10 Best Dental Treats For Your Dog 2022 – Top Dental Chews For Healthy Teeth

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Brushing teeth for your pets is definitely not easy. They are not humans who would understand your behavior. So if you try to brush their teeth, they will lick the toothpaste. And what if they do not like the taste? They won’t let you brush easily.

So what’s left to do?

The dental chews or treats

Best Dental Treats For Your Dogs
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These are specially designed for the oral health of your pets. So if you want your dog to have clean and healthy teeth, you should give them a try. Dental chews have a special composition that gets rid of the plaque and tartar from the teeth of dogs. They are made and flavored according to the likings of dogs. Therefore, they will surely like chewing them.

But with plenty of options available in the market, it would definitely not be easy for you to decide. Therefore, we have a list of some of the best dental chews for your dogs.

List of the Best Dental Chews on the Market

1. Panda Aloha Fairy Tales

Panda Aloha 3 in 1 Dog Dental Treats


Panda Aloha dental treats have 3 in 1 purpose. These are enriched with multivitamins that improve the health of your pet. This will in turn improve the health of the pet and their physical performance. It will also protect their stomach and intestines.

In addition to this, these treats will also strengthen the teeth and will also make their coat and skin better. Another component of Panda Aloha is Sodium Hexametaphosphate. It is responsible for taking care of bad breath. You can give these treats once a day and no need to worry about bad breath and bad health.

Furthermore, if your dog loves chicken, it will surely love them because they are chicken flavored. Besides, the omega 3 fatty acids and DHA will protect their gut and protect their immune system.

2. Purina Dental Life Daily Oral Care

Visit the Purina DentaLife Store Purina DentaLife Daily Oral Care


These dental treats from Purina contain wheat, rice and glycerin as their major components. Therefore, they are safe to use by pets. Furthermore, the fiber content will protect their gut against constipation and intestinal problems.

In addition to this, they have a porous and chewy texture. This makes them easy to chew so that the dog can enjoy his eating time. Furthermore, because of their chewy nature, dogs will take some time to get it down to their stomach. And while chewing, it will reach hard-to-reach places in their teeth. Thus, working on getting rid of plaque and bad breath.

According to them, their treats are scientifically proven to get rid of tartar by 57 percent. In addition to cleaning the teeth, they also get rid of bad breath and strengthen the gum line. There are no artificial flavors, so if you are worried about your dog not liking it, you can rest assured.

3. Greenies – Teenie Natural Dental Treats

Greenies Original Teenie Natural Dental Dog Treats


These Greenies come in two packages. This one’s for dogs with 5 to 15 lbs. but if your dog is bigger and heavy, you can get the other packaging for it. The main ingredient of these treats is wheat flour and glycerin. Thus, your pet will get the necessary fiber and soothing effect from glycerin. And of course, all the essential vitamins and amino acids, and chelates are included too.

If you are doubtful about the quality of Greenies, there is nothing to worry about. These are recommended by vets because of their nutrient enrichment. Furthermore, the Veterinary Oral Health Council also accepts these treats. Therefore, they are the best ones for the oral health of your dogs.

So you are not only providing your dogs the best treats for improving their gut health but also for their oral health. These treats will keep their gums healthy and will also freshen up their breath. So use them once a day and your dog won’t get tartar and plaque.

4. Pedigree Dentastix Fresh Treats


These are for bigger dogs with weights more than 30 lbs. You can get them in both forms i.e. treats and sticks. So if you want bigger sticks, you can choose to buy them. Either way, they are healthy to use for pets.

The main ingredients are rice and wheat flour, starch, and glycerin. Furthermore, these treats have the right composition for nutrients and vitamins. So it will make these dogs grow healthier and stronger and will improve their gut health.

The most important thing about Pedigree is its triple-action performance. It has the natural composition of all the healthy nutrients. Then comes the unique x-shape cut that gets rid of the tartar and plaque from teeth and makes them stronger.

Furthermore, the fresh mint flavor will deal with fresh breath and will reduce bad breath and the causing germs. So you are getting all in one performer.

Buying guide

Best Dental Treats For Your Dogs
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While buying dental treats for your dogs, you should take care of these things.

Age of your dog

The most important thing regarding the diet of anyone is their age. The feed for puppies and full-grown dogs is not the same. Therefore, you should mind their age before getting the treat for them.

Any health history

Even if your pet is 2 years old and you take the treats accordingly, it might have some health issues. So tell the vet about the health history (if any) of your pet and then decide on his treats. If your pet has always been healthy, you do not have to mind anything, simply get what seems good to you.

The texture of the treat

And because you are buying dental treats, you should mind their texture. They should not be too hard to chew when your dog throws them out. Likewise, it should not be too soft that will quickly melt away. Instead, it should be at the perfect stage that will let the dog chew for some time. This will get rid of the plaque and make its teeth stronger.

Take a look at the list below: