Top 4 Goldendoodle Rescues for Adoption in the USA

Do you love Goldendoodles? These lively dogs love to play around, socialise, and have fun with their owner.

But what makes them live in a rescue centre?

There can be various reasons. Sometimes, the dog is no longer able to produce pups. In other cases, some people are unable to give ample time to these furry friends.

Or, their community doesn’t allow keeping a dog that barks a lot. Yes, adorable Goldendoodles bark a lot, especially when left alone. The circumstances of the owner might also change or sometimes the owner passes away.

No matter what the reason is, loneliness and separation from the owner become a cause of anxiety. These dogs are waiting for someone to take them home, give shelter, and show love.
Do not worry. After a few weeks of training, love, and affection, you can notice a huge behavioural difference in the dog.

Tips for Newly Adopted Dogs


Be sure to read the below tips before bringing a new dog to your home:

– Stay calm. Overexcitement and immense love can make the dog frustrated. Let him settle down first.

– Offer a variety of meals and see what the dog likes.

– Make sure to train the dog as per the needs.

– Microchip the dog for safety.

– Try a halo collar for advanced security. For more information about halo collars check here.

So, if you are ready to adopt a fun-loving Goldendoodle, here are the best rescue centres where you can visit:

1. International Doodle Owners Group (IDOG) Rescue


IDOG is a non-profit organisation that has been providing rescue services since 2006. It is widely known as a shelter house of Labradoodles and Goldendoodles. Irrespective of the colour, age, and medical condition, the organisation is open for all homeless dogs.

Most importantly, it analyses the medication condition of the dogs and provides appropriate treatment. Once the dogs are medically fit, only then they give them up for adoption.

They also take care of the behavioural conditions and train the Doodles before offering them for adoption.

Thankfully, the adoption process is simple and smooth. All you need is to fill out the form with all the details. But, get ready for a detailed analysis by them. They will check the following things:

– Your living condition and house

– Preferences

– Landlord and veterinarian

Also, note that you need to pick the dog from the centre. They don’t offer a transportation facility.

Adoption fee: $100 to $750

Website: IDOG rescue

Address: 6711 Stella Link Road, Suite 344, Houston, TX 77005

2. NorCal Poodle Rescue (NCPR)


This renowned centre is based in California and has been working since 1985. It has a great number of volunteers who make it possible to save homeless dogs. Through its systematic procedure, it has successfully rehomed around 2000 dogs to date.

Like IDOG, it also examines the medical fitness and behavioural response of dogs. Once the dog is in good health, only then it is available for adoption.

The adoption process is easy. You just need to fill out the form and answer the questions. Their team will send a representative to visit your house and see if it is suitable for a pet.

After an initial meeting, they will hand over the dog to you.

Adoption fee: $250 to $700

This is an average adoption fee as it varies according to the age and health condition of the dog.
NCPR site can provide further details about the process. Their address is 10126 Alta Sierra Dr # 282 Grass Valley, CA 95949

3. Doodle Rescue Collective Inc. (DRC)


Another great rescue centre is DRC. It aims at providing shelter to all abandoned dogs across Canada and the United States.

The entire team of DRC is working great. Since its inception in 2008, it has saved around 4000 dogs. The centre is ready to take every dog no matter what the age, colour, breed, or medical condition is.

After providing space to these surrendered dogs, the organisation provides food, safety, affection, and medical care. During this process, the staff regularly documents their behaviour and activities. This record helps in finding the right home for them.

Adoption Fee: $300 to $1,000

This fee may differ as per the age and colour of the dog. But, remember that DRC will also consider the expense of medical treatments and training.

Here are some of the policies of DRC:

– Owner should be at least 21 years old
– Pet shipping is not allowed
– Children below the age of 10 should not be in the house
– Physical fence is mandatory

Furthermore, DRC rarely prefers urban families for their dogs.
Contact Information:

Visit Doodle Rescue Collective Inc. (DRC) site

Address: 77 Buttonwoods Avenue, Warwick, RI, 02886

4. Doodle Dandy Rescue (DDR)


DDR has a core mission of providing a safe home to Goldendoodles. They intend to make every dog happy by finding the right owner. Currently, they are working with 500 volunteers across Texas. Austin, San Antonio, and Houston are their main service areas.

Like other rescue centres, they also provide a wide range of medical treatments. Apart from it, they ensure to provide appropriate training so that people feel happy to take them home.

DDR also follows the same adoption process. You need to fill out the form, answer questions and then wait for a representative to visit you.

Adoption Fees: $600

The fees can increase or decrease as per the expense incurred in the medical fitness of the dog.

Give the Homeless Doodles a Safe Place to Live

These furry friends need love, affection, and empathy. If someone has abandoned them, be the first one to shelter them. Contacting the rescue centres will provide you with a well-trained and healthy dog. Also, suggest your friends save Doodles and spread the word in your community.

Pro Tip:

Goldendoodles can be a perfect addition to your family. But, before bringing them home, do sample research. Know their preferences, bring toys, and see what they dislike.