trusted and does not contain unsafe and unhealthy ingredients which can be harmful to your dog, which means that the dog food does not contain by-products, additives, preservatives or GMO ingredients.

The Honest kitchen as their name implies ensures that they meet their 100 percent, human-grade standard, and their suppliers must certify that they meet strictest standards available for food safety and also as well as sustainability and fair trade practice.

The Honest kitchen pour-overs are tasty and also pourable stews which help to boost or enhance what you have for your dog in its bowl with different kind of ingredients.

This stew can be poured over your dog favourite meal to boost the nutritional content of the food. The stew is made with a mix of free-range chicken, spinach, kale, broccoli and turmeric. The dog food is 100 percent human, easy to use and made with natural ingredients. 

  • Easy to use
  • 100 percent human
  • Healthy and nutritious
  • Great quality
  • Perfect topper to dog food
  • Makes some dogs drink more water


2) Nature’s Recipe Easy to digest Wet Dog food in Broth. 2.75-ounce cups, Grain-Free

Special Features: High-quality protein sources, Natural dog food, 12-2.75ozcups of wet dog food 

Nature’s Recipe Easy to digest

Emaciation occurs in dogs mainly because of imbalanced dietary, which in most times are caused by starvation and also malnutrition.

As a caring and faithful dog parent, it is essential that the health and growth of your dog should be your biggest priority for your canine companion which is why you should get the best and quality human-made dog food available.

Nature’s recipe as the name implies is made of 12-2.75oz cups of dog food, high-quality protein source which includes real venison which helps to maintain lean muscle in your dog. The highly digestive sweet potato and green beans and grain-free sources of carbohydrate are added so as to supply your dog with enough energy at all times.

The nature’s recipe is carefully prepared with all health safety factors taken into consideration as they avoid ingredients such as corn or beef which are associated with food sensitivities in a dog which may be very harmful to them, most especially in dogs with allergies.

The natural dog food is prepared with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients which will be highly beneficial to your dog and help them fatten up in no time.

The nature’s recipe, unlike some human food, is grain-free easy to digest chicken and venison. Nature’s dog food look 100% like real food, it is not over-processed, and you can easily mix it with your dog food. It can also be used as a topper over your dog kibble, and the chunks of meat are identifiable, and your dog will definitely like it.

  • Healthy and nutritious
  • Not over-processed
  • Good for a topper for larger dogs
  • Great quality
  • Highly digestible
  • Not so cost-effective


3) Just Chicken, Turkey, Beef Dog Jerky Treats

Special Features: 100% sourced and made in the USA, 1 human-grade ingredient used

Just Chicken

As a dog parent, it is essential that you pay raft attention to what your dog eats, what your dog likes to eat etc. Some dogs are sensitive and allergic to some certain kind of food and in this situation it is very necessary that you know what your dog eats and also ensure that the ingredients that cause food sensitivities are absent.

The 2 dog treat is focused on nutrition, health and safety of your dog as the 2 dog recipe dog food came into existence because the producer of this dog food had issues with what their dog was feeding on, and after learning about the dangers that dog food imported overseas can cause, they decided to research the best method for providing their dog with the best food they can feel good about.

With the total concern of this company about what other dog parents just as themselves give to their dog, they ensure that the dog food is 100 percent sourced in the USA and they use only human-grade ingredients which are made from one ingredient, has no preservatives, filters or hormones.

The 2 dogs treat dog food are grain-free and gluten-free, which makes this dog food the ideal food for dogs with food sensitivities and most importantly the dog food is very healthy and nutritious and it tastes great! The no-risk guarantee enables you to return the dog food if your dog does not like it.

  • 100 money-back guarantee
  • Healthy and nutritious
  • Great for a finicky eater
  • Good quality
  • Great for dogs with food sensitivities
  • Very thin


4) Weruva Grain-Free Natural dry dog food for all life stages

dog food

Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of human survival, and even our canine companion is not left out. It is not only necessary for survival but for growth and development which is why you have to get the best dog food available for your dog which is rich in nutritional contents such as vitamins and minerals which constitute a balanced diet.

The Weruva dog food is prepared so that you can take over the control of your dog’s caloric intake with protein providing the majority of the calories and nutrition that your dog needs. Protein provides the majority of your dog’s calorie, and it helps in fueling hungry pups with low glycemic ingredients which help them stay full for a longer period of time.

The dog food is made with the highest quality ingredients which are very beneficial to your dog and will help fatten them up in no time. The formulas are all potato-free, and it features boneless meats. It is high in protein, low in carbohydrate and ash.

The dog food is prepared with no artificial flavours or preservatives, and it contains the 3 essential caloric sources which are protein, fat and carbohydrates which are expected to be the predominant source in your pet’s food

The chicken dinner with pumpkin will fuel your dog and satisfy even the picky and finicky eaters. The dog food is simple and clean, and it is easily digestible. The dog food contains Taurine, which helps your dog keep a healthy heart. The pumpkin and seaweed in the dog food help with dog’s digestive issues. 

  • Easily digestible
  • Healthy and nutritious
  • Contains the main sources of calorie
  • High quality
  • Well balanced dog food
  • Good for picky and finicky eaters
  • Good for the price could be a bit lesser


Final verdict on best human food to fatten up a dog

Dog Reviews Food

It comes on top of our list with its standout qualities and ingredients used in preparing the dog food. It contains the basic sources of calories which are the protein, fat and carbohydrate, which are essential for the growth of your canine companion. It is healthy and delicious and easily digestible by your dog

The Nature’s Recipe Easy to digest Wet Dog food in Broth 2.75-ounce cups, Grain-Free

It comes close to the Weruva. The natures’ recipe contains high-quality sources of protein, and it is one of the best for a dog with sensitivity or allergy issues. It is 100 percent human grade and can be consumed by human.

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