Best Cat Tree for Big Cats 2022

Cat Tree

Cat trees are explicitly designed to create a home that is spacious, sturdy and comfortable for your cat, irrespective of his or her size. It is to be noted that there are different cat trees in the market, and they are designed with different specifications depending on size, weight and some other considerations. The best cat tree for big cats are specially designed to be able to accommodate their weight, and the force of them jumping from one point to another with ease.

The cat tree for big cats must be durable enough, and your large cat must be able to play on the tree for hours without it collapsing or falling under the weight of your cat.

Shopping for the best cat tree in the market can be very herculean and tasking, because it is not all cat trees that have the features to be able to accommodate your large cat especially those weighing well above 16 pounds.

The cat tree is essential equipment to keep your cat at bay of running and jumping all over the place in the home. The cat tree gives your cat the freedom it deserves, and you will need not worry about your cat’s safety because the best cat tree is specially designed to safe and comfortable and be a home for your cat.

To eradicate the problem of having to look all over the internet, stores and market for the best cat tree for your large or fat cat, we have carefully study and researched this article for you. In this article, we have carefully reviewed the top best 5 cat tree available in the market with features that will suit your large or fat cat.

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Top 5 Best Cat Tree for Big Cats

1) AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts

Special Features: Triple platform, round top platform, simple screw-together assembly, stable base and curved top rim.

Amazonbasics cat activity tree

Your cat will love the AmazonBasics cat tree because it combines the benefit of an outside tree with the guaranteed safety indoor cat tree. The cat tree possesses several features that will suit your cat well and your cat will definitely love it. The cat tree provides your cat with a surface for claw sharpening and it also helps your cat exercise well by giving an adequate room for jumping and climbing.

The cat tree has three levels, which allows your cat to jump and climb easily from one point on the cat tree to another. It is advisable to place the cat tree near the window, where your cat can easily enjoy outside activities.

When it comes to having the best design for a cat tree, it is very important that the cat tree is well constructed and sturdy using the best materials which will allow this to be possible. The Amazon basics have taken this into consideration and they have designed the cat tree with jute and carpet. The cat tree which is made of compressed wood with carpeted surfaces have seven ropes which are wrapped with sisal rope.

The materials used in the design of the cat tree makes it very durable, strong and to effectively cater for your cat. The material offers traction which accommodates climbing and a surface for sharpening the claws.

  • Perfect for regular-sized cats
  • Cost-effective and worth the price
  • Nicely constructed
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable
  • The bed on top of the cat tree is small


2) Go Pet Club 62-inch Cat Tree

Special Features: 62 inches cat tree, sisal post, durable CARB phase 2 compliant MDF Board.

Go Tree Club 62-inch Cat tree

Cat tree has been the specialty of the Go Pet Club for the past 15 years and they are very good at producing the best and quality cat tree available in the market. The company ensures that they source all their materials responsibly to ensure that the cat tree is of high quality, durable and accommodating for your cat.

The cat trees are made with quality boards that are safe for your cat. The cat tree is covered in high-quality faux fur which provides a soft and very safe structure. The 62 inches cat tree can keep your cat busy all day long. It is made out of durable compressed wood, wrapped with high-quality faux fur which keeps your cat warm and cozy.

The cat tree has several unique features, such as the condo. Ladder, tunnel, hanging toys, basket and the top perch which helps keep your cat active and entertained all the time. The scratching posts are multiple covered with sisal ropes which are very strong and durable. It is perfect for your cat to scratch, play and stay active.

This cat tree is very spacious and roomy and will successfully accommodate your large cat. It gives enough space for your cat to rest and play as much as he or she wants. With this cat tree your cat will have enough entertainment, activity and fun-filled leisure.

  • Spacious and good for large cats
  • High-quality cat tree
  • Sturdy design
  • Cost-effective and worth the price
  • Durable
  • Top floor is unstable and small.


3) AmazonBasics Multi-Level Cat Tree

Special Features: Cat tree with condo, cat scratch and climb feature, interactive play design, and Tiered platform for cat to rest.

Amazonbasics Multi-level Cat tree

In your bid to get the best cat tree for your cat, you might want to consider the AmazonBasics cat tree. The amazon choice cat tree for big cats worth every penny put into purchasing it. The cat tree provides a perfect playground for your cat with strong and durable furniture.

The deluxe scratch friendly tree allows your cat to have fun by climbing, jumping and scratching for hours without the tree wobbling or falling under the weight of your large cat.

The cat furniture is designed to be a great deterrent against cats scratching things that are needful and important in the home such as the furniture, blinds, wall, carpets etc.

The scratching pillars of the cat tree are designed with sisal ropes, which makes the scratching post very strong and durable. The cat tree is designed to have a rough texture, which contributes to your cat’s healthy nails.

Cats are sometimes restless and all they just want to do is have fun by jumping from one place to another or climbing from one spot to another. The AmazonBasics is designed to satisfy your cat’s climbing urge at all times. Featuring the cat tree’s naturally fibrous construction your cat will enjoy clawing the rope pillars and relaxing and watching with a good view in their own spot on the tree.

