Best Collar for a Husky 2022: Choose the Best Training Collar for Your Dog


As a dog owner with a husky dog or any other breed of dog, it is essential you know the trait and attributes of your dog so as to get the best collar for a husky.

A husky is a good-natured dog, highly spirited, athletic and very light on their feet when running. Huskies can be very stubborn and not easy to control when they are outside, thus making your walk or jog stressful.

The leash alone cannot control the husky dog because they like to pull a lot. You must get a training collar to train and control your husky of this unruly behaviour with its specially designed features: not just a dog training collar, but the best collar for husky fur.

Unruly and aggressive behaviour in dogs can be a severe headache to every dog owner, because, no dog owner wants to keep a disobedient dog. There is nothing as thrilling as having a dog that yields to every of your command without hesitating. Huskies generally are born to run, and because of their passion for running, they can turn deaf ears to your orders. They have a high prey drive, and they may pull when they see one.

Huskies are easily trained, and you won’t have difficulties in using the best collar for husky dogs in training them. Several types of collar exist in the market which do not live up to expectation and in fact, will be a load of work itself to training your dog.

This article has been carefully written with in-depth research to provide a thorough review of the best dog collar in the market, which will help you in effectively training your dog with the specially designed features.

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Top 5 Best Collar for a Husky 

1) TBI Pro [All-New 2019 Dog Shock Training Collar With Remote

Special features: Simultaneous Fast charge, Big LCD controller for easy training, long-lasting rechargeable battery, fully waterproof, 3 training modes.

TBI Pro shock training collar

The TBI Pro is carefully designed for dog owners who own stubborn dogs, or dogs that love to run, such as the husky. This collar is made for new pet owners and expert trainers in training their dogs with its customizable training experience.

The collar is designed with 3 training modes to train your husky or your breed of dog effectively: the beep, vibration and shock. The vibration has levels which range from 1-100 for you to train your dog effectively. The beep, vibration and shock are designed to effectively control your husky or your breed of dog from bad behaviour. Ensure that you use the shock mode effectively and not to punish your dog. It is very desirable that you find the level your dog responds to the best so that you can stick to it.

The antenna is designed to reach a range of 2000 feet, which gives you a wide range of control during a training exercise. It has a huge LCD screen and separate buttons which enables you to have an advanced level of control. The collar is durable and waterproof, as this allows you even to train your husky or your breed of dog in the rain with no fear of the collar damaging.

The collar and receiver can be charged simultaneously with a single charger at the same time; with the fast charge feature which enables the battery to charge at a double fast charge rate at a minimum of 2-3 hours. This feature makes you enjoy a long-lasting battery life of about 15-20 days, and you can train your dog effectively without thoughts of running out of battery. The collar is designed with a bright flashlight which enables you to train your dog at any time even at night!

  • Save time and money
  • Free replacement or refund in case of any issue with the collar.
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Good quality
  • Vibration and shock mode not strong enough


2) PATPET Dog Training Collar-Upgraded 100Yd Remote Range

Special Features: 100% waterproof, Rechargeable lithium cell, 3 Training modes, Energy Saving and battery Indicator, Handheld transmitter and wireless receiver.

patpet dog training collar

This dog training collar easily fits small, medium or large husky dogs. It is designed to train dogs that are well over 9lbs effectively. This collar is durable and adjustable and built to train and eradicate bad behaviour in your dog.

The PATPET is a 100% waterproof training collar enables you to train your dog even in wet conditions. The collar is made up of ABS+PC materials, which give the collar its durability. The collar charging port or hole is designed with a sealed rubber plug which is resistant against water or any fluid; which means your dog can have a bath or swim with it.

The 3 training mode is efficient, and they are the beep, the vibration and the shock. The 3 stimulations are designed to ensure you find the best and suitable mode for your husky when behaving unruly using the 1-16 level of simulation. It is advisable that you start with the beep or the vibration with the lowest level, you can increase depending on the response of your dog. Ensure you note the level at which your dog responds.

The remote range has been upgraded to 100yd to make you have a good deal of control range; the RF434MHz technology is used, and it allows a control range of 1000yds. This means you can effectively train your dog in your yard or park. The remote can be operated without having to look at the button; the buttons are separated and spaced so that you can easily send out the command without looking at the remote.

  • Effective dog training collar
  • Easy to use
  • 1 year replacement warranty
  • Fully waterproof
  • Durable and adjustable
  • Causes irritation when used over 12 hours on dog. 


3) Mothca dog Training Collar with Remote Waterproof Rechargeable with Beep/ Vibration

Special Features: Protection mode, waterproof, 1800ft range, Led light on remote, through remote wall control, 4 training mode.

mothca dog training collar

The Mothca training collar is designed with 4 training modes, which gives you more option to choose while training your dog. The 4 training mode includes light, beep, vibration and shock; which can help new pet owners and expert trainers successfully and effectively train your husky or your breed of dog. The collar can effectively train dogs between 10-12lbs.

The vibration and the shock modes have ranges 0-100 for your practical dog training. As a dog owner struggling from dog disobedience, this feature is designed to enable your dog to listen to your every command. The 4 training mode makes it guaranteed that you will find the right model that suits your dog.

This dog training collar possesses the protection mode; the protection mode is designed to put a limit time of 10seconds between every simulation. This prevents the remote from being controlled unknowingly and thus causing continuous vibration to the dog.

The remote is designed to cover up to 1800ft obstacle free-range; making it easier for you to train your dog at a good range in the park or yard. The remote through-wall feature enables you to control your dog from unruly behaviour, even if you are not where they are.

The 1p67 waterproof level, allows your dog to take a bath, play in the snow or swim in the swimming pool. The receiver of the training collar is waterproof – it works well and does not malfunction when immersed in water as it is totally water-resistant.

  • Easy to set up
  • 1 year free warranty
  • Battery last long
  • Very effective
  • Cost-effective
  • Beep not so effective


4) Iegeek Dog Training Collar for 2 Dogs – Rechargeable and Waterproof Shock Collar

Special Features: 3 training mode, well-designed details, portable transmitter, 600m range, easy and fast to charge, waterproof, adjustable sleeve, and longer standby charge.

ieGeek dog training

This remote controlled dog training collar is designed to help effectively improve the communication between you and your dog, and it will in no time help you effectively correct your unruly dog behaviour with these exciting features. The 3 training modes; the beep, the vibration and the electric shock allows you to train your bad behaviour dog with ranges of 0-16.

The remote control range is up to 600m, which gives you a wider range of control, the remote control can work passing through the wall, and door, wood etc. it is easy and fast to charge with a standby time of 15 days for the receiver and up to 60 days for the remote. The 2 in 1 charger cable enables you charge your collar and receiver at the same time.

The transmitter and receiver are water-resistant, as you don’t need to take the collar off when bathing your dog, swimming with your dog or playing in the rain. The collar is skin-friendly to your dog. The contact is made of soft silicone, which ensures that your pet skin is kept from direct exposure to the metal points.

  • Transmitter easy to use
  • Great quality and price
  • Completely waterproof
  • Specific button for each function; vibration, beep, shock.
  • Effective training collar
  • The intensity of the beep does not have levels. 


5) Bousnic Dog Training Collar 2 Dogs Upgraded 1000ft Remote Rechargeable Waterproof Electric Shock Collar with Beep Vibration

Special Features: Safe, effective and humane training modes, 1000’ range, waterproof

Bousnic dog

The Bousnic training collar is designed to effectively and safely train your dog with the 3 training modes; the Tone, the vibration and the static shock. The vibration is designed with a level of 1-8, while the static shock is designed with a level of 1-16. The simulation features are designed to allow you effectively train your dog from unruly behaviours.

The remote control of this dog training collar is designed to cover a range of 1000’ which allows you to effectively train your dog at your convenience, either in the yard or in the park. This dog training collar is waterproof, which means that you don’t need to take the collar off during swimming periods with your dog. The battery is made of lithium-polymer battery which charges in 2-3 hours and can effectively last for 15-20 days.

The collar is designed with easy access button size, and it is simpler to operate for new dog owners and expert dog trainers to effectively train your dog.

  • 1 year warranty
  • Easy access
  • Good quality
  • Easy to charge
  • Can be used for 2 dogs
  • Both Collars can’t be charged at once


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Factors to Be Considered When Choosing the Best Collar for a Husky

There are several training collars in the market, and the essence of this article is to give you a good guide into having the best training collar for your husky dog or your breed of dog. When choosing a training collar for your dog, it is expedient that you put into consideration some specific features, some of which includes:

  • Control Range of effectiveness: It is essential that the remote covers a wide range of coverage, and the command prompted through the remote should be able to pass through obstacles.
  • Speed of Operation: The command prompted should be delivered to your dog immediately without any delay or hitch; with this feature, the collar is effective and worth the pay.
  • Good battery Capacity: This is a vital feature that the dog training collar must possess. It is important that it has a 2-3 hours charge time and lasts for 15 days or more
  • Waterproof Capabilities: An important consideration is a water-resistant feature. Quality dog training collars possess this attribute, as this will enable your dog to have the chance of swimming. And you can even train your dog in the rain without getting worried about the collar damaging.
  • Versatile and multifunctional: The best training collar must be versatile and must be multifunctional, it must be easily adjustable to fit your large or small dog, and it must be able to control more than one dog using the same remote control.

What You Should Know About Dog Training Collar

Several dog owners struggle with having to deal with certain behaviours in their dog, some or most of the times which are disobedient behaviours, such as biting, incessant barking, peeing in the middle of the road etc. Sometimes or most times, it is difficult to control your dog in this situation.

The dog training collar is designed with certain features such as the vibration, the beep, the shock and in some training collar we have the light feature. The dog training collar helps in giving correction orders to your dog using it unique features.

Final verdict

Mothca dog Training Collar with Remote Waterproof Rechargeable with Beep/ Vibration/Electric shock for small medium and large dogs stands out amongst the other products. It can adequately cover a range of 1800ft. And it has 4 training modes to train your dog effectively. It has several other exciting features to make your dog training easy.

Iegeek Dog Training Collar for 2 Dogs comes close to the Mothca. The dog training collar has a good range of over 1900ft. it has an exceptional 3 training mode and a functional battery capacity; remote last 60 days and collar 15 days.

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