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Best Shock Collar for Aggressive Dog

The need for the best shock collar for aggressive dog arises because dog aggression is a serious and dangerous problem that every dog owner must find a solution to as soon as possible.

An aggressive dog is not what you want to keep as a dog owner as it might cause severe problems for you as owner, problems ranging from destruction to repetitive biting, consistent growling, snaps etc.

Keeping an aggressive dog can cause you a serious legal problem that is why you need to get the best shock collar for an aggressive dog.

Several reasons cause dog aggression; some are aggressive when they see strangers, some are when they see rodents etc. As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to figure out what makes your dog aggressive.

Aggression in dogs may be due to several reasons, not necessarily directed toward a person. Dogs are more aggressive than themselves depending on the breed, and the cause of aggressiveness in dogs varies.

Stop Serious Dog Aggression
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As a dog owner if you notice that your dog is aggressive, especially when it comes in contact with its trigger, then you need to get the best collar in the market.

Several aggressive dog collars are sold in markets, but sadly some of them don’t live to the expectation that is why you need to get the best collar that can be used in training aggressive dogs.

If you fall under the category of dog owners that have sleepless night searching for the best collar to use for your aggressive dog, then you are on the right track.

This article has been carefully written to help solve the problem of getting the most powerful dog shock collar that can be used for aggressive dogs.

In this article, we have come up with the best dog collars that are safe to use, and that will help you in effectively help you in total control of your dog.

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Top Picks Best Collar for Aggressive Dog

1. Ipets PET6195 100%Waterproof and Rechargeable Dog shock collar

Ipets PET6195


Special features:  Receiver designed to accommodate smaller dogs, 220 yards range, Rechargeable battery, waterproof collar, Transmitter can control up to two dogs with an extra receiver.

An obedient dog is what every dog owner wants to have because it listens to every instruction you give him/her. This does not come easy with aggressive dogs, and this can be high stress to you as a dog owner.

The Ipets PET6195 is a solution to training your disobedient dog to listen to your every instruction and to train your dog to be calm and not aggressive

The PET6195 is easy to use, and it has a user-friendly interface that you won’t find difficult to understand. It is designed with a compact receiver, which makes it very easy to accommodate larger dogs with size up to 10 pounds and above.

Compared to other dog collars, it is designed with an amateur in mind. It is easy to operate in the sense that you can operate with a single hand because of it well-spaced no look button, this feature makes it easy for you to focus more on your dog and be able to notice the reaction of your dog during the control process.

This dog training collar possesses separate buttons for the three features available on the remote control. The remote control is well tagged with images of each function, which are the shock, vibrate and the sound. This allows for faster and effective switching between the modes, instead of switching between modes one after the other.

Switching between the modes is dependent on how aggressive your dog is. The PET6195 has the shock, vibration and the sound feature to enable you to control your dog when it is aggressive or put up attitude you are no so good. The shock feature has a level between 0-100, and you can switch between the levels, ensure to be very observant to know what level your dog is responsive to.

The shock feature is the last resort when the sound and vibration doesn’t work in calling your dog to order. The vibration mode can be used for necessary correction and instructions, and it also has a level of 0-100 which you can switch between.

If the vibration and the sound mode works effectively and your dog responds to it, then you might not need to use the shock mode.

Thinking of an adventure in the lake or pull with your dog? You don’t need to worry about how to stop or train your dog from being aggressive.

This dog training collar is waterproof, and it doesn’t malfunction when it comes in contact with water. With this feature, you and your dog can enjoy excellent swimming, and then you have to worry less about controlling when your dog puts on unwanted behaviour.

This dog collar transmitter effectively covers 220 yards, which makes it easy for you to control your dog of aggression or bad behaviour at any distance. This feature makes you give orders to your dog at your comfort. You could train your dog in the park, yard etc. using this feature. With this shock collar training for aggressive dogs feature comes comfort.

  • Quick and straight forward pairing process
  • Conducive plastic contact points
  • Waterproof
  • Battery lasts longer
  • Requires little charg
  • Range is short


2. F-color Dog Training Collar, Waterproof and Rechargeable Dog shock collar

F-color Dog Training Collar


Special Features: 4 training mode, 865 yards remote range, Waterproof, Rechargeable, Adjustable collar, Shock collar for two dogs.

Excessive barking, running away without notice, peeing in the middle of the street, destructive and aggressive etc.

All these are bad behaviours that dog exhibit and because of that you as a dog owner need to train your dog effectively to understand what you want him/her to do per time.

The F-color dog training collar is one of the best shock collars for aggressive dogs; this dog collar stands out with four training modes compared to 2-3 modes that other dog training collar offers.

The four training modes include the Shock, Vibration, Tone and Led light. This features help effectively correct all kind of bad behaviour that your dog can exhibit; this includes aggression, biting, and other disobedient behaviours.

The vibration and the shock have 0-100 level of customization. The 0-100 scale is the intensity of vibration or shocks your dog experiences when it is disobedient. You can switch between these ranges of values until your dog responds to your orders.

In some cases, the vibration controls your dog effectively, and then if it does not control your aggressive or disobedient dog, you can switch to the vibration mode.

The dog training collar has a tone mode which gives a warning sound to control your dog when it isn’t behaving well. The light mode helps you in locating your pet at night or in the bush.

This shock collar training for aggressive dogs comes with an adjustable collar that makes it very easy for you to adjust the collar effectively to the size of your dog. The collar fits effectively neck size ranging from 7.1-25.6 inch. This collar is fit and perfect for medium and large-sized dogs above 20lbs.

Rehabbing aggressive and nervous dogs with ecollar training
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The contact points are safe and cannot cause skin irritation to your dog. The contact points in the f-colour are one the best designed in dog collars in the market because it is made of soft silicone that helps in avoiding your dog skin damage during training.

Furthermore, this dog trainer possesses two receivers’ collars, which allows you to control two dogs at a time. This feature is right for you if you own more than one dog and you want to train them at the same time from the same remote.

It is to be noted that this remote controls each dog collar separately, on the remote is a channel button which helps you select the dog you wish to train.

The F-color possesses a 2600ft remote control which is equivalent to 875 yards where there are no obstacles or interference, this feature makes it easy for you to train your dog in the park, yard etc. so far the range is not beyond 875 yards, and there are no obstacles or interference. This 2600ft control range gives you a wider range of control when you need to control your dog.

The waterproof feature allows you to train your dog in the rain with the collar on. This could also be when you are having an adventurous time with your dog in the swimming pool or in a lake. The receiver an IP65 which is a waterproof, other components of the dog training collar is also waterproof, and they don’t stop working when they come in contact with water.

  • Good battery life
  • Flashlight on collar
  • Portable receiver
  • Amazing collar
  • Fast charge
  • Good for the price
  • Unit stop holding a charge after long time usage


3. Ipets PET618 Dog shock Collar 2700ft Remote Training collar

iPets PET618 2700ft


Special Features: Intuitive design Layout, 100% waterproof transmitter and receiver, long remote range.

Dog aggression is a serious concern to many dog owners; it is the most common and also the most severe behavioural problem in dogs. Aggressive dogs are dangerous to be kept as a pet. In the bid to conquer these behavioural problems related to dogs Ipets came up with the IPET618 which is designed to help you give proper training to your dog

This electric dog collar has a remote control with three modes of operation, which are the sound, vibration and shock. This feature is designed to be exceptionally user-friendly and easy to interact with.

You can use these features by pressing the button of the function you wish to perform depending on how aggressive your dog is. Some dogs respond well to vibration, and you might not need to use the shock at all, but then in some situations, your dog might not, then your last resort is the shock.

The adjustable dog selector helps you switch between collars; it can control up to three collars. This is specially designed for dog owners who have more than one dog and wish to train them.

It is useful for dog trainers also, in this sense that you can train multiple dogs at a time. This is cost-friendly as you will not need to get a different remote or dog selector; all you need is an extra collar.

The IPet 618 is waterproof, and it makes you train your dog under wet conditions without the fear of the device breaking down. The dog trainer covers up to 880 yards, which gives you much more flexibility in controlling your dog exhibited bad behaviour when noticed from a distance.

The rechargeable battery ensures that you are never power has it lasts up to 12 hours. The electronic dog aggression collar possesses a simultaneous charge feature which allows you to charge the receiver, the remote at the same time. This feature helps you in saving your time as you will not need for them to charge separately at intervals

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  • Simultaneous charging
  • One year warranty
  • Cheap and works effectively
  • Easy to use
  • Effective trainer
  • Difficult synchronization


4. Petyeah [Upgraded 2019] Dog Anti Bark Collar Smart Decision Adjustable Collar



Special features: Intelligent Identification chip, Smart test mode, Automatic protection system, Rechargeable and waterproof, low battery display, adjustable strap.

Dogs are more than just pets, over the years they have turned to be a part of our family, and in regards to this, they deserve the best and proper care as much as a member of your family.

Dog aggressiveness is caused by a lot of reasons, and one of the attributes of an aggressive dog is barking. An uncontrollable barking dog can be challenging to keep as a pet.

The Petyeah 2019 anti-bark is one of the best product in the market to deal with a barking dog. It is designed intelligently with several features that will help easily control your barking dog.

The Petyeah is designed with an intelligent Identification chip, which detects barking dog. It has a microprocessor that filters all unwanted sounds that are different from barking. This filtration will intelligently detect the barking of your dog from other unwanted sounds in the environment

The Petyeah receiver is designed with a digital display, which makes it easy to track the level. The red light indicates vibration+shock+beep mode while the green display indicates vibration+shock. Each of the modes has an adjustable intensity level of 1-5 which you can choose according to the need involved.

This smart anti-bark system comes in two modes, the beep+vibration and beep+vibration+shock. When the device is in no shock mode, it does nothing but the instant barking is detected, it starts working. When the device is in shock mode and the dog continues barking the device goes into six different steps and once there is no change it stops to protect your dog.

This device charges for 2-3hours and you can use it for 10-15 days. This allows you to train your dog without any hitch consistently. The device is waterproof, and it works well when it comes in contact with water.

  • Suitable for all dogs
  • Waterproof
  • Safe and effective
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Sterotype to barking


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Watch the following video for instructions on how to use an electric collar:

Verdict for the best collar for aggressive dog

The F-color Dog Training Collar, Waterproof and Rechargeable Dog shock collar gives the overall best performance when it comes to the best collar for aggressive dogs. It boasts of 4 modes which are absent in other, covers more yard. In addition to this, it possesses several other features that will worth the buy.

The Ipets PET618 Dog shock Collar 2700ft Remote Training collar comes close to F-color in performance; it has several features that help you control your aggressive dog. It covers more yard to the F-color, but the F0color comes ahead of it with the four training mode available.

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