The furniture is designed with natural jute fibre, plush carpeting, and sturdy clipboards which makes the cat tree durable and of high quality.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Built with great design
  • Comfortable
  • Good quality
  • Durable and strong
  • Plush cover is too thin


4) Vesper Cat Tree Scratching Post with Condo –Oak Furniture

Special Features: Tall furniture for cats who love it high, extra-long seagrass scratching post, Memory foam cushions.

Vaspert Cat furniture with condo

Cats are very smart and they also like to have an environment that is comfortable and also support their hunting instincts. The vesper cat tree is an excellent deck from which your cat can observe what is going on around.

This feature is for cats that like sitting high as they will be able to sit high up in the tree. The tall and slim scratching poles encourage extensive scratching from your cat while the cubed den provides your cat with a cozy space for a nap.

The cozy cubed den is designed with two entrances, to make it very easy for your cat to enter and to get out of the cozy cube when he or she feels like. In this way, they will not feel cornered at all. The cube is perfect for naps and lounging while the memory foam inside the soft cushions of the cat tree molds to the exact body shape of your cat, and in so doing, this makes your cat very comfortable.

Some of the cat trees sold in the market are not easy to clean and repair. This cat tree cushions and the scratching mats can be easily removed for thorough cleaning. The cushion and the mats of the cat tree are washable and you can decide to wash them when they are dirty without worrying of likely damage to them. The cat tree comes with replacement parts should in case any part of the cat tree gets weak or won out.

  • Sturdy cat scratcher
  • Good for fat and slender cats
  • Beautiful and elegant design
  • Durable
  • High quality
  • Perches are two narrow to lay


5) Yaheetech 51’’ Cat Tree Tower Condo Furniture Scratch Post for Kittens Pet House Play Vesper Cat Furniture

Special Features: Safety strap, durable structure, natural sisal rope wrapped scratching post, soft plush covering, top perches, condo.

yaheetech cat furniture

The cat tree combines the benefit of an outdoor tree with the safety associated with using an indoor cat tree. Your cat will be able to enjoy all the activities he or she can enjoy outside in the comfort of your home.

The cat tree is very easy to install, as the cat tree comes with a step by step instruction manual that helps you assemble the cat tree easily. The maximum load capacity is for cats up to 44lbs.

The cat tree is very easy to install, as the cat tree comes with a step by step instruction manual that helps you assemble the cat tree easily. The maximum load capacity is for cats up to 44lbs.

In terms of security, the designer of this cat tree has taken this into consideration as the cat tree is strong and durable. It is made of high durable particle wood that is wrapped with 400g soft plush to help keep your cat warm and cozy. It possesses a safety strap which allows you to strap the cat tree to the wall for extra stability of the cat tree. Although the cat tree is very strong and durable, with the strap you will be very sure that the cat tree will not collapse or wobble. The features is designed so that you can have multiple cats play on the cat tree at the same time.

The durable structure of the cat tree is amazing, and the particle wood platform and supporting posts provides a steady platform for your cat to climb down freely. The sisal rope is wrapped around the scratching post; the sisal rope is very strong and can accommodate any level for a scratch from your cat. In this way, your cat can sharpen their claws and satisfy their scratching instincts.

The top perches are designed for your cat to play at the top of the tree and feel on top of the world. The condos on the cat tree are very roomy and it allows your cat to nap in the condo with any sort of disturbance. The condos have two balls fur balls which will give your cat extra fun. The ladder allows that your cat is able to climb up and down the tree.

  • Sturdy and stable
  • Lovely and lively designs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Quality and protective materials
  • Durable
  • Not bigger than expected.


Factors to consider when selecting the best cat tree for big cats

Selecting the best cat tree requires considering some certain factors so as to ensure that you get the best cat tree for your cat. In selecting the best cat tree you need to consider:

  • HEIGHT: It is very important that the cat tree must be of a good height. Cats naturally love to jump and climb from one point to another. Your cat will be very excited and comfortable on a cat tree of at least 4ft.
  • SPACIOUS: The cat tree must be very spacious and comfortable for your cat to rest and play at all times. A spacious cat tree ensures that your cat is active and comfortable
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: The cat tree must be designed with an amateur in mind and it must have a step by step manual which gives thorough instruction on how to assemble the cat tree.
  • STABLE: The cat tree must be stable and not wobbly. The cat tree must be able to accommodate the weight of the cat and must not fall under the weight of the cat.

What you need to know about the cat tree

Cat trees are structures that are designed to allow your cat to have room to play, exercise, relax and sleep.

The cat tree comes with features such as the cat condo, the cat perches and a scratching post. The cat condos come with ropes mouse toys etc. majorly for the pleasure of your cat. The scratching post allows your cat to sharpen its claws and in so doing things in the home are safe from damage. The perches allow your cat to have a good view of the outside most, especially when the furniture is placed near the window.

Final verdict on best cat tree for big cats

The Go Pet Club 62-inch Cat Tree comes on top of our review list. The cat furniture is good for both large and small cats and it is easy to use, effective and it is very durable. It is safe to use and it is an awesome cat tree that worth all the penny because of it wonderful features.

Yaheetech 51’’ Cat Tree Tower Condo is closer in height to the Go pet cat tree, but it provides extra security than the Go pet because of the cat tree strap that can be tied to the wall. It has a wonderful design, it is spacious and it has several playing toys that will keep your cat active, comfortable and entertained.

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