8 Best Pet Stroller for Dogs 2022

Best pet stroller for dog
Best pet stroller for dog

Best pet stroller for dogs are designed for multiple reasons,  especially for dog owners who want to reduce the stress of using a leash or other equipment’s; the dog strollers are designed for dogs with a walking problem such as joint pains, arthritis or dogs that have just had one surgery or the other.

Some dog strollers are made with certain exciting features, which in the long run, don’t live to expectations and do not fulfill the purpose for which they are bought due to quality issues. It is hard work to search the internet, search dog stores in the bod to get the best dog stroller because the best dog stroller must possess the best color, design, weight capacity, comfortability, etc.

This article has been written to gives you guidelines on some certain features to look-out for, in getting the best pet stroller suitable for your dog, either large or small dogs without any issue. The most effective products made our list, and this article carefully reviewed them.

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Top 7 Best Pet Stroller for dogs 

1) Pet Gear No-zip Happy Trails Lite Pet Stroller for Cats/Dogs, Zipperless Entry

Best stroller for dog

Special Features: Easy Locking, Front shock absorber, 7 inch and 6 inch front and back wheel, Parent tray, Air ride tires

The Pet gear No zip Pet stroller is one of the most innovative when it comes to pet stroller designs. The pet stroller has the No-zip feature which enables you to lock the latch instead of a zip closure easily. The No-Zip feature means it is easier to open and close the stroller to gain access to your pet.

The air ride tires are specifically designed to suit your jogging, long walk experience. The Air ride tires are designed to provide a stress-free stroll and to make your dog comfortable when on a stroll. They are the best tires for jogging, long walks, etc.

It has a newly added feature which is the panoramic view, the panoramic view enables your dog to have a good view of the outside environment when on a stroll; it also keeps your dog safe, and no action is missing by your dog as him/her is able to catch every glimpse of excitement during your walk.

This stroller possesses 7 inches back tire and a front tire of 6 inch, this feature allows a comfortable and stroll with your dog. The front wheel can be locked during jogging exercises, to prevent accidents and casualties during your jogging.

  • Affordable price
  • Good features
  • Durable
  • Easy locking
  • Easy to assemble
  • Contain more than one dog at a time
  • Front wheel wobbles when jogging


2) HPZ Pet Rover Premium Heavy Duty Dog/Cat/Pet Stroller Travel Carriage with convertible

Special Features: Easy assembly, Zipper less, Comfortable entry, Extra thickness, Breathable mesh top cover.

Best pet stroller for dogs

The HPZ designed this stroller because they knew dogs are more than ordinary pets but an integral part of the family. The stroller is developed with plenty of space that can accommodate your medium or large dog. It is one of the best strollers for large and small dogs. The stroller is not just spacious, it is designed to suit your dog that is sick, injured, disabled, or just recuperating from illness.

The stroller comes with a zipperless entry for your dog – also with an easy locking latches, which give you immediate access to your dog without having to struggle with opening the zipper. The stroller can be easily assembled within a couple of minutes because the only assembly part is the front and back wheels.

HPZ Pet rover s designed with oversized comfort tires, which can turn at an angle of 360, more or less at a point. It possesses a front and rear braking system, which makes it easy to control the pace and movement of the stroller.

  • Easy to maneuver
  • Easy to open and close
  • Spacious and comfortable
  • Compartment is adjustable to the size of your dog
  • Good quality
  • Lightweight
  • Foam handle gets dirty and deteriorated with time


3)  Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller for Cats/Dogs, Zipperless Entry

Special Features: 12 inches tires, a weight limit of 70lbs, No zipper entry, Air ride tires.

Pet gear stroller zipperless one hand

The Pet gear NV pet stroller is similar in feature to the Pet Gear No-zip Happy Trails Lite Pet Stroller for Cats/Dogs, Zipperless Entry with some specific features, but the NV pet gear comes in with updated and better features from the Pet Gear Company.

The No-zip feature makes it easy for you to access your to give proper care etc. Instead of a zipper, a locking latch is used. The locking latch is easy to open and close, and this is why it is preferable to the zipper.

The Air ride tire design makes it easy and comfortable for you and your dog to go out on a walk, jog, etc. The air ride tires are built to be functional with damage even in location with rough terrains. The Air ride system allows you to lock the front wheel during your adventure moments. The front-wheel lock help ensures that the stroller is stabilized and that your pet is not uncomfortable in any way. The front and wheel tires are 12 inches each compared to the 6 and 7 in the (Pet Gear No-zip Happy Trails Lite Pet Stroller for Cats/Dogs, Zipperless Entry). The 12 inches tire gives the stroller extra stability and better control

The NV pet stroller has a paw rest, just for the comfort of your dog. Your dog finds it easy to look out of the stroller using the front bar on the stroller for support. The panoramic view windows ensure that your dog can catch a glimpse of all surrounding activities when you are on a walk. The stroller is comfortable for dogs, not more than 70 pounds.

  • Easy locking
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to fold
  • Spacious and accommodating
  • Works effectively on rough terrain
  • Front-wheel not so solid


4) Pet Gear No-Zip Special Edition

Special Features: 6-inch tire front and back, Easy locking latch, 3 wheel

best pet stroller for dogs

The Pet Gear No-Zip special edition is similar to the other products in the family but with a little difference in features such as weight and how large or small your dog is.

As with other Pet gear products in the family, the Pet Gear No-Zip Special Edition has no zipper, it possesses a locking latch, which makes it easy for you to open and close the stroller. It also possesses a one-hand quick fold mechanism which makes it easier for you to fold the stroller when needed.

This stroller is designed for dogs with a weight of up to 35 pounds; this might not be so suitable for dogs above the 35 pounds range. The wheels are 6 inches, front and back, and they are designed for utmost comfortability for your dog, as the front wheel swivels and the front wheel can be easily locked when taking a walk on rough terrains.

It is made with 600 deniers water-resistant material which makes it resistant to water. It has a cup holder, storage basket and the liner are removable and washable. These features are added for you and your dog peak comfortability.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong
  • Spacious
  • High quality
  • Water-resistant
  • The top part is not waterproof
  • Front-wheel wobbling issues 


5)  VIVO Three Wheel Pet Stroller, for Cat, Dog and more

Special Features: Padded handles, Mesh Windows, Cupholder, 30 lbs capacity.

Vivo stroller foldable strolling multiple legs
Available on Amazon

The Vivo Company are one of the best stroller designer in the market today, with their classy and elegant stroller design which is designed to suit you. The 3 wheeled stroller provides a smooth and comfortable ride. It possesses three zipper access to your pets, and this makes it convenient for you to put in your dog or take out your dog.

The stroller can be collapsible by pressing a button on top of the handle. The stroller possesses a basket for you to pack several needs such as pet toys, treats, and other items you wish to take on a walk. The cup holder tray feature enables you to hold a bottle of water to stay hydrated during your stroll with your dog, and the tray helps you hold your valuable items such as your mobile phone.

The handles are padded for your comfortability and convenience. The top handle is soft paddle, and this keeps your hands comforted on long strolls and runs. The Pet stroller has a large compartment, and it holds a dog weight of up to 30 lbs, anything outside the 30lbs scale means damage to the stroller.

It is designed with mesh windows which gives your dog an opportunity to see the outside environment, able to catch a glimpse of all the happenings in the surrounding, and also provide adequate ventilation to your dog since the windows are mesh.

  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Cost-effective
  • Folds up easily
  • Tolerance
  • Compartment bottom seam split issue


6) Vivo 4 wheel pet stroller

Special Features: Wide Mesh Windows for Air Flow and Viewing, Spacious under the basket for keeping things, Dual Cup Holders and Centre.

VIVO four wheel stroller
Available on Amazon

The Vivo pet stroller is designed to provide an enjoyable strolling experience with your dog; whether it be a quick stroll or a jog, the four-wheeled pet stroller is designed to make sure you have a safe and smooth strolling experience.

The compartment of the stroller is large and accommodating for your dog; it possesses a zipper access points which enables you to access your dog when need. The pet stroller is designed to be able to hold 30lbs, and anything above will mean an abuse of the stroller, which could lead to the damage because it was designed for 30lbs dogs.

This vivo pet stroller is designed with four wheels compared to the three wheels present in other strollers. This feature helps you have better control and smooth ride without any hitch. The back wheels of the stroller are designed with wheel locks to keep the stroller stationary or come to a standstill when you want.

In case you are going on a long stroll or you need to carry med-care, treats, valuable items, etc. the pet stroller is designed with a basket which helps you save whatever you want to store. The basket is spacious and large, and it can accommodate enough items. The simple release button at the on either side of the stroller makes it very easy for you to collapse the entire stroller into a compact and simple form.

Furthermore, the mesh is well ventilated with several outlets for ventilation; it is designed with a mesh window to provide visibility and ventilation for your dog.

  • It is compact
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great quality stroller
  • Spacious
  • Padded and comfortable to use
  • The stroller spontaneously flips backward when a dog sits at the back of the stroller


7) Ibiyaya Double Dog Stroller for Large Dogs

Special Features:  4 wheeled, Heavy-duty, Detachable inner pad, Height Adjustable Handlebar, Detachable Cup Holder, Brake System.

ibiyaya stroller aluminium 4 wheel

The Ibiyaya Double dog stroller is designed to suit you well. It is made with several features that will suit you and your dog. The heavy-duty and 4 wheeled has a dual entry which is the front and back entry which has Velcro closures.

It is designed with a unique collapsible and convertible canopy opening which allows you to modify the stroller according to the size of the liking of your dog. The front canopy of the stroller can be lifted so that your dog can have some adventurous sightseeing. The canopy at the rear can be lifted when you want to get the full attention of your dog.

The inner pad can be easily detached, makes it easy for you to clean the pet stroller at any time you want to clean it. The feature makes it easy in the sense that you won’t have to disassemble the stroller before you can clean it up. It also possesses a height-adjustable handlebar which makes it very easy for you to adjust the height with just one click of the button.

The stroller is designed with a brake system that makes it easy for you to gain full control of the pet stroller. To lock the back wheel, it only requires that you gently press the brake pad and to make the two rear wheels to come to a halt instantly. The front will also be locked so as not to swivel from your path.

This pet stroller can comfortably accommodate one medium, two or multiple dogs. It is designed with aluminum, and this makes it very light and also very strong.

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Spacious
  • Heavy duty
  • Easily convertible and collapsible
  • Easily washable
  • A bit difficult to collapse


8) Petique All Terrain Jogger – Blazing Berry Pet Stroller

Special Features: Large bike tires, Extra-large pockets, supports 60lbs weight, Rain cover, Removable Fabric.

Petique terrain jogger sailboat
Available on Amazon

The Petique terrain jogger is one of the best strollers that is sold in the market; it has impressive features that will satisfy your need as a dog owner. This stroller has large bike tires with dual brakes, which makes your strolling and jogging experience funfilled and thrilling. The one-step braking system allows you to bring the stroller to a halt with just a step.

The stroller is designed with an adjustable handle, which helps you adjust the handle to suit your height. This feature is designed for your convenience as the handle is easily adjustable. It has two large pockets that are designed to accommodate valuable items and other things you wish to keep in your stroller.

The wheels are removable; the front and back can all remove easily. The front wheel can be removed when the stroller is taken out as a bike ride. The stroller can be easily folded, should in case you wish to travel with your dog. The fabric is easily removable for easy wash when needed.

  • Nature-friendly
  • High quality
  • Comfortable for your dog
  • Easy to fold
  • Durable
  • Dog can’t see out of the window when lying.


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Find out what are the benefits of pet stollers in the following video:

Final verdict

Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller for Cats/Dogs, Zipperless Entry gives the overall best performance when it comes to selecting the best dog strollers for large and small dogs. It can carry up to 70lbs weight, unlike the other stroller which carries less. It possesses a 12-inch front and back tire, which makes it easy to control and also makes you enjoy a comfortable ride.

The Ibiyaya Double Dog Stroller for Large Dogs came in close to the pet gear NV, with the dynamism in its design. It has several features, such as the brake system for the front and back wheels, and it is very light and strong. It is spacious and accommodating, and you sure are going t have a thrilling strolling experience with your dog.

Here are some other choices available on today’s market: