12 Best Grass for Dogs 2022 – Keep Your Canine Happy and Allergen Free

best reel grass for dogs

Grass is something that is everywhere and we never even really think twice about it. When you buy or rent a house and you have a dog, you simply just take it for granted that the dog will enjoy the grass and love rolling through the shrubs when they get outside.

Often times this does happen and when you know what is the best grass for dogs, you will find that your best friend is much happier and loves to be on the lawn more often than not.

Dogs do have a tendency to always please their owners and they can also be taught to get past the fear of certain things. If your dog makes a habit of not doing his thing on the grass, you can teach him to get past this sort of behavior, but oftentimes, your dog may also be allergic to the grass and this will dissuade them from using it and spending time on it.

We have decided to look a little deeper to find out what the best grass seed for dogs is. We have also found a few things that you will need to consider when you are fortunate enough to plant and care for your own grass. Sometimes it can be quite a strenuous process to simply get rid of the old lawn and plant a new one with the hope that your dog will still be happy.

Before we dive into the top grass for dogs, there are a few characteristics that you need to know about good grass that can tolerate the lifestyle of any dog. These characteristics are found in many grass types and if you can find one with a lot of them, you will most likely see your garden growing and your dog being happy at the same time.

Key Characteristics to Take Note of

Grass has different characteristics that make them differ from one another. This can be the speed at which they grow and the type of texture that they have when they are fully grown out.

For dogs, there are a few special characteristics that you will need to look for and this will not only be great for them, but also for the welfare of your entire lawn and especially the way it looks to your guests.


Here are a few characteristics that you should look for in great grass for your dogs:

Grass That Grows Quickly

Since dogs will certainly be looking to tear apart the lawn when they are pup or even as they get older, you will need to have grass that can quickly recover and regrow to fill up those patches. Grass that grows quickly keep your lawn looking good all the time and you will not have any of those extensively deep gaping holes that you will need to cover.

Good Toleration of Urine and Feces

Dogs also have to go and relieve themselves and since the grass is generally one of the softest and easiest places to do so, they choose to use it for this purpose. If you have multiple dogs that like to use the lawn, you will need to ensure that your grass has the absorption capabilities to deal with this.

Good Toleration of Urine and Feces

The underlying ground will also make a difference, but having some decent grass is essential when it comes to keeping your lawn looking great and have less of an odor. We also recommend that you do buy a poop scooper to keep your lawn looking fresh.

Deep Root System

Grass with a deep root system is vitally important when it comes to keeping the dog happy. Even if you have grass that grows back very quickly, it will still be of no use if the dog manages to dig out all of the roots. The deeper the roots, the harder it’ll be for the dog to reach these roots and they will continuously be able to grow with you having to replant and rebuy new grass all that often.

Try to Buy Organic

Many people live under this notion that dogs are only carnivores and they tend to only love eating meat, but dogs also love to munch on grass from time to time.

To reduce the chances of your dog getting any possible allergic reaction to the grass or the added chemicals, you should try and get organic grass. This will also help to improve the dog’s metabolism and reduce the chances of constipation in the dog.

Organic Grass for Dogs

The one thing that you should also know about having grass with all of these characteristics is that they do have a very high price tag. Like most things in life, you will need to pay to get the best, but you will not be disappointed.

Not only will your canine friend be very happy, but your lawn will also look fresh and inviting for a majority of the year. During the winter months, you might need to put in some extra effort to keep the lawn in this shape.

Is Artificial Turf Suitable for My Dog

One of the main questions many people ask is whether or not artificial turf will be fine for their pets. If you are not fortunate enough to have an area where you can create your own lawn, artificial turf will be the best alternative option that you could choose for your dog.

Artificial grass can be good or bad for your dog and at the end of the day it comes down to a few things that you will need to have in place:

Benefits of Artificial Turf

Artificial grass might be more expensive at first and it will also cost you a few extra bucks when it comes to laying it down and getting it all in place.

Benefits of Artificial Turf

Once you have gotten this part out of the way, artificial grass can actually make life much easier for you and allow you to save some money and time in the long run, whilst keeping your dog happy.

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1. No Long-term Maintenance

Artificial grass cannot grow and this will mean that you do not have to buy additional fertilizers and grass food to keep the grass flourishing. In the long term, this will save you a few extra bucks and you will only need to keep focussing on keeping the grass clean and washing away the feces and urine from time to time to keep the grass from leaving that unbearable stench.

2. No Gardener Needed

The great thing about artificial lawn is the fact that you will not have to mow the lawn to keep it tidy. Artificial grass will not grow any longer and this will save you a ton of time when it comes to keeping the lawn looking great.

3. No Need to Fill Up Holes That Pups Like to Dig

Puppies love to dig holes and these holes will look bad if they are left unfilled in your garden. Since artificial turf is a little harder and there is no soft soil underneath, the dog will have a tough time trying to dig and will eventually give up.

This means that you do not have to spend your time scolding the dogs and Saturdays can actually be spent watching your favorite sport instead of filling up the lawn and planting new grass seeds.

Now that you know some of the benefits of having artificial turf, you should also know a few of the cons to help you make an educated decision when you are faced with the decision of choosing between real grass and artificial turf.

Disadvantages of Artificial Turf

Disadvantages of Artificial Turf

1. An Odor Stench

Even though you will be washing or simply hosing down the turf from time to time, you will still find that the stench of urine and feces remains after having the same turf for too long.

The moisture will get into the turf itself and this will be the hardest part to wash out and clean.

2. Not Good for the Dog to Chew on

Dogs do need some sort of green vegetation to help their internal body function better and also help them to process their foods much better. While most commercial dog foods have now tried to include some of these sources in their products, the dog will still gravitate back to nature.

With artificial turf, you will eliminate the opportunity for the dog to eventually satisfy their need for these minerals and vitamins in a natural way.

3. Weak Drainage

One of the biggest problems that many people face with artificial turf is the lack of drainage. If you cannot have your turf drain quickly, you will be left with puddles of built up water.

This will not be the best way to go about doing things and will also lead to puddles of urine and feces that will simply just create that unbearable stench. We recommend setting up a decent drainage system first before laying down your artificial turf.

4. Gets Very Hot in the Summer

Unfortunately, turf cannot naturally cool down itself like natural grass. In the summer months, turf might become very hot and it can even become much hotter than concrete. This will not be ideal for dogs and you will definitely find them gravitating away to a cooler area in the summer.


Now you have a better understanding of turf and how turf can be beneficial and also be quite problematic.

Since we generally like to recommend natural grass for dogs, here are a few grass types or seeds that you should consider planting to ensure that you get the best out of your lawn and potentially keep yourself and your canine companion happy at the same time.

Top Best Grass Types/seeds for Canines

We have chosen a few grass types that we have come across after doing some research into which grass types will be the best for dogs.

Not all of these grass types will grow everywhere and therefore, it is imperative that you look at a few of the main characteristics of these grass types to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money.

1. Kentucky Bluegrass – Durable Grass Seed

Kentucky Bluegrass


Kentucky Bluegrass is known for its ability to grow almost anywhere. This grass is a highly sought out choice due to its ability to recover and repair damage over time. The Kentucky Bluegrass will also drain and absorb the urine from your dog and it will also slightly spread over time and cover more areas of your lawn.

Kentucky bluegrass can also be used in areas with high traffic. This Northern climate grass is very durable and the growing speed is actually impressive. Kentucky Bluegrass will ensure that your lawn looks great for the most part of the year.

2. Tall Fescue Grass Kentucky 31 – Pennington Grass Seed

Tall Fescue Grass Kentucky 31


This grass type is not only known for its ability to grow very fast and in shady conditions, but it also has the capability of absorbing urine and moisture. If you are looking for a grass type that’ll keep your lawn looking good in all conditions and not cost you too much out of the pocket, the Tall Fescue grass Kentucky 31 will be perfect for your lawn.

One thing we should mention about this type of grass is the maintenance aspect. The grass will grow much quicker than many other grass types this will cause you to mow the lawn much more often than you might be used to.

3. Bermudagrass – Pennington Smart Seed Mix



Bermudagrass is designed for those areas with extremely high traffic and this grass type does have great abilities to repair itself with only a small break needed. Bermudagrass is the most effective when it is planted in warmer climates.

You will also have little lower maintenance on this grass type as it will be able to survive on the rain of the summer months alone.

4. Ryegrasses – No Fillers Grass Seed



Ryegrasses might not be super effective on their own, but when it is over-seeded with Bermudagrasses it will act as another layer of protection against the canine.

This combination of grass types is usually best when you have a long time for the grass to get set and establish itself. The combination will also be great for those with multiple pets.


These 4 grass types are what we consider the best for those with dogs. The grass on your lawn will definitely look much better and you will also be able to have a few guests over without having the dogs destroy that perfect lawn that you have been spending so much time on.

You will also be able to enjoy your weekends and spend the entire day working in the garden and doing those manual repairs to get the lawn in shape for the week.

Turf will also be a great option for those living in areas where it is impossible to have your own lawn. If you do choose to go with turf, you should definitely spend some time keeping it clean and washing it down to ensure that those odors and stenches do not leave a bad impression when people do come to visit.

If you have any additional tips or even a few grass types that you think we have missed and you have used, be sure to let us know in the comment section and also share your thoughts on the above-mentioned grass types if you have used them before.

There are more choices you can choose from: