Best Cat Tree for Bengal Cats – 2022 Review

Best cat tree for bengals

The need for the best cat tree for Bengals arises because Bengal cats are naturally energetic, born climbers, highly intelligent breed characterized by their leopard appearance and can’t be kept all the time indoors, because of their prey hunting instinct; they hunt squirrels, mice, etc.

Bengal cats are natural climbers and jumpers which can sometimes jump up to three times their height. In other to satisfy your Bengals cat instincts, you need to get the cat tree for Bengals. The cat trees are specially designed to create a home for your cat; they are designed for your cat to sleep, relax, and even exercise themselves.

The cat tree has a lot of advantages such as making cats that do not accommodate themselves to stay together in the same tree without fighting or hurting themselves. The cat trees are also designed to ensure that your cat has a great sense of security by creating a serene environment suitable for your cat.

Different cat trees are available in the market, and they vary according to certain specific features such as height, the complexity of the design, etc.

Finding or getting the best cat tree for your Bengals or any other breed of cat can be demanding as you need to read reviews, study product features, etc. This article has done your research into getting the best cat tree for your Bengals cat;  we have carefully reviewed a lot of cat tree products on Amazon, and we have narrowed the cat trees to the best five suitable for you.

This article has carefully reviewed the features of the best 5, which fully provides all the requirements the best cat tree must possess so that you can purchase the best cat tree available in the market.

Best Cat Trees for Bengals

1) FEANDREA 68.5 inches Sturdy Cat tree with Feeding Bowl, cat condos

Special Features: Removable feeding bowl, sisal covered scratching posts, Premium particle board, Robust supporting tubes.

Best cat tree for bengals

The 68.5 inches cat tree provides your cat with cozy and comfortable stylish cat furniture. In other to meet the special needs of your cats, the FEANDRA pet company has designed this cat tree with some unique features to suit your cat. The cat tree is spacious and offers a good amount of space for your small or large cats. They can play in the cozy cave, on the specially designed hammock or the viewing platform on the cat tree.

The cat tree is specially designed with a detachable cat bowl, to allow your cat to enjoy their meal irrespective of the height they are on the tree, even when they are up high the tree. it is designed with CARB-certified natural boards, and they are strengthened with battens to ensure that the cat tree is stable and safe for your cat. The added wood strips strengthen the base plate, and the poles which are made of sisal have extra-large diameter for added stability.

The cat tree is made of robust supporting tubes, which are made up of compressed and glued cardboard, which enables that the sturdy supporting tubes to hold the platform firmly and securely without the cat tree wobbling, this feature provides extra safety and security to your cat.

The ALL-IN-ONE relaxing spot of the cat tree enables your cat to rest his or her head on the top perch while watching over the house from the spot.

The Scratching post of the cat tree is covered with sisal; Sisal is highly very strong and very resilient, which makes it strong and accommodating to your cat scratches. This feature is designed to satisfy your cats’ natural instinct, one of which is scratching.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Good quality
  • Durable and strong
  • Safe
  • Can accommodate any size of any cat (small, medium and large)
  • Cost-effective
  • Screw is a bit difficult to put through the fabric.


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2)  Furhaven Pet Cat Tree | Tiger Tough Cat Tree House Perch Entertainment

Special Features: Tiger tough double-decker playground, Easy care, and assembly, sisal wrapped post, IQ busy box, Dangling Toys, Bouncy puff Ball Wand.

Furhaven Pet furniture kitten playground

The cat tree is designed to entertain your cat in the best possible way with its playground features for fun and all stimulating activities that your cat will definitely love. The puff-ball, a springy ball wand, and a dangling prey toy mouse help keep your cat occupied and busy.

The 5 feet 8 inches cat tree has multiple levels of enjoyment that your cat can enjoy anywhere they are on the tree. The dangling mouse is on the lower level of the cat tree; the Cat IQ busy box is located on the upper perch. In short, your cat can satisfy his or her natural instinct as a cat.

The post is wrapped with sisal material, which is very strong and helps solve the problem of your cat sinking its claws into whatever it could. The sisal material is made of natural fibers, which makes it long-lasting and sustainable. Cats are lovers of boxes; the cat IQ box has two jingle ball which will catch your cat’s attention and engage him or her.

The bouncy puff ball wand is fixed on a bouncy spring, which your cat can swipe at relentlessly. The dangling toys are designed to dangle over your cat to cajole them into swift action.

The play surface is specially designed to ensure the comfortability of your cat. The play surface is designed with a pleasant and soft faux fur fabric. This material is not harsh to the nose and paws of your cat. It provides a very comfortable environment for your cat to either play or sleep. The cat tree is easy to clean, and the designers have ensured that the cat tree environment is easy to clean, all you just need do is to spot the spot and they remove it easily.

  • Great packaging
  • Long hours of enjoyment for the cat
  • Good quality
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean up
  • Surfaces are very small 


3)  Best Choice Products 52inches Faux Fur Cat tree Tower Furniture w/condo, Hammock, Scratching posts, and Tunnel for small Cats and Kitten

Special Features: 1 condo, 1 perch, 1 tunnel hideout, 1 hammock, 52 inches (4 feet 4 inches).

best choice products furniture best cat trees for bengals

Cats are very smart and very playful and loving pets. They love an environment that is easy to interact with, and more also that provides them with their hunting instincts. They are very inquisitive and like to know all they can learn about their environment if you are looking to provide your cat with this haven. The best choice product is a cat tree to look into.

