10 Best Shock Collar for Cats 2022 – Safest For Your Feline

Cat Shock Collars for Training

Cats are playful and naughty pets and they become stubborn and aggressive many times. It is hard to manage their intense behavior because they can hurt you or make you embarrassed in front of your friends and family.

Providing training to your cat is quite a complicated task. Getting a shock collar is the best solution to control and provide training to your cats to behave properly.

It is a simple device that you can tie to the neck of your cat. And, Whenever your kitten misbehaves, like meowing unnecessarily, going out of reach, etc., then the device will vibrate or give a shock to its neck.

Consider the given buying guide below and get the best shock collar for your cat.

Top Picks for Shock Collars for Cats Ranked

1. eXuby Small Water-resistant 9 Intensity Levels Shock Collar for Cats – Editor’s Pick


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It is possible to stop the unwanted behavior of your cat by using this small device. It is an effective model for correcting their behavior without dragging them. Like kids, your pets can have bad habits, and it is challenging to deal with them. With the help of this device, stop your cat from doing bad behavior.

The collar is available in a good design and different colors like pink and blue. It comes with a remote to handle the collar with ease, and it is easy to search in your home. It is easy to switch between different modes like vibration, shock, or sound-shocking. There are nine intensity shock levels that you can set according to your cat.

  • Water-resistant
  • Three modes are available, i.e., shock, vibration, and sound
  • Nine intensity levels
  • Perfect for small cats
  • The receiver and remote operates on a rechargeable battery
  • Not good for long-term
  • Battery life is short


2. Aetertek AT-211SW Remote Training Cat Shock Collar – Best for Outdoors

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There are three correction modes to make your cat behave properly. It includes sounds/beep tone, static shocks, and vibrations. You can operate the transmitter and receiver with the help of rechargeable batteries. The remote range is 400 yards, and it is easy to deal with your furry friend even if it is far from you but in this range only.

There are ten adjustable levels of static shock that you can manage by using a remote. You can train your cat in whatever way you want with different shock levels.

  • Perfect for small pets
  • Three training forms, i.e., beep sound, vibration, and shock
  • Arechargeable battery is necessary to operate the remote
  • LCD display
  • Eco-friendly
  • Battery life is too short


3. PetSafe Pawz Away Static Stimulation Pet Barriers for Cats – 

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If you want to set boundaries for your cat, then consider this model by PetSafe. Many house areas are restricted for pets to avoid any damage, and you can keep them away from the kitchen, furniture, shoe rack, etc.

Your cat must understand her limits and should not cross them in any case. In the package, you will get one indoor pet barrier and one receiver collar. Undoubtedly, this device is safe for your pets, and you can train them by using this equipment.

Whenever your cat enters the restricted area, the device will start beeping, and your cat will leave that place immediately. You can adjust the boundary to the maximum radius of 6 feet. It is available in a free size, which can easily fit many pets.

Your cat must weigh a minimum of 5 pounds, along with its neck sizes ranging between 6 to 28 inches. You can operate the remote with 3 AA batteries, which are not included, and a receiver collar with two included 3-Volt lithium batteries.

  • Protection your pets to keep away from the restricted area
  • 6 feet maximum range of device
  • Stop unwanted behavior
  • Easy to fit into different neck size of different cats
  • Customer service is available
  • Adjust the training aid and shock intensity properly to make it tolerable for your cat


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4. PcEoTllar Waterproof Cat Training Collar


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If your furry friend loves playing in the water and needs to train them, you can choose this waterproof training collar for your cat. Check the receiver charging port that should be covered, before allowing your cat to go in the water.

It is perfect for small and large pets as the device is lightweight and has all the necessary features. You can adjust the collar and make it fit any neck size that comes in between 9.5 to 26 inches.

It is a set of two collars that you can tie to two pets in your house. There are three safe training modes, i.e., vibration, beep, and shock. There are nine adjustable intensity levels for static vibration and shock. Operate the device with rechargeable batteries, and it can work for 16 hours after charging them completely.

  • Fit any neck size between 9.5 to 26 inches
  • Control over-meowing of cats
  • Not Good for Aggressive Pets

5. Paipaitek Automatic Cat Shock Training Collar


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It is one of the best shock collars for cats due to its functioning and sound modes. Press the right button to switch between two function modes. The Shock mode includes sound, vibration, and shock. Another, Warning mode, including sound and vibration.

Check the indicator light that enters in a fast-flashing state that stops working for one minute and then comes to standby mode. It is a user-friendly and safe device.

You can choose between two sound modes, i.e., Pet short and long yelling settings. The vibration and shock will increase whenever the device gives a warning to your pet. No remote is there to control the device.

It can be used only for stopping the meowing. In the package, you will get one user manual, one USB charging cable, one receiver, one test light, one nylon collar, two anti-shock pads, four contact points, and four conductive silicone.

  • Good price
  • Safe device
  • User-friendly
  • No remote is available
  • Vibrate when a cat purrs

Buying Guide

Cats and Petsafe

It is vital to consider a few things before buying this device. It is okay to control or train your pet, but you must follow safety methods. Every person has different requirements, and various factors can affect your buying decision. Check this buying guide to know what you want for training your cats.

Shock Collars Types

There are two types of shock collars, and you can buy them as per your needs.

Containment Systems

These devices are perfect for pets that need to stay in a specific area. It is necessary to keep your cat safe from other wild animals. It includes an electric wire and a collar. The wire works as an invisible fence that you need to place underground. Whenever your pet cat is walking around the boundary, a beep sound will be generated by the collar.

Your cat will understand that she needs to move away from the restricted zone and come to the region set by you. If noise could not stop her, then she can feel a soft shock on her neck. The intensity will increase automatically if your cat does not turn around.

Obedience Collars

You can call obedience collars remote shock collars that are available with a remote. The pet owner can manually give a shock to his pet whenever his cat misbehaves. The remote and collar come with rechargeable batteries that you need to charge after some time. Due to its water-resistant feature, many people prefer using this device.

Types of Stimulation

The shock collar helps in providing shock with different intensity levels. You can get plenty of modes that you can use to control your pet. There are three simulation types, i.e., vibration, beep tone or sound, and shock. Due to the unpleasant tone, a cat can distract and stay away from boundaries.

The vibration mode is a slightly intense mode that vibrates the cat’s neck if the beep sound does not work. In severe cases, you can stop your cat by shock mode. These modes are available for the safety of your pet. It is necessary to re-evaluate the behavior to make the use of shock optional.

Control Options for Shock


Ensure that you buy a device with various options to set the intensity of shock at different levels. If you do not get any choice, then the device can be dangerous for your cat. In this way, your pet can be more aggressive, and she will behave.

Automatic Functions

Many shock collars are available in the market that works automatically. Make sure that you check whether any device has automatic functions or not. Even if you are not near your pet, you can still train them well.

Size and Fitting

The shock collar must fit into your pet’s neck. It should not choke the neck that making it uncomfortable to wear. You should check the size before buying the collar. It should fit properly to avoid any issues. If you tie the device loose, your furry friend can lose it. But if you tie it tight, then it will irritate the skin of your cat.


The collar device must be made of durable and high-quality material, like nylon. The band should be stretchy, lightweight, water-resistant, and soft to provide comfort to your pet.


These devices like remotes, collars, and receivers are available with rechargeable batteries. Make sure that the battery life should be long enough that you can operate it for an entire day. Recharge the batteries whenever it shows low by an indicator.


Cat Training Shock Collar

Check the range or distance of the shock collar to control your pets within that range. Ensure that the range should be wide to provide training even if you are far from your pet. The distance matters a lot because you cannot train your cat by keeping her close to your eye all the time.

Additional Features

Consider additional features to provide a better training experience to your cat. Check different stimulation levels, LCDs, battery life, shock level, sound modes, water-resistant, and much more. It is necessary to make your training experience smooth for your furry friend.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do Shock Collars Effective on Your Cats?

You can use the shock collars as training equipment for your cat. If you are thinking about the effectiveness, then it depends on the cat type and its temperament. Undoubtedly, an aggressive cat can become more aggressive and may not obey you. It is better to check the nature of your pet before purchasing such a device for her.

Is It Possible to Keep the Cat Away from the Restricted Counter?

Yes, it is possible. If the device suits your cat, it will obey your commands and stay away from the restricted zones. You can use shock collars to handle behavior issues like food aggression, scratching, chewing furniture, and much more. These devices are completely safe for cats, but you must check the shock intensity for controlling your pets with ease.

Why Do Vets Not Recommend Shock Collars?

Undoubtedly, these shock collars can be misused. Animals can suffer from various issues like fear, aggression, and anxiety. Even if you love your cat, there are chances of worsening habits more than before. It is necessary to manage their unwanted behavior, and you can do it by loving them instead of forcing them.

Do the Use of Shock Collars Banned?

In many countries, the use of shock collars is banned. Make sure that you check whether you can buy this device in your region or not.

Final Thoughts

Shock collars are considered one of the best training tools to train your cats. It is hard to tolerate the bad behavior of your pet. It is necessary to train them well. You can use these collars whenever you need to stop them while doing wrong things.

Consider all the mentioned factors before buying any device type for your pet. You should know whether this gadget is perfect to handle your furry friend or not. You can pick any of the recommended products for proper training. Love your cat and train her with care!

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