The cat tree provides a wonderful place for your cat to catch fun, relax, scratch, and relax with its several available features that will keep your cat comfortable. The cat furniture is easy to assemble, as it will be assembled in a few minutes. Everything that you need to know as regards the cat tree has been provided in the car tree instruction manual.

The 52 inches cat tree was designed with the mindset that cats love to play and catch fun. There are 4 locations designed for you cat to relax and have fun; the hammock, the perch, and the tunnel are all designed for your cat to have a wonderful and activity-filled experience in the cat tree. The sisal rope pole is designed with sisal, which is very durable and strong and will give your cat a room for scratching.

This cat tree has an enclosed condo bedroom which serves a space for your cat to rest. It has flat platforms and a ladder ramp on which your cat can climb on, into the tree.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Cost-effective
  • Quality connections
  • Easy to move around
  • Strong and durable
  • Carpet is small and comes off


4)  FEANDREA 58 inches Multi-level Cat Tree with Sisal-covered Scratching Posts, Plush Perches, Hammock and condo, cat Tower Furniture

Special Features: 58 inches (4 ft. 4inches), Sturdy and safe, sisal covered scratching post, All-in-one relaxing spot.

Best cat tree for bengals

The FEANDRA 58 inches is similar to the FEANDRA 68 inches with some defined features. The FEANDRA 58 inches is a 4ft 4 inches cat tree that is designed by the SONGMICS Company; they are known to take into consideration all that is needed for your cat to have a suitable environment to play and to relax when needed.

The cat tree is spacious and comfortable for your cat. The spacious and comfortable condo and big hammock provide a comfortable napping environment for your cat. The soft perches that are designed with raised edges are designed for your cat to rest his or her head when watching over the house.

Stability is a major priority the SONGMICS, and in lieu of this, the cat furniture is designed with CARB-certified natural particle boards and is strengthened with battens to ensure the total stability of the cat tree. The scratching post is covered with sisal rope to allow your cat to scratch its nail and also for exercise needs.

The premium particleboard is used in the design, which allows high-density construction and also the durability of the cat tree. This feature is added to ensure the safety of your cat when on the cat tree. The cat tree is also made of robust supporting tubes which are made of compressed and glued cardboard. The supporting tubes which have high-density help hold the cat tree without it wobbling. This makes the cat tree firm and strong when your cat is on the tree.

  • Stable and firm
  • Easy to assemble
  • Well designed
  • Good for 2 cats or 3 cats
  • Good quality
  • It lacks a ladder


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Factors to consider when selecting the best cat tree for Bengals

Different types of cat tree are available in the market and it is sort of dicey to select the best cat tree for Bengals. To select the best cat tree for Bengals some certain features have to be considered, this features guarantees the durability, safety and some other features a standard and quality cat tree must possess. Some of the selected and important features include:

  • HEIGHT: The height of the cat tree is significant as this will enable your cat to have enough and adequate playing space. The cat tree furniture should not be less than 4 feet so that the environment will be more serene and conducive.
  • STABILITY: It is essential that the manufacturer of the cat tree take into consideration the effective stability of the cat tree. It should be accommodating enough to accommodate any size of a cat without shaking or wobbling
  • COMFORTABLE ENVIRONMENT: It is very expedient that the environment is very conducive and comfortable for your cat as this is important for your cat to adapt to the environment quickly. The cat furniture must have play toys, condos, perch, etc. which will make your cat feel at home and love the tree.
  • Easy to Assemble: The cat tree should be designed with an amateur in mind so that you can assemble the cat tree easily without any complications because a wrong assemblage can cause discomfort to your cat.

What you need to know about the cat tree

Cat trees, cat condos, kitty condos are artificial structures that are specially designed to accommodate your cat and also give them a suitable and comforting experience. Cat trees are designed to enable your cat rest, relax, and also sleep on.

They vary in height and complexity, and they are designed to offer your cat a sense of security, by creating an environment that is conducive and interactive for them.

The cat trees help prevent your cat from jumping and scratching or moving from one place to the other in the home, it creates their territory and space, and they love the cat trees when they are tall because it gives them the room to explore.

Here are some additional tips on how to choose a best cat tree or kitty condo for your pet:

Final verdict

Furhaven Pet Cat Tree | Tiger Tough Cat Tee House Perch Entertainment gives the overall best performance when it comes to selecting the best cat tree for your Bengals cat or any other cat. The cat tree is suitable for both small, large, and medium cats, and it comes with a towering height of 5 feet 8 inches. The playground is designed with several play toys at every corner that will keep your cat active and busy. It is stable and easy to assemble, and it does not wobble. It is spacious and conducive

The FEANDREA 68.5 inches Sturdy Cat tree with Feeding Bowl, cat condos came in close in rating to the Furhaven. It is a cat tree with a towering height of 5 feet 8 inches; the scratching post is made of sisal, which makes it durable and strong. The environment is cozy and accommodating for your cat. It has a detachable bowl which can be positioned on any level of the tree. It is spacious and accommodating.